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9 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Image: Sonya Davidson

I marvel at how amazing my mother is. Not just because she raised me (LOL) but as a grandmother of 4 kids she doesn’t slow down. I’m also amazed at how interested she is in technology. She has no fear and you can say “I got it from my mamma” when it comes to curiosity of cool devices and gadgets. I was so impressed when she decided to step up her mobile device recently to an iPhone XR so she could create messages with her own Animoji and Memoji. I’m not kidding!

Whether you’re shopping for the mom, grandma, or any other women who raised you, here are some of my favourite gift ideas for this Mother’s Day.


1. FitBit Inspire HR

The newest addition to the FitBit line up is one I love for its impressive battery life. So far, it’s been lasting 5 days without having to recharge. This handy fitness tracker will also track your movement of course, but it will also automatically recognize the style of exercise. Other features include over 15 goal-based exercise modes, heart monitoring, reminders to move, and even get calls, texts and other alerts. See stats by the touch of the screen by swiping the face to get step counts, calories burned, active minutes and heart rate. What’s also fun? Through the app, mom can connect with other friends and family with FitBits for daily motivation and competition. Who has the most steps? Up for the challenge?

Fitbit Inspire HR

Image: Sonya Davidson


2. Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen

This very useful device sits proudly on my kitchen counter for hands-free access to take me through the day. Its modern design is attractive with rich colour and sound. Not only will it give me Amazon Music playlists by request (hello BTS), play Amazon Prime Video content, search up recipes, offer up top line news stories of the day and random conversation starters, it’s also connected to other smart home devices so even when I’m in the kitchen I can see who’s at the door or switch on a light.

Amazon Echo Show

Image: Sonya Davidson


3. Click and Grow Smart Garden

No need to have a green thumb or a large garden space. This smart garden lets you plant it and forget about it. The innovative self-growing garden has built in sensors to monitor the health and growth of your plants. Perfect for herb gardens in small spaces. You just need to add water to the unit and it will automatically deliver the right amount of water and nutrients to the plant.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Image: Click and Grow


4. Apple Watch 4

One of the most useful devices I use as much as my iPhone is the Apple Watch. For someone with an active and busy lifestyle this smart watch never misses a beat. Mom’s in a meeting or at the theatre but is expecting a text, email, or call and doesn’t want to be rude and have her phone out for everyone to see? She can discreetly get notifications and even read texts/emails right on the Apple Watch. She’s at the pool doing her laps and the school calls to let her know that little Emma forgot her lunch – she can answer even while the device is keeping track of her training. Version 4 recently was released with a larger screen display that allows for more touch surface along with a few new redesigns.



Keep losing things? Attach a small TILE to items like keys, handbags, luggage, backpacks, and pair it to our phone for peace of mind. The slim version is great for wallets. When you’re in range, use the app on your mobile device and the TILE will ring. If it’s not in range, you can use the app to locate its location as well. Can’t find your phone? Use the TILE to help locate as well even when your phone ringer is silent.


6. Audible

A gift of “me time” with a membership to this audio book service with access to thousands of titles from bestsellers to original content so mom can listen to her favourite stories on the go, at home or on vacation. Trained actors from around the world lend their voices to bring stories to life. The subscription based service app can be uploaded to various devices. I have mine on my phone as well as my Amazon Echo Show — neat feature? The devices recognize where I’ve left off in a story and continue seamlessly.


7. Kobo Forma

The latest eReader is ergonomically designed for the most comfortable hold in addition to all the thoughtful features for moms who love to read anywhere and anytime. The slim design makes it easy to pop in her handbag on the go (less paper, less bulk). What I also love about this eReader? You have the choice of landscape or portrait mode, its ComfortLight PRO adjusts colour temperature so it’s not hard on your eyes, and it’s also waterproof so you can take it to the beach, bath, and poolside (tested up to 60 minutes in 2 metres of water). No worries if mom spills her coffee on it either. Bonus: Mom can connect to her local library right from the eReader and borrow books easily.


8. OpenTable

If brunch or dinner happen to be on your Mother’s Day plans, get on it! Make your reservations on the app now before it’s too late. OpenTable is also running a Mother’s Day campaign to encourage all of us to put our phones away and spend quality time with mom like we should. #DiningMode happens on May 12 with over 50,000 restaurants globally. Book at a participating restaurant that supports the #DiningMode campaign and you can enter for a chance to win a $400 gift card.


9. Tonic Blooms

If you’re a last minute kinda person or mom’s really not into gifts, we got you too. Moms love flowers and if you’re in Toronto, Tonic Blooms offers same day delivery within Toronto & GTA. Order a beautiful modern bunch and mom will be thrilled. You can even schedule delivery now while you’re thinking about it.

Tonic Blooms

Image: Sonya Davidson