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How To Get Crave TV On Roku In Canada?

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Crave TV is a well-loved video-streaming service in Canada, and there is a reason why it’s so popular. It offers thousands of entertaining content, from TV shows to foreign language movies, and even access to popular channels like HBO, Starz, and Showtime.

Crave TV fans love catching French-language content and other popular Hollywood film, in addition to Crave Originals such as Letterkenny and more. Whether you already have a Crave TV subscription or have yet to sign up, keep reading to find out how you can install or access Crave TV on Roku.

How To Get Crave TV On Roku In Canada?

First off, yes, you do need to be subscribed to Crave to watch it. Even if you plan to watch on Roku, you will still need to pick one of their plans, which can be as cheap as $10 a month or about $100 annually.

If you want a plan with some additional channels, you can pay for the higher tier plans that include add-ons like HBO and STARZ, which will also include some additional shows and Crave originals too.

But while Crave TV is available in the Roku store, you do need to download and install it.

How To Install Crave TV

Crave Tv on Roku

If you look around in your Roku Channel Store, you can see the Crave app there. The installation process is actually quite simple, but you do need to make sure that you have your Channel Store set to the Canadian store first.

  1. Begin by signing into your Crave account if you have an existing one. You can also create a new account too.
  2. Go to the Roku Channel Store next, where you can search for Crave TV.
  3. Select it, and you can click Add Channel, and the download should begin.
  4. Once the installation is complete, you can click OK on the popup that appears there.

You have Crave installed now, but you do need to have that subscription to be able to watch it.

Another Installation Method

You do have another path you might take to install Crave too. This is not too different, and it will still let you download Crave, but it might be an easier set of steps.

  1. Begin by going to Streaming Channels from the Roku home screen.
  2. Go to Search Channels from here and use the virtual keyboard to search for Crave.
  3. Choose Crave and then just click the Add Channel button—all without going right to the Channel Store first.
  4. From here, you only have to wait for Crave to add to your Roku and then just click OK.
  5. Then just go to the channel, sign in, and get started.

Where Is Crave?

After you download the Crave TV app and wait, you might not know where the Crave app has appeared. You might have installed it and followed all the steps and you know you clicked Ok to get it set up, but you still do not see it there.

If that happens, go back to your Roku home screen to find your Settings. From here, go to System, then System Update. Click Check Now to tell your Roku to do an update. Once it updates, you should be able to see Crave TV right there on your channel list with any of your other downloaded options.

Activating Crave

You have Crave TV now, and you want to get watching. Of course, you need to make sure that you have a Crave subscription first, but you can begin by just clicking on the app.

You should see an activation code that appears right there on your Roku display. If, for some reason, you don’t see it automatically when you open up the app, you can select the Sign In button to generate that code. Make a note of that code and go to the activation page:

From here, enter your sign in information and click Continue. If you have your cable TV account that supports Crave, click on the I’m a TV Subscriber, choose your provider, and sign in to your account. You should now see a spot to enter that activation code and click Continue on the screen.

You now have Crave TV on Roku. To watch, you just have to go to the Crave channel on Roku to begin streaming.

Does Crave Work On All Roku Devices?

Does Crave Work On All Roku Devices

For the most part, yes, Crave works on pretty much all Roku devices and on many other streaming devices too. This includes Amazon Fire TV 2nd Generation and above, Chromecast, and all Roku devices from Generation 2 and above.

With Roku, you can watch Crave without a problem on the:

  • Roku Express
  • The Express +
  • Roku Premiere
  • Premiere +
  • The Streaming Stick
  • The Streaming Stick +
  • The Ultra
  • The Ultra LT
  • 4K Roku TV
  • The Roku 1/SE
  • The Roku 2 and 3

Realistically, you can indeed watch Crave on pretty much all Roku devices. Of course, you can also watch on some gaming systems too, like the PlayStation and different versions of the Xbox too. Not to mention that you can watch on your computer or your android or iPhone devices as well, just in case you want to continue watching when you step away from your Roku.

Before you try to watch it on your phone or gaming device, just look up whether your phone will support it. You might need certain specifications to ensure your devices are supported properly, or your specific device might not be supported.

What Channels Does Crave Have?

What Channels Does Crave Have

Crave TV is just like other streaming services featuring great TV shows, movies, and sports content too. You can also watch shows in French and other languages and can specifically change the language of the entire app to either French or English.

You can even access some original content on Crave, so check out what they have available online. There are also 12 live streaming channels if you want to watch some channels live.

In general, expect access to all of your favorite genres, from comedy to documentaries to music, sports, and food. You can search online for some of your favorite shows to see whether you can watch them on Crave or whether they’re supported by some of the available add-ons.

See content from:

  • Crave original channels
  • HBO
  • HBO Max
  • Showtime
  • Superécran
  • Starz

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Crave TV?

Since you do need to have your own subscription, you do need to pay for Crave. It will cost the same amount whether you watch it on Roku or not, with the cost depending on which plan you choose.

You can choose a plan that is as affordable as around $10 per month. This plan can get a little more expensive, depending on what channels you add on. For example, it might be another $10 per month if you add HBO or SUPER ECRAN and just another $6 per month for STARZ.

Is Crave Free on Roku?

No, it is not free. Remember, you need to have your own subscription to Crave to use it, even if you have it downloaded to Roku. You can still download the Crave app though, before you have your subscription.

Remember that you can test out Crave before you commit. You can always go for the 30-day free trial and then decide if you want to keep it and continue to pay.

What Devices Can I Watch Crave TV On?

You can watch Crave TV on most common media streaming devices. Some examples are Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation, Amazon FireStick, iOS devices, Android devices, Apple TV and Chromecast, Windows and Mac devices, or smart TVs.

Where Is Crave TV On Roku?

Crave will definitely be there on Roku if you live in Canada. If you live somewhere else, you might be trying to look around for Crave, but you will not be able to find it.

Now, it may be possible to explore using a VPN to unblock Crave for your location. You would need to look into this first, though, to make sure you can still watch on Roku.


You have a lot of great options when it comes to watching content on Crave TV. From movies to TV shows to even content in other languages, you can watch it all here. If you want to watch on Roku, though, you need to learn how to get Crave downloaded and activated on your account.

Follow these quick steps to get started, but remember, even after you have it downloaded, you do need your own Crave account.