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    Want to reduce stress, get better sleep, cope with depression and anxiety, increase work performance, or increase happiness and confidence? There’s something for all ages including young kids to seniors. Here are some of my favourites apps and tech devices (which I’ve tried) so I can incorporate some quiet time on my own time, at my own pace…

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    Squarespace Review

    by Stefan Palios Last Updated: March 25, 2020

    In this review, we’ll go through some of the pros and cons that Squarespace has, arming you with some additional information to see if this platform is the right one for you. We’ll also highlight a few of their key competitors near the end to give you a better understanding of where Squarespace fits in the website builder ecosystem.

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    12 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    by Sonya Davidson Last Updated: July 30, 2019

    Dads are notorious for not being the easiest to buy for! They are quite happy relaxing in peace with a good read in hand, beverage of choice by their side and some great music in the background, am I right? They don’t ever want anything, however, we’ve come across a few ideas that we think dads will love, so you can skip the go-to lottery tickets and golf shirt this year!

  • 94% of couples have reported having incorporated technology into their wedding in some way with 80% creating a wedding website for their guests. 70% of the brides surveyed reported using social media to find and follow vendors with 48% of brides using social media to purchase items for their wedding.

  • As big as the startup ecosystem has grown, it’s still hard to Google “Canadian (industry / business type here) business” and get good answers. It’s equally hard to see a lot of Canadian startups showing up on the more popular blog lists of the “top 10 startups in X industry.”