Monica Mccutchen

Monica lives in the lovely coastal city of Vancouver and is a writer by day and coffee, pastry and yoga enthusiast by night. Having completed a degree in technical writing, her writing passions include education, technology, natural health and mindfulness.

STEM Equality In The Classroom

STEM Is For Everyone: Equality In the Classroom

STEM has been getting a lot of attention these days in equality, education, career choices, and how we view the future. However, women are under-represented in STEM education and careers – not only is this a disservice to women, it also takes away a huge pool of resources that we need for our future.

Engaging Visual Learners

Engaging the Visual Learner

While all students benefit from the use of pictures, images, and color to help them learn, the visual style learner who relies on visual stimulus to recognize and remember important information benefits the most.