Robinhood Canada

Robinhood Canada: Not available, here’s the next best thing (2021)

Is Robinhood available in Canada? Unfortunately it is not.

Is Robinhood coming to Canada? There hasn’t been any official announcement from Robinhood that they’ll be coming to Canada. While recently, brokers in the US such as Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade have moved to $0 trades, there hasn’t been any similar movement in Canada.

Toronto Bank Towers

Is eToro Available To Canadians? [2021]

Is eToro Available To Canadians? No, eToro is not available to Canadians.
Is eToro coming to Canada? Probably not. eToro was open to Canadian residents after their launch in 2006, however they did not have the right registrations in place to be offering brokerage services in Canada.

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Is Tradestation Offered In Canada? (2021)

Is Tradestation Offered In Canada? No, Tradestation is unfortunately not available in Canada.
Is Tradestation coming to Canada? At this time there is no official announcement that Tradestation will return to Canada.

TradeZero for Canadians

Can Canadians Use TradeZero? [2021]

Can Canadians Use Tradezero? Tradezero is currently not available for Canadians to use.
When will Tradezero come to Canada? Tradezero has not announced any plans at this time to come to Canada.