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DAZN Canada Vs. Mexico: What’s The Difference?

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Sports are an important part of every culture. How do they compare between a Latin American country like Mexico and an offshoot of Europe like Canada?

You might not know this, but streaming services send different content to different countries. The companies that make these services know that they cannot dictate culture to a country—they can only conform to the culture that is already there.

So, what is the difference between the sports streaming services DAZN Canada and DAZN Mexico?

DAZN Canada Vs. Mexico at a Glance

DAZN Canada Advantages:

  • The place to go for hockey
  • Broadcasts available in English and French
  • Also includes some European focus, like cricket and rugby

DAZN Canada Disadvantages:

  • Coverage is Limited
  • Certain sports are highly seasonal or impossible to play reliably
  • DAZN Canada is far less consistent overall

DAZN Mexico Advantages:

  • Some of the best boxing on the planet
  • Mexican wrestling is one of a kind
  • Sports are year-round

DAZN Mexico Disadvantages:

  • Budget of the network reduces every year
  • Production value of smaller sports is low
  • Different kinds of connectivity issues

Winner: DAZN Mexico

What’s The Difference Between Them?

The Variety of Sports They Show

Most people who watch sports watch them recreationally. That means even if they have a favorite, they will much rather have a variety of options that go really deep into one option.

The question becomes: Which country’s DAZN streaming has a greater variety of sports?

One of the best things that Canada brings to the table is its variety. It essentially ties together the taste in sports from three cultures: The United States, Europe, and itself. That means whether you want hockey, football, soccer, or baseball, there will be something there for you.

It’s not as though Mexico lacks variety. It has plenty. But it is hard to compare it to Canada without the comparison itself seeming flawed. The best way of looking at it is just by looking at the diversity within hockey alone. Hockey has a presence in many countries, Canada especially.

But how Europe expresses its appreciation for hockey is going to be vastly different than how Canada expresses it. The sport is so niche over there that it is almost a completely different sport. The same goes for football, soccer, and many more sports.

With every sport in Canada essentially being three sports, it has to take this win.

Verdict: DAZN Canada

DAZN Canada Review

Quality of the Commentators

Not everyone knows this, but commentators can make or break a game. A good commentator can turn an ordinary match in any given sport into a nuanced chapter of the greater storyline of that sport. At the same time, there is a reason that not everyone knows this.

As we mentioned at the outset of this comparison, every country has a different culture surrounding its sports. The reason that not everyone knows about the value of commentators in sports is that not every culture treats sports as something worth getting excited over.

There is a pervasive notion in many countries, whether you are in the east or the west, that sports should be handled with respectful stoicism. In those cases, the virtuous player of the sport is not decided by a matter of explosive displays of skill, but by a proper love of the game.

Canada and Mexico are two fascinating points of comparison for exactly this reason. They both have a deep love for their iconic sports. In the case of Canada, that sport is hockey. It is treated with the same masculine energy as a team-based gladiator arena, complete with violence.

And down south, the sport that Mexico gets excited about is primarily soccer. Every kid in Mexico grows up playing soccer, or at least knows someone who does. So, which of these cultures produces the most insightful and energizing commentary to improve the viewing experience?

Hispanic commentaries of soccer are famous for their excitement over the sport. But let’s be fair here: The competition is closer than we might think. Canadian culture and commentary over hockey is no less energetic than its Mexican counterpart, and their knowledge is comparable.

What puts Mexico over the edge then? Simple: That culture extends past its iconic sport. Canada treats other sports, like golf and baseball, with similar calmness as other countries. This can make those sports seem like lower energy affairs than some people want out of sports.

In Mexico, almost every sport is given the high-energy treatment soccer is given. You can simply hear it in the voices of the commentary: If they are watching a game, it is out of love.

Verdict: DAZN Mexico

Depth of Each Sport

Conversely, while people generally prize breadth over depth, there is a serious contingent of people who want to be able to see a lot of one sport. That can mean having lots of options to pick from in watching that one sport or getting the chance to watch old games or matches.

Which Country Appreciates Its Own History Of Sports Better?

Partly because they do not try to spread themselves too thin, but mostly because the people of Mexico know what they love, every sport broadcast on DAZN Mexico has a storied history and a place in their culture. You can get lost in every sport they stream on DAZN Mexico.

The advantage in this is not all that obvious if you are thinking of older archives of sports as being simple reruns. Any given sport has hundreds and hundreds of games and matches to sift through. But how many of these are actually significant?

How often would you watch them?

If Canada were being compared to any other country, then those two questions would illustrate that breadth is greater than depth. But they are being compared to Mexico. And anyone who has watched Mexican sports will tell you that their older games and matches are different.

When you go back through the archives to watch Mexican sports from a few years ago, you are not just getting the same sport but filmed on an older camera. You are getting a window into the development of a subculture, and at the same time, a chronicle of how the sport developed.

Basically, DAZN Canada gives you reruns. DAZN Canada gives you a story worth following.

Verdict: DAZN Mexico

The Quality of Their Sports


Let’s not mince words: Some sports are more entertaining than others. Ultimately this is a matter of taste. And yet, some sports are going to have more of an obvious “wow factor” to them, while others are going to put you to sleep if you don’t show up appreciating the nuances.

But our comparison does not stop there. Even if the sport itself is entertaining in theory, a brilliant sport played poorly can feel like a waste of time. And then a boring sport played really well can transform into something truly exhilarating.

Which Country Has The Higher Quality Sports?

There are two simple reasons Mexico’s sports are higher quality than Canada’s: To begin with, every sport in Mexico is played and commentated with a passion and excitement that Canada simply does not even try to match, making every broadcast electrifying.

But on top of that, Mexico has sports that you basically cannot get anywhere else. The obvious one is Mexican wrestling. Masked luchadores, insane acrobatics, and bizarrely compelling plotlines all come together to make it one of the most worthwhile uses of your time.

Even if you are not interested in the theater of luchadores (somehow), Mexican soccer is almost unrecognizable from soccer as it is practiced elsewhere in the world. Why is this? Does it use different rules? Are their matches and tournaments organized in some weird, different way?

No. There is one difference between Mexican soccer and soccer as it is practiced by the rest of the world: The quality of the play. The passion for soccer in Mexico is such that you will see minor league teams do things that you didn’t think were possible. And the major leagues?

The major leagues will get you swearing, cheering, and praying in Spanish. DAZN Mexico wins.

Verdict: DAZN Mexico

Quality Of The Streaming Service

But none of that matters if the streaming service itself does not hold up as well. There are a lot of factors that go into making a streaming service functional. But when you have the option to watch sports from either country, then suddenly you don’t have to be held back by those.

The primary metrics we are judging each service on are the consistency of each broadcast, the probability and frequency of dropped broadcasts, and of course, how easy it is to stream the service anywhere. After all, some services have better coverage than others.

Which Country Has The Highest Quality Streaming Service?

Canada is big, and many of its people live in areas that still do not have cable internet running to them. This means that DAZN Canada has to divide itself between streaming through satellite internet and streaming through cable internet, and the results are varied.

Mexico does not spread itself too thin. As a result, its streaming services are far more consistent. That means fewer drops in quality, fewer drops of the entire broadcast, and in general better coverage of the content you want to see, wherever you want to see it.

Verdict: DAZN Mexico

Cost and Language Options

We bundled these together because they are both small points, but they intertwine in a way.

You see, both of these networks cost money. But they also cost very different kinds of money. Canada, for instance, will allow you to pay for DAZN Canada with American dollars. Strictly speaking, you are overpaying when you do this, as USD is worth more than Canadian dollars.

The amount that you are overpaying is not much, but it will be enough to stand out to some people. You can always get your money converted from USD to Canadian money, but that is a pain. However, with DAZN Mexico, getting your money converted is a necessity.

DAZN Mexico does not take United States Dollars. That means you will have to pay for it using MXN, which requires getting currency converted somehow. On top of this, DAZN Mexico has no English interface. You have to know Spanish or get familiar with the buttons to navigate it.

The short version of what we are saying is that the cost of language options of DAZN Mexico gives DAZN Canada a big advantage. You will find it easier to pay for and easier to navigate.

This is mostly a product of increased demand. People from the United States are already trying to get DAZN Canada to watch hockey from that country, and the United States and Canada are already culturally similar enough that they share a language and almost share a currency.

Mexico is fighting an uphill battle due to being more culturally in line with Central America, meaning that their interface and currency will be more similar to them than the United States.

Verdict: DAZN Canada


In a perfect world, you would watch DAZN broadcasts from both Canada and Mexico. But there are a number of limitations preventing that, most chiefly money and time.

So, if you can only pick one, then DAZN Mexico is worth your time. Yes, even if you don’t speak Spanish. Even if you have to get your dollars turned into Mexican currency, the variety, the energy, and the history all come together to make something that justifies the effort you put in.

DAZN Canada has a lot going for it. It is not a bad network by any stretch of the imagination. But on the most important qualities, such as stability, accessibility, and entertainment quality, DAZN Mexico has it beat.