Dx3 2019 Recap: 3 Exciting Sessions We Attended

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We had the pleasure of attending Dx3 2019 this past week and attending many of the great sessions featuring great brands, retailers and agencies along with knowledgeable presenters/panelists. Over the years we’ve watched Dx3 grow into what it is today, providing insight into how technology can help us innovate and better our businesses. Here are our thoughts on 3 sessions we really enjoyed:

  1. How Endy Started, Scaled & Sold
  2. It’s been a great success story for Endy and their co-founders, Rajen Ruparell and Mike Gettis, selling their company to Sleep Country Canada in November 2018 for just shy of $89 million. At the same time, they’ll continue to operate it as an independent company. We got a chance to hear the Endy story this month as the company literally just turned 4 years old. How did they do it? Read More…


  3. Cannabis Retail in Ontario Will Be an Interesting Ride
  4. Cannabis retail regulations in Ontario are still murky. While the first 25 retail licenses have been granted, the industry still awaits clarity on the opening of the playing field for others eagerly awaiting a piece of the pie. Regulations are important – we’ve heard companies employing substantial in-house legal counsel to vet through regulatory information as it becomes available. Read More…


  5. Going from Customer Centric to Relationship Centric: Decathlon + Heyday
  6. We’ve all had those experiences – the poor, disjointed conversations with retailers where they really have no idea as to what’s going on, leaving us ever so frustrated by missing simple conveniences we’ve come to expect. Customer expectations have greatly evolved and the customer of 2019 and forward demands much more than ever before. Read More…


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