Dx3 Conference

Dx3 2019 Recap: 3 Exciting Sessions We Attended

We had the pleasure of attending Dx3 2019 this past week and attending many of the great sessions featuring great brands, retailers and agencies along with knowledgeable presenters/panelists. Over the years we’ve watched Dx3 grow into what it is today, providing insight into how technology can help us innovate and better our businesses. Here are our thoughts on 3 sessions we really enjoyed.

Big Data TO AI TO

Big Data TO stressed importance of collaboration, trust building with data and AI technologies

Spread over two days, Big Data TO and AI TO hosted thousands of attendees and nearly one hundred talks covering all possible elements of big data and artificial intelligence. A common vein throughout the talks, whether focused on the business side, infrastructure side, or user side of these technologies, was the importance of collaboration and building trust with stakeholders.

Big Data Toronto

What to expect at Big Data & AI Toronto 2019

Co-locating a big data conference with an AI conference, Big Data & AI T.O. will separately dive into the impacts of big data and artificial intelligence, with keynotes and panels looking at the intersection of these two potentially world-changing premises.

FFCON 2019

#FFCON19 talked about how to build trust in the 21st century

From conversations about AI creating fake videos to open banking, the wide-ranging conference detailed that fearlessness comes from using the right tech at the time time, desiring a positive outcome more than wanting to avoid a negative outcome, and putting the right regulations in place.