Stefan Palios

Stefan is a journalist and entrepreneur passionate about the people behind tech. He writes about innovation, scaling, people management, and entrepreneur journeys, among other things, and is the founder of PulseBlueprint, an educational media company for entrepreneurs.


How Looka began as a side project and grew into a Canva challenger

“The company vision was [to] make it feel like you were working with a designer,” said Whitfield. “That way, you had the best of both worlds. You get the affordability, accessibility, and sense of control you get with an online platform. But you also have the high-quality do-it-for-me kind of experience you get with a designer.”

Big Data TO AI TO

Big Data TO stressed importance of collaboration, trust building with data and AI technologies

Spread over two days, Big Data TO and AI TO hosted thousands of attendees and nearly one hundred talks covering all possible elements of big data and artificial intelligence. A common vein throughout the talks, whether focused on the business side, infrastructure side, or user side of these technologies, was the importance of collaboration and building trust with stakeholders.