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Crave vs Netflix: Features & Pricing Comparison

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According to a study conducted by Insider Intelligence, households paying for TV decreased by 7.7% between 2020 and 2021. In 2023, the rate concludes that only 52.4% of households in the US purchase TV programs.

With the decline of cable TV, the investment in streaming services has increased exponentially. Of course, with the increase of people purchasing subscriptions, the variety of subscriptions grows.

This article outlines the differences between the platforms Netflix and Crave. So, if you struggle to pick a service, keep reading to see which one suits you!

Crave vs. Netflix at a Glance



Founded in 1997, Netflix originated as a DVD service subscription. Today, Netflix counts over 200 million registered subscribers with its online streaming service.


  • Zero ads – Are you someone who rolls their eyes when an ad comes on? Do commercials disturb you when they interrupt your favorite show? With Netflix, you’re in luck. No matter which Netflix option you subscribe to, you don’t have to deal with any ads. Every show or movie runs through the entire program without the interruption of a random advertisement of the newest car or the best food subscription.
  • Super user-friendly – Netflix is the most popular streaming service for a reason. One of those reasons is its user-friendly format. When you log in to Netflix, you click on your profile, and the app transports you to bundles of content personalized to your viewing preferences. In addition to the wealth of content offered to users, Netflix provides subtitles in multiple languages, as well as audio in other languages. This asset assists users who tend to watch a lot of foreign films or shows, those who are hard of hearing, and those looking to improve fluency in other languages.
  • It’s low-cost – Over the years, Netflix raised rates for the basic option from $7.99 to $9.99. For the standard option, the price ranged from $8.99 to $15.49, and the premium option increased by eight dollars over the span of eight years, but the service remains the most affordable option available. It is the cheapest out of all the other streaming services, offers the most content in terms of English language content and foreign-language content, and allows download capability for all users. Netflix ensures you get the most for your money.


  • Changing content – Netflix carries a reputation for amassing hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content. However, if you like a show one day, there is a slight chance it will be removed at some point. Excluding Netflix originals, Netflix filters its content on a monthly basis. To keep up with licensing regulations and relevant or popular content, the service removes several titles per month and replaces them with other popular (or not-so-popular) content. Netflix removed many well-known series and films such as Friends, Glee, Hairspray, and Top Gun within the last few years.
  • Different content in different regions – Again, Netflix is known for its overwhelming content, but that library varies between countries. For instance, your favorite movie might be available to stream in the US, but if you travel to Canada, you might have to find a different film to watch. Netflix detects your location via your VPN and your IP address. To prevent this, you can use VPNs from companies that specialize in navigating this issue, but it can be costly.
  • Dated content – The only shows that are up-to-date on Netflix are Netflix originals. Let’s say you are invested in a show that is streaming its fifth season on TV. Netflix probably gets the fourth season as soon as the fifth season starts. This puts you about a year behind on current shows. Not a good look if your friends start chatting about the newest season of Grey’s Anatomy when you don’t know the character they’re referring to.



Founded in 2014, the Canadian subscription service only serves people in Canada.


  • Great range of contentCrave content includes premium original shows and movies, HBO originals, Showtime shows, blockbuster films, and kids programming. Both subscription options (Crave Mobile and Crave Total) permit users full access to the entire catalog. Whether you live alone and only watch content on your phone (Crave Mobile) or live with family and/or share subscriptions with friends (Crave Total), all Crave users can view the same programs.
  • Free trial – Each Crave option comes with a seven-day free trial. Users can binge as many shows and movies as they please to get a feel for the platform. You aren’t charged until after you complete the free trial, so you can cancel at no cost within that first week. If the platform isn’t for you, that’s okay too — at least you tested it out. If you do decide Crave is the service for you, enrolling in an annual plan grants two free months of service.
  • Better French and Canadian content – Since Crave only reaches Canadian viewers, the selection of French shows and movies is decent.


  • Only available in Canada – Crave is only available in Canada, so if you leave the country frequently and want to watch a program on Crave, you will be out of luck. Similar to Netflix, you can purchase a VPN to circumnavigate this issue.
  • Needs a strong internet connection – Crave Mobile streams in SD, meaning a lower bandwidth for a lower quality picture. This works because Crave Mobile operates on a phone — the smaller screen doesn’t need HD resolution for a clear picture. Also, the mobile option works better under the circumstances of slow internet. Crave Total needs a strong internet connection since it operates with HD streaming and can host multiple streams at the same time. If your internet is iffy, you will experience a lot of buffering and reconnecting. Streaming issues are prevalent with both options.
  • Lack of more international languages – Crave has endless English and French options, but the languages stop there. Programs in other languages are not available via this platform and users have noted the wishy-washy subtitles. Sometimes they are available; sometimes they aren’t. If you only watch English programs and don’t prefer subtitles, this service could be your pick, but if you are a fan of foreign language programs and need subtitles, you might want to look into other options.

Which service outranks the other? Netflix takes the trophy.

Differences Between Netflix and Crave

Differences Between Netflix and Crave

Consumer Reach

Netflix provides users with English entertainment and foreign shows and movies. Audio and subtitles are also available in several languages. You can listen to a Spanish show with Italian audio and Chinese subtitles if you feel so inclined. If you want to watch a program in its original language without subtitles, that’s cool too.

However, Netflix compares your IP address with your VPN to track your location, so some shows available in your country might not be available if you travel to other places.

Crave only shows English and French content and the subtitles aren’t 100% reliable. For users with hearing impairments, Crave is not the most accessible option. Like Netflix, Crave also tracks your location via IP address and VPN, but you can steer around it with a VPN company.

Winner: Netflix


Netflix subscribers have three different options: basic, standard, and premium. The basic plan costs $9.99 monthly and allows users to indulge in Netflix’s entire catalog, watch on one screen at a time, use one device for downloads, and it use SD streaming.

The standard plan costs $15.49 a month and allows Netflix’s catalog, two screens at a time, two devices with downloads, and HD streaming.

The premium option is the most expensive at $19.99 a month with all of the Netflix selections, four screens at a time, four devices that can download material, and HD and Ultra HD streaming.

Crave subscribers have two options: Crave Mobile and Crave Total. Crave Mobile caters to users who prefer watching content alone on mobile phones and Crave Total is for those who like to watch on different devices with other people or in different locations.

Crave Mobile costs $9.99 a month for one device to use SD streaming without downloads. You need internet access to use Crave Mobile.

Crave Total is $19.99 a month and four devices can play content at once, five devices can download content, and the Total plan favors HD streaming. Both Crave plans offer two free months if you enroll in an annual payment plan. Netflix does not offer an annual plan.

Winner: Netflix is cheaper, and you get more for your money.


With Netflix, you can download items to watch at a later date. If you are in the airport and want to watch a movie while in the air, you can download it while connected to the internet. Basic, standard, and premium Netflix plans allow users to download 100 items to a registered device.

Crave Mobile does not allow downloads, but Crave Total does. Five devices can hold downloads with a Crave Total subscription. You can unenroll those five devices and register five new devices, equaling ten devices compatible with downloads.

Winner: Netflix since it allows downloads with every plan.

That’s a Wrap

As the popularity of cord-cutting increases across the world, subscription streaming services grow. The list elongates daily, with two competitors coming to the forefront.

Netflix and Crave both serve users with substantial content from documentaries to sitcoms, but diverge in areas such as regional availability, subtitle use, and value.

Considering factors from both outlets, Netflix provides a better system for the average consumer.