Stefan Palios

Stefan is a journalist and entrepreneur passionate about the people behind tech. He writes about innovation, scaling, people management, and entrepreneur journeys, among other things, and is the founder of PulseBlueprint, an educational media company for entrepreneurs.

11-year-old Luke building on Roblox

How one video game helps people learn about mental health

The user-generated gaming platform already sees 24 billion hours of play from 2 million users, a huge feat they’ve accomplished mostly in the past few years. With Luke’s Roblox game, players get to not only enjoy the challenges of the game, but they get to learn about mental health.

Zoho One

Zoho bets on centralization to win battle against Hubspot, Salesforce

The hallmark of Zoho’s 10-year-plus journey has been the fact that Zoho has not acquired a single piece of its technology, said LSP. The company has been “building frameworks” for years based on the vision of a fully integrated office in the cloud. This is also the anchor of Zoho’s big bet: that purpose-built technology will integrate faster and work better than Frankenstein-ed technology from acquisition.