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How to Stream Your Favourite Shows on Crackle Canada


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Are you trying to find out if you can watch Crackle in Canada? This popular video streaming platform is available in more than 21 countries internationally.

However, it is not available in Canada, unless you use a VPN.

Step 1 – Login to your VPN of choice
Step 2 – Navigate to the server list and choose an American server
Step 3 – Refresh your browser, visit the official Crackle site, and start streaming!

Remember – You’ll need to ensure that you activate your VPN every time you access your Crackle account.

If you try to access it without your VPN, the platform will reject your request.


Why Is Crackle Not Available in Canada Anymore?

As of June 28th, 2018, Crackle stopped its service to the Canadian market.

According to industry insiders, the company failed to reach licensing agreements with several of its content partners for the Canadian market.

As a result of the gridlock in licensing, it became too expensive for the company t support Canadian viewers, and the company decided to sever its ties with the Canadian market.

If the company chose to stick with Canada, they would have had to move to a subscription-fee model, which would jeopardize the business model.

What is Crackle Canada?

Sony Pictures purchased Crackle in 2006, later selling a stake in the platform to “Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment” in 2019.

Sony later sold its entire stake in Crackle to Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment in 2020.

Crackle’s online streaming service partners with many different content production firms.

Some of the internationally recognized studios include Sony Pictures, Tribeca, Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate, and many more.

Crackle also has a comprehensive lineup of original content, with plenty of shows and movies to keep you entertained for hours.

Best of all, Crackle is free.

That’s right; there’s no charge to watch anything you want on Crackle, so it’s not surprising that so many Canadians miss this service.

Crackle uses an ad-based model to support its operating costs, but they don’t overdo it on the ads.

It’s also available across a range of devices, with support for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.


How Much Does A Crackle Subscription Cost?

Yes, that’s right, if you still don’t believe it, let us make it clear for your right now.

Crackle is a free service – you don’t have a monthly subscription, there are no admin costs, and you get all the entertainment you want for free.

It sounds like a great deal, right?

Well, to fund the platform and its operations, Crackle does display the occasional advertisement.

Since you’re getting so much value for free, we’ll doubt you’ll mind it when an ad pops up from time to time.

Crackle doesn’t even have an option for a premium account, everyone gets the same access, and they get it for free.

This on-demand service is a great choice for anyone that’s looking for top-quality entertainment.

You have access to over 700 TV shows and 100 movies through the Crackle platform, all at no cost to you.


How Does a VPN Help Me Watch Crackle in Canada?

As mentioned earlier, Crackle stopped serving the Canadian market in June 2018, but by then, the streaming platform had millions of Canadian subscribers.

Crackles’ departure from the market left a hole in the entertainment needs of many Canadians.

As mentioned earlier, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to access Crackle from Canada or any location on the planet.

You might be wondering how is that possible?

Well, to put it simply, VPNs help you disguise your IP address, fooling the Crackle platform into thinking you’re accessing it from inside the United States or any Crackle-approved country.

So, with your VPN activated, you can not only tune into the Crackle streaming service, but you can access any streaming service in any country. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on US Netflix, Amazon, or any of the top streaming services online.

Your VPN gives you the privacy and security you need to browse the internet safely.


What are the Top Shows and Movies on Crackle?

If you’re looking for some top recommendations to watch on Crackle, give these titles a try:



Ben Ketai created this American drama series. The story follows a banker, hacker, and Haitian-American gang lord, as they work together.

The Oath

This American true-crime drama comes from the mind of Joe Halpin. The series exposes the underbelly of organized crime gangs and corruption across America.


Based on the Guy Ritchie movie of the same name. This TV series follows a group of hustlers after they find a truck of stolen gold bullion. Antics ensue as they discover the identity of the owner.

99 Homes

This drama features a single father living with his mother in their family home. The story follows the challenges facing the family.

Four Lions (2010)

This movie is for fans of dark humor. It’s good for a laugh, with a surprising twist. Great for fans of British cultural film.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The original mystery thriller.


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