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Guide: Top 10 Travel Tech Essentials

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Winter is coming and travel is already on our minds. Tech has become part of our travel plans from the moment we begin researching on where to go and what to do. From checking reviews and building our itineraries to photo apps and meeting locals. Tech has changed the way we travel. Even checking in at the airport or train station is becoming more streamlined (mostly). Then there is all the gear out there. Whether for work or leisure, bringing along a device or two or three is always on our packing lists.

Here are some of our favourite and useful travel tech gear that you may want to consider for the traveller in your life…or drop hints to Santa. Too early? Nah, remember Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and you can safely bet that there will be some deals to be had!



There’s so much to keep track of when we travel. Our luggage, passports, wallets, laptops, backpacks, carry-ons, keys and phones are just a few of the important things. TILE devices have become must-haves and the discreet attachments have recently upgraded both in style and function. The new ‘Tile Sticker’ is a small round device with an adhesive backing that can be attached to anything. The sleek ‘Tile Slim’ is shaped like a credit card and can easily slip into flat pockets, handbags, passport holders and wallets discreetly.

The updated ‘Tile Pro’ is the most powerful Bluetooth finder now featuring a 400 foot range. The ‘Tile Mate’ is the essential everyday great for young family members and seniors for the most common can’t leave home without items. Through the app on your phone, you are able to locate your missing things quickly within the designated range. Out of range? The Tile community can help you search.

The company tells us that over 90% of misplaced or lost items with Tile worldwide have been found thanks to the Tile Community. Battery life has improved and can now even be replaced. If you’ve misplaced your phone, the Tile can also reverse search and let you know by ring where it is. Tile Premium is an add on bonus subscription base device that unlocks new features including automatic free battery replacements, 30-day location history, smart alert and extended warranty.


(Image: Sonya Davidson)


TRAVELPRO Platinum Elite

Designed for the world traveller in mind, this line was created by an airline pilot who was in search of luggage that met his needs of being organized and durable. The Platinum Elite Spinners include an external USB port with dedicated power bank pocket (you simply plug in your preferred power bank) that meets FAA regulations for carry-on and checked baggage.

Well thought out accessible built-in pockets keep all your paperwork organized on-the-go. Integrated lock allows TSA authorities to safely unlock and lock suitcases for inspection when needed with checked baggage. Tip resistant expansion adds up to 2” more packing capacity. High density nylon fabric is also coated with DuraGuard for added protection to resist stains and abrasions.

The wheels have a magnetic technology that self-align all four wheels in the direction you want to travel. These are just a few of the details we loved with this line. The company’s Built for a Lifetime Limited Warranty also covers any damage done to your luggage for life (must register luggage).

Travelpro Platinum Elite

(Image: Sonya Davidson)



The all new eReader has an adjustable warm light that can shift from white to amber making reading easier on the eyes. This device is also waterproof so you can take it in the bath or poolside without worries. It’s thin, ergonomic (you can comfortably grip with one hand) and lightweight so it won’t load you down with added weight in your carryon or luggage. Plus, you know, saving trees. Battery life is impressive – recently tested with casual reading over the summer in California and it didn’t require recharging even after a month. Comes in 32 GB and 8 GB with WiFi + Free Cellular Connectivity available.

Kindle Oasis

(Image: Sonya Davidson)



When you’re exploring, you’re probably going to take your phone everywhere you go. It’s essentially become our camera and our go-to for quick research for anything. You may want to keep it protected with a slim case that not only provide RFID safe blocking, but also helps to reduce exposure to harmful radiation emitted from devices.



Fun to check out the local shows when you’re away but depending on where you are, you may be limited to what shows you have access to. You can take some of your favourite shows with you on either an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Stick. Compact and easy to take on-the-go, all you need is a TV with an HDMI port at your hotel and WiFi access (or get an unlimited data plan). Basically, the stick allows you to stream shows, movies and music from the internet to your TV at home or away.



Brings the latest technology in eyecare with industry-leading optical clarity and light adaptive lens. With over a century of research and experience, the line offers Phantom Lens technology that brings a clearer and more defined view of what’s in front of you. The line covers a wide variety of styles for outdoor sports and activities including golf, cycling, fishing and more for travellers and every day.

Bolle Sunglasses

(Image: Sonya Davidson)



As the ads say, it tells time, but it’s also very useful in so many ways. When we’re out in the public anywhere in the world we consider safety as a priority. Being able to be notified, read and respond to important messages, emails, and calls without having to pull out your iPhone in public is more discreet. You can also keep track of your physical activity on-the-go (amazing how many steps you can track in a day sightseeing) and control your music playlist to your Apple EarPods right from your wrist.



Already known as the world’s top alpine ski boot company, Tecnica started specializing in custom boot and shoe fittings. This new innovation offers custom made footbeds and then the shoe itself within a speedy 20 minutes in-store thanks to their heat-customizable materials. Virtually the entire shoe is shaped for ideal comfort and fit. The system is compact enough to bring into specialty retailers and popular for trekkers.

Tecnica Hiking Boots

(Image: Sonya Davidson)



This urban stylish hip pac (or fanny pack) not only keeps your stuff organized and close to your body but it also has several anti-theft technologies to use at home or abroad. The Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh helps protect against slash-and-runs. The Security clip and smart zipper provides added layers of protection to help prevent pickpockets. RFIDsafe blocking material built into the main compartment protects your credit cards from identity theft devices.



Keep all your charging cords, accessories, AirPods or earbuds, all in one organizer. With a variety of secured pockets and elastic loops to help minimize the tangle tango.



While you’re away, have peace of mind at home with the family of Ring Devices. Two new security cameras were announced recently including the Ring Indoor Camera and third generation Ring Stick Up Camera – the most affordable and compact security camera that can easily be mounted or placed on a flat service anywhere inside the home. Features up to 1080p HD video, motion detection and motion activated recording, live view, night vision, two-way talk, and a wide-viewing angle available in three power options, plug in, battery and solar. The new Ring Indoor Cam also includes privacy features that enables users to disable motion and audio recording right from the app and an indicator light that display whenever the camera is recording. So, you can control everything even when you’re on vacation.