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Stefanie Carmichael

Stefanie Carmichael

Stefanie is a Toronto-based communications specialist with a background in international development and over ten years in the fight for human rights. She believes in the power of technology to change the world for the better.

Romina Caraba

Romina Caraba-Thampi

Romina is a nanoscientist (yes you read that right!) who is passionate about technology. She strongly believes that AI and tech have the potential to advance healthcare and medicine to new heights. She’s very keen on how technology can improve our quality of life.

Joel Laforest

Joel Laforest

Joel is an ex-construction worker turned writer, following one of his many passions. He writes on a wide range of topics, which include tech, travel, and cannabis. When he’s not typing on his computer, Joel is usually outside exploring new hiking trails with his dog, Baxter.

Monica Mccutchen

Monica lives in the lovely coastal city of Vancouver and is a writer by day and coffee, pastry and yoga enthusiast by night. Having completed a degree in technical writing, her writing passions include education, technology, natural health and mindfulness.

Shawn Gant

Mia Nancy