Robinhood Canada

Robinhood in Canada – Is It Available Yet? (2021)

Is Robinhood available in Canada? Unfortunately it is not.

Is Robinhood coming to Canada? There hasn’t been any official announcement from Robinhood that they’ll be coming to Canada. While recently, brokers in the US such as Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade have moved to $0 trades, there hasn’t been any similar movement in Canada.

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Wealthsimple Trade Review

Wealthsimple Trade boasts being the first Canadian, $0-commission, mobile stock-trading app to hit the market.

That’s right, without paying any commissions for trading, Wealthsimple Trade offers users access to a variety of Canadian and U.S. stocks and ETFs right through your phone.

Wealthsimple Review

Wealthsimple Canada Review

The world of robo-advisors is taking storm as an excellent alternative to the traditional investing we’re used to. It’s tempting to go the DIY route in investments and forgo the heavy fees that traditional investing offers for advice, however it’s here where robo advisors provide a middle ground.

Stock Tickers

A Guide on How to Buy Stocks in Canada (2021)

While the traditional role of a stock broker still exists, many Canadians have opted to use the digital platforms now available to them. Buying stocks in Canada and getting into investing has never been easier with a variety of platforms now available to buy and sell stocks as well as to research and analyze them.

Tastyworks Canada

Can I Use Tastyworks in Canada? (2021)

Is Tastyworks coming to Canada? While there has been a lot of discussion on the topic over the past year, we reached out to Tastyworks at the end of April and they did confirm they are indeed still working on coming to Canada. A firm timeline is still unknown, however hopefully some time in .