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How To Change The Language On Netflix: All Devices Guide

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Netflix is an extremely popular streaming service that needs no introduction. People across the world subscribe to it so you do have the ability to switch languages on the app. In this guide, we’ll show you how to change the language on Netflix. If you’re struggling to change the language back when your Netflix is stuck in a foreign language, we’ll also give you some tips to fix that.

How to Change the Language on Netflix

First off, you can change the language from any of your devices on:

  • Your account
  • The subtitles
  • The audio

Some people do report not seeing the language option on a phone or tablet, but if you don’t see it, all you need to do is go to the actual Netflix website on your computer. You can also change the settings from the website on your phone. If you don’t see the option from your app, you need to try the browser instead.

Once you’re on the website, you have the option of 34 languages, and you can even choose various ways to change your language. You can make the subtitles a different language, change the audio, or change the display in general.

Profile Language Settings: Computer

It doesn’t matter what brand of computer you have, whether it’s a Mac or Windows or anything else; this process will work for all of them.

Start by going to the Netflix website and signing in to your account. Right in the upper right corner of your Home screen, you should see the icon for your profile. Go to Account. If your account is in a language you don’t understand, the Account button will be the option right after the line.

Now, scroll to the bottom of the My Profile Section to click on Language. That’s the option right below your profile picture. If you’re still in another language, you can always click on the other options until you find the language option.

On the Language screen, you just have to click to see all the available options. Every language will be written out in that language, so you can read it easily. Click your preferred choice, click Save, and your account should now be in your desired language.

Profile Language Settings: Other Devices

If you want to change your Netflix language from the app, you can do this in a very similar way. Just sign in to your account and choose the profile with the language settings that you want to change.

You should see the More option at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on Account from here, which will be the option just after the line if the language is something different. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you’ll see a dropdown arrow for language. All you need to do is pick your desired language from here—and remember to save it!

TV Show Settings: Subtitles and Audio

There are so many options for foreign movies and television shows on Netflix, but don’t lose hope if a show you want to watch is in a language you don’t understand. From here, you can check to see if the show is available in your language or if it has subtitles in your language. Unfortunately, there are some shows that don’t have either of these, but you can always check.

Start by opening whatever program you want to watch. If you want to see all the options for languages on any one show, because not all shows will be available in every language, tap anywhere on the screen.

Hit the dialogue box icon to see a display of all the languages for the show you have on. You only need to tap okay and your show will resume playing with the audio or subtitles in the right language.

If you’re on your computer, you can always change the subtitles and audio from there too. The process is pretty much the same: login and choose your show. Let it start to play before you click the pause button there at the bottom.

Hover over the menu bar to click on the subtitles option, which will give you the choice of both audio and subtitle settings. Once again, the languages will be available based on the show, but just click your option and it should change. If it doesn’t, refresh your page.

You can do this on both your mobile devices and on your computer. You only need to have the show playing to start it.

Movies in Your Language

You can change the language of whatever program you want to watch, or you can actually search for shows specifically in your preferred language. All you need to do is perform a little search.

Type your desired language in the search bar to filter out your shows, and if you want to filter it out further, type something like German Drama or Spanish Action

Apple TV or Roku

You might be using Netflix through another device like your smart TV or your Roku. In this case, the process works more or less the same. Once you have a show playing, you just need to swipe downwards on your Apple remote. This will bring up a menu. From here, you can switch your language. Just make sure to apply your changes before you click out.

On a Roku device, start by proceeding to the home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote. Scroll down on your side menu to get to the Settings option. Choose Accessibility from here. Now you should see an option that says Captions preferred language. You only need to pick the language that you would prefer at this point. If the language is available, Roku should start using it.

Keep in mind that if you change the settings on your Apple TV or Roku, this might not change the actual settings on your Netflix. You will need to change your Netflix settings directly in this case. However, you can still change the subtitles or audio settings temporarily. Just not the actual settings from your account.

The same thing is true if you have a Firestick. You can click to play the video and then pause it before clicking on the screen again. You should see the option to choose your preferred subtitles. Just make sure they’re applied before you’re able to start watching.

Can I Change Netflix Back to its Default Language?


There is no default language for Netflix. When you first register a new account, Netflix allows you to choose your language, which will become your default. If you have changed the language, then it will have a new default language. To revert back to the language you originally wanted, you have to go through the language settings mentioned above.


You have the option of 34 languages on Netflix, and while not every show will allow you to choose every language, you can change your profile to match your preferences. Just make sure that you know how to change your settings from either your mobile device or your computer. If you have some trouble changing your language because your account is in a foreign language, these instructions should help.