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What to expect at Big Data & AI Toronto 2019

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Carole Piovesan & Suzanne Morin at Big Data Toronto 2018 (Corp Agency).

In a growing tech hub like Toronto, there are events almost every night and major conferences every few weeks. With such a selection, one way to prioritize your time (and money) is to look for events that are niche-focused on something you care about. That’s exactly what the organizers of Big Data + AI Toronto, coming June 12th and 13th, 2019, aimed for when planning.

Co-locating a big data conference with an AI conference, Big Data & AI T.O. will separately dive into the impacts of big data and artificial intelligence, with keynotes and panels looking at the intersection of these two potentially world-changing premises. The event, hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, expects about 5,000 attendees at all levels, from junior data scientists to CEOs and government leaders.

Tech Daily partnered with Big Data & AI Toronto to give you a rundown of what to expect at the 2019 conference.


Speaker lineup features leaders and practitioners

While many events rely on big names to draw people in, something Big Data & AI T.O. has in spades, the conference also looks at practitioners. When it comes to niche topics, the reality is many business leaders don’t have in-depth knowledge – that’s why they hire competent practitioners. Luckily, attendees at the conference will hear from data scientists and other data leaders – the speakers list is chock full of high-level practitioners.

On the big-name side, the conference will impress. Leaders from the business world such as Bloomberg, Facebook, LG, the Mayo Clinic, and more will be presenting on how big data and AI are changing their organizations. The conference went so far as to add two additional conference rooms to ensure maximum content exposure, so attendees will have their pick of multiple talks at any given time.


Programming looks at impact and action, not just importance

With a theme of ‘Accelerate the Future’, conference organizers built programming that focuses not just on the importance of these technologies but how businesses can actually evolve with them. The topic of practicality is so important to organizers, that it’s now half the programming.

“50% of the Big Data program is dedicated towards the internal business transformation and leadership challenges, linking between the business world and the IT world as we acknowledge that Big Data has become a big business problem,” said conference manager Olivia Kitevski, in an email.

In order to build a world that embraces big data and AI properly, innovative businesses will need talent. Taking this into account, the 2019 conference will also feature an expanded “Career Development Zone”, which will focus on “highlighting the amazing talent in the city and attracting recruiters from all over the GTA to meet their next data science and machine learning recruits,” said Kitevski.

Full programming is already up on the conference website, making it easy for attendees to plan their trip for maximum learning and impact.


2-in-1 experience empowers attendee choice

Big Data & AI T.O. created a co-located conference for 2019, to give attendees maximum choice. Instead of sitting in one long conference, attendees can pop between the big data content and the AI content, ensuring they get the most out of their day.

Since AI and big data are strongly linked, the co-location also serves as a way to go more in-depth on both topics. Instead of going broad and having two unrelated conferences co-locate for the sake of scale, these two topics allow for further inspection of each other, complementing the conversations in all rooms.

The choice to merge the two came from learning about attendees of past conferences and iterating for the huge opportunity of big data and AI, something the conference team discusses in-depth on their About page.


Conference goal: knowledge focus, level agnostic

Instead of looking at a seniority focus, making the conference just for executives or founders, for instance, Big Data & AI T.O. aims to welcome all levels and all people who are interested in the topics of the day.

If you have a data orientation, specific data analysis skills, or a company that relies on, or will be disrupted by, data analysis, then this conference aims to have something for you.

For passes and more information, visit the Big Data website.

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