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8 Best Email Marketing Services

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Canada has one of the toughest anti-spam policies in the world. CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Law) states that email marketers need to remain compliant with this legislation.

CASL protects consumers and businesses from unwanted and erroneous marketing efforts.

As a digital marketer, you need to remain compliant within the boundaries of the anti-spam law when building and sending your email campaigns.

Fortunately, with email marketing software, you can optimize your marketing efforts while staying compliant with the terms of CASL.

An email marketing tool helps you track opt-ins and opt-outs from your list, creating records required by CASL.

The email marketing services on this page are all standalone, so with a subscription there is no need for separate hosting or anything else to get up and running.

In this article, we’ll look at the 8 proven email marketing tools that you can leverage for your blog or eCommerce store.


If you’re just starting in your email marketing endeavours, we recommend going with one of the first four solutions for your campaigns.


1. AWeber

AWeber is a leader in email marketing software.

With a 20-year track record of success, AWeber helps more than a million eCommerce entrepreneurs reach customers and prospects every day.

Their user-friendly system is ideal for beginners, offering you powerful email marketing software with a user-friendly interface.

AWeber customers get access to award-winning support, with US-based service consultants ready to help you build successful email campaigns.

With AWeber, you can build responsive and attractive landing pages to direct your users to as well as plenty of features to customize your email campaigns.


AWeber Email Marketing Features

A/B test different content, set up drip campaigns and auto responders.

You get effective customer surveys with event-triggered email and comprehensive list management.

AWeber comes with an extensive image library and dynamic content options.

Create landing pages and web forms in minutes to help grow your list.

You get emails optimized for mobile and comprehensive reporting and analytics.


AWeber Lead Capture Software Features

AWeber helps you grow your list by offering innovative lead capturing tools.

You get a simplistic dashboard with a user-friendly interface and modules for notifying and nurturing leads.

AWeber gives you a collection of online forms to capture prospect’s details, allowing you to add them to your list and automatically move them into your sales funnel.


AWeber Pricing

AWeber offers a free trial of its platform, giving you everything you need to market to your list, with no time restrictions.

However, the free plan has limited functionality, and you’ll need to sign up for the pro version if you want to continue seeing results from your marketing efforts.

The Pro subscription is $16.15 USD per month, billed as an annual subscription of $193.80 per year or $19 monthly.


AWeber Pros

  • Create and send email campaigns with no previous experience
  • Automate your list building and campaign management
  • Dozens of attractive, mobile-friendly templates
  • Advanced tracking
  • Drag-and-drop email-builder included


AWeber Cons

  • The free version has limited functionality
  • AWeber branding in free version

Learn more at


2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact can help your eCommerce business reach new customers.

Drive traffic to your site using the suite of automated email marketing tools that deliver results.

Constant Contact comes with a bevy of useful features, including survey, event management, and social campaigning tools – all in one platform.

Constant Contact is a great option for bloggers and eCommerce retailers, helping you grow your business.


Constant Contact Email Marketing Features

With Constant Contact, you get a comprehensive collection of email marketing tools, including the ability to A/B split test various versions of your content, drip campaigns and autoresponders allow you to automate, template and subscriber management, as well as excellent reporting and analytics on your campaigns.

Constant Contact has implemented a number of features to help you ensure CASL compliance.

There’s plenty of dynamic content options, a huge image library, easy-to-use landing pages, and lead-capture forms.

You get comprehensive list management, with mobile-optimized emails and full subscriber management over your list.


Constant Contact Social Media Marketing Features

Social media marketing tools are a handy feature for any blogger or marketer.

You get a user-friendly dashboard interface with automated publishing features and contact management.

Schedule your posts across all social platforms, and take advantage of the customer targeting modules.

You get full contact and content management and a full survey suite with options for mobile campaigns.


Constant Contact Marketing Automation Features

Constant Contact shines in its marketing automation software offering, including customizable CTAs and segmentation of your prospects with ROI tracking.

Create landing pages, and A/B split test them to get data on your templates and offers.


Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact offers a free 30-day trial.

The free version gives you an idea of what to expect out of the platform, but it lacks many paid subscription features.

If you’re thinking about signing up for Constant Contact, expect to pay $20 (USD) per month for your subscription.

The Email subscription plan costs you $20 USD per month, while the Email Plus Plan has a monthly subscription of $45 USD, with both plans basing your pricing on your number of contacts.


Constant Contact Pros

  • Plenty of attractive, mobile-friendly templates
  • Set up email campaigns in minutes
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Advanced marketing features
  • Huge image library


Constant Contact Cons

  • Somewhat expensive subscription fees
  • Session times you out without saving changes

Free 60 Day Trial of Constant Contact


3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is much more than just an email marketing software.

This cloud-based email solution provides marketers with an all-in-one platform to accelerate marketing results.

You get a comprehensive list of marketing tools to help you execute your strategy – fast.

With Mailchimp, you get an AI-powered system featuring user-friendly marketing tools to drive traffic to your landing pages.

You’ll improve conversion and lead generation using its range of products designed to grow your business.

Use Mailchimp to create campaigns and automated strategies.

Create laser-targeted ad campaigns designed to improve lead generation and conversion, and build custom landing pages with a range of easy-to-use templates.


Mailchimp Email Marketing Features

With Mailchimp, you get a platform that is easy to set up to operate within CASL regulations.

Try different versions of your content with their A/B split testing and set up landing pages and web forms using the built-in web-builder.

Create drip campaigns with mobile-friendly templates and autoresponders is simple.

Mailchimp offers you event-driven email campaigns and full list management.

Setup customer surveys and check on the results using the reporting and analytics tools.

Everything you need to reach your customers included in this platform.


Mailchimp Marketing Automation Features

Mailchimp has a range of automation tools to help you manage and execute your campaigns.

You get access to search and social marketing features, along with customizable CTAs, audience segmentation, and a full analytics suite with ROI tracking.


Mailchimp Social Media Marketing Features

Let Mailchimp handle your social marketing responsibilities.

Schedule and automate your publishing across all platforms, manage multiple accounts, and get full analytics and reporting on your strategy.


Mailchimp Customer Relationship Management Features

The Mailchimp CRM lets you integrate your customer management system with your social and email marketing campaigns.

You get full audience segmentation and better customer management with the range of CRM tools.


Other Notable Mailchimp Features

  • Landing Pages
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • CRM for Small Business
  • Surveys


Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp offers you a free plan with marketing CRM, web-builder, and a free Mailchimp domain.

You also get forms and landing pages included! With the Mailchimp free plan, you can reach up to 2,000 contacts.

If you want to step-up your game and expand with Mailchimp, you have the following plans available.

Essentials: $9.99 USD per month (50,000-contacts and three custom audiences)

Standard: $14.99 USD per month (100,000 contacts and five custom audiences)

Premium: $299 USD per month (200,000-contacts and unlimited custom audiences)


Mailchimp Pros

  • The free version offers exceptional value
  • Scales with your business
  • A comprehensive range of email and marketing tools
  • Very functional
  • Social media management included


Mailchimp Cons

  • Clarity required on how contacts are counted for billing purpose



4. GetResponse

GetResponse is another established brand in email marketing, with a legacy that extends back as far as AWeber.

For the last 20 years, GetResponse offers email marketers a comprehensive email marketing solution for their small or large business needs.

Trusted by more than 350,000 businesses worldwide, GetResponse is a proven email marketing solution that brings real results to your campaigns.

Get your emails in front of your subscribers at the right time, and create awesome emails using the drag-and-drop editor.


GetResponse Email Marketing Features

GetResponse offers List and subscriber management, with mobile-optimized email and drip campaigns.

Leverage the dynamic content options and a large image library with template management, as well as the ability to A/B split test.

Setup customer surveys and create compelling landing pages and lead forms using the web-builder feature.

GetResponse also understands CASL and offers guides to help set up your account in a compliant manner.


GetResponse Marketing Automation Software

Set up drip campaigns and segment your audience while conducting A/B testing on your campaigns.

You get options for customizable CTAs and website visitor tracking with lead scoring, analytics, and ROI tracking included.


GetResponse Conversion Funnels

Get access to ready-built automated sales funnels software directly from your dashboard.

Formerly known as “Autofunnel”, this product lets you construct and design landing pages, automates your email strategy, and helps you drive conversions.

Recover abandoned carts and orders, and generate more leads and traffic from your marketing efforts.


GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse offers you the below pricing model for a 1,000-subscriber list.

If you have more subscribers, check the site for custom pricing inquiries.

GetResponse also provides an 18% discount for a year subscription paid upfront and a 30% discount when paying for two years up front.

Basic: $15 USD

Plus: $49 USD

Professional: $99 USD


GetResponse Pros

  • A good alternative to Mailchimp
  • An impressive suite of marketing tools, including a sales funnel
  • Good customer service with live chat
  • Wide choice of attractive templates
  • User-friendly interface with handy web-builder included


GetResponse Cons

  • Some claims of unreliable service


If you’re looking for more out of your email marketing tools, we recommend the following 4 providers.

If you’re ready for serious upgrades to your workflow and automation strategy, consider the following leaders in the space.



5. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a great email marketing solution for creators.

Whether you’re a podcaster or YouTube Star, ConvertKit has the right set of tools designed to help your business expand.


ConvertKit Email Marketing Features

With ConvertKit, you get a powerful Visual Interface to set up event-triggered emails and drip campaigns.

Easily add dynamic content and create mobile-optimized emails.

ConvertKit comes with a built-in web-builder, making it easy to create exciting landing pages and lead forms that drive more traffic to your offer while helping you grow your list.

You get full subscriber and list management, with reporting and analytics for all your campaigns.


ConvertKit Marketing Automation Features

ConvertKit also provides you with a suite of automated marketing tools to improve the results of your campaigns.

You get customizable CTAs for your drip campaigns, with full analytics and ROI tracking.

Segment your audiences, and run targeted and retargeted campaigns that drive real results.


ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit offers a free 2-week trial of the platform, with no credit card registration required.

You get unlimited forms and landing pages, as well as unlimited traffic and a customizable domain.

The free plan limits you to 1,000-subscribers, and the following pricing in USD for upgrading your plan includes 1,000-subs.

If you have a larger list, you’ll have to visit the website for more pricing details.

ConvertKit Creator: $29 per month / $25 annually

ConvertKit Creator Pro: $59 per month / $50 annually

To access the annual discount, you’ll have to pay for a year upfront.

You essentially get two additional months on your plan when you take an annual subscription.


ConvertKit Pros

  • Budget-Friendly
  • A great customized choice for creators
  • Get creative with your email marketing
  • Tag and organize your subscribers as they respond
  • Targeted marketing campaigns


ConvertKit Cons

  • Has a bit of a learning curve



6. Drip

Drip has become the top choice for thousands of satisfied internet marketers looking to scale their business.

Drip gives you a comprehensive marketing solution that drives results.


Drip Email Marketing Features

Some of the game-changing features included with Drip are email personalization, automated workflows, purchase intent scoring, and social ads using Drip’s Facebook Custom Audiences integration tool.

Leverage their pre-made Visual Workflows or build your own and integrate them with your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

Drip features full subscriber and list management, with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

You get a range of mobile-compatible free templates and a web-builder for constructing your landing pages, web forms, and email campaigns.


Drip Lead Management Features

You get complete campaign management with Drip.

Profile and lead score your prospects, segment your audiences and start lead nurturing campaigns.

You get custom options for lead capturing and distribution, with interaction tracking and full source tracking of your traffic.


Drip Pricing

Drip offers you a free 14-day trial of all the customer-facing features of its platform.

You don’t need a credit card for registration, and you can grab a free demo when signing up on the official company website.

Drip offers a sliding scale pricing system, starting at $19 per month for 500-subscribers.

If you have 50,000-subscribers, expect to pay $749 per month.

If you have over 160,000-subscribers, contact the Drip team for custom pricing plans.


Drip Pros

  • Integrate third-party marketing tools like Facebook ads
  • Passively profile your prospects and assign lead scores
  • Customize landing pages
  • Good for businesses with multiple customer profiles and product ranges


Drip Cons

  • Complicated dashboard and user-interface, however it becomes easier to use with experience



7. HubSpot

With over 78,000 customers around the globe, HubSpot is one of the leading CRM solutions for business.

With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you get effective management of your email campaigns and much more.

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing tool but also has other product offerings, one of the main ones being their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.


HubSpot Marketing Hub Features

You get customized offerings for your team, whether you’re managing five or five-hundred employees.

Market to the largest lists, and track your results for accurate adjustments that increase conversion to grow your list.

HubSpot scales with your business, providing you with a range of marketing tools that include a calendar and reminder system, document storage, internal chat integration, as well as email and social media integration.

The email marketing solution offers compatibility with a wide range of marketing tools for your campaigns.

Some of the other features of HubSpot include the following:

  • CRM Software for Mac
  • Construction CRM Software
  • Financial CRM Software
  • Lead Management Software
  • Online CRM Software


HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot offers you a free subscription with email marketing, ad managements, forms and reporting capabilities.

However, if you want to get the best value and performance out of the system, we recommend going with a paid subscription.

HubSpot has a variety of Products, Plans and Bundles, with their Marketing Hub solution priced as follows in USD.

Starter: $50 per month or $540 per year (starting at 1,000-contacts)

Professional: $890 per month or $9,600 per year (starting at 2,000-contacts)

Enterprise: $3,200 per month (starting at 10,000-contacts)


HubSpot Pros

  • Loads of functionality
  • Comprehensive CRM system
  • Excellent marketing tools
  • Full tracking of the customer experience


HubSpot Cons

  • Powerful tool that would be expensive for small businesses or those not using the functionality


8. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is another excellent choice for your email marketing needs.

This platform offers you a robust solution that’s ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.


Active Campaign Features

Use the Automation Map to get a full view on your marketing activities and find new opportunities as well as identifying any bottlenecks.

Active Campaign comes with a web-builder for landing pages and web forms, and you get event-triggered emails with drip campaigns and dynamic content.

You get full subscriber and list management, with mobile-optimized emails and a range of reporting and analytics tools that allow for ROI tracking, along with visitor tracking and audience segmentation.

Profile and score your prospects and leads, and use the CRM functions to create relationships with your customers and prospects, driving them to your sales funnels.


Active Campaign Pricing

Active Campaign offers four pricing tiers, and each of them provides you 500 contacts.

If you want to add more subscribers, visit the site and use the sliding scale to check on the platform’s costs.

Lite: $9 USD per month for an annual subscription

Plus: $49 USD per month for an annual subscription

Professional: $129 USD per month for an annual subscription

Enterprise: $229 USD per month for an annual subscription


Active Campaign Pros

  • Robust platform with many different functions
  • Comprehensive email marketing solution
  • Excellent automation and campaign features
  • Integrates with G-Suite


Active Campaign Cons

  • Learning curve


Bonus: 9. Hunter

Although Hunter is not exactly an email marketing software, it is a lifesaver when it comes to building out a list of prospects for your email campaigns.

Hunter leverages its robust database to help you find professionial email addresses for almost anyone you could think of, thus allowing you to spend more time working on your business.

If their platform is not able to find an email that you are looking for, don’t sweat it because they also have an extremely detailed guide for finding anyone’s email manually.