How Looka began as a side project and grew into a Canva challenger

“The company vision was [to] make it feel like you were working with a designer,” said Whitfield. “That way, you had the best of both worlds. You get the affordability, accessibility, and sense of control you get with an online platform. But you also have the high-quality do-it-for-me kind of experience you get with a designer.”

FoodFund Founder Divyansh Ojha Presenting At TELUS Pitch

FoodFund Wins $100,000 TELUS Pitch Grand Prize

Divyansh Ojha was announced as the Grand Prize Winner for his business, FoodFund Inc. His company has recognized the alarming rate of fresh fruits and vegetables that never make it to the store shelves because they are deemed less than perfect. They may not be the perfect apple or a cucumber that’s bent too far.

11-year-old Luke building on Roblox

How one video game helps people learn about mental health

The user-generated gaming platform already sees 24 billion hours of play from 2 million users, a huge feat they’ve accomplished mostly in the past few years. With Luke’s Roblox game, players get to not only enjoy the challenges of the game, but they get to learn about mental health.