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How Much Does Crave Cost in Canada?

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Crave TV is an all-encompassing subscription service hosting content from HBO, Showtime, and Starz, as well as original masterpieces like LetterKenny and Shoresy. The subscription service has several plans for users to pick between, but just how much does a Crave TV subscription cost in Canada?

Well, we have good news! We’ve compiled a guide explaining how much each plan costs and what each leg of the plan includes. If you are on the fence about investing in a Crave TV subscription, this article is for you. Keep reading for the breakdown.

How Much Is Crave In Canada?

Crave offers two main plans for its subscribers: Crave Total and Crave Mobile. Crave Total is perfect for users looking to share their plan with their friends and family and stream on multiple devices besides just cell phones.

Crave Mobile is perfect for those single-users of Crave who only want to stream on their cell phones and do not wish to share their plan with other people.

Here is what each plan totals and entails.

Crave Total

When you enroll in an annual Crave Total plan, you receive a $50 discount for the first year. That totals $149.90 for the first year of service, which equates to around $12.50 a month for the first year. Every year after the first year, the subscription costs $199.90 a year which equates to $16.6 a month.

If you sign up for the monthly Crave Total plan, you can pay $19.99 a month, which equals about $240 for the year. Obviously, the better deal here is to go with the annual plan to tack off $90 for the first year and $40 for every year after the initial one.

What Does The Crave Total Plan Include?

Crave Tv

  • Everything in the Crave content library. This means you can watch any show, movie, original documentary, drama series, or kid’s show with a Crave Total subscription. Some additional categories Crave offers are HBO films, blockbuster movies, biopics, trending, LGBTQ+ films and shows, music, food, and sports.
  • Since Crave is a Canadian-based subscription service, some content is in French. With either a Total or a Mobile subscription, you will be able to watch French-language content.
  • Register five separate devices to use on your Crave Total plan. Unregister devices at any time to use a different device in its place.
  • You can tune into Crave Total from anywhere on any device. Every single device is compatible with this plan. That includes game consoles from XBOXs to Playstations, Smart TVs, FireSticks, Rokus, tablets, Android phones, tablets, computers, and TVs, and Apple phones, tablets, computers, and TVs.
  • Crave Total streams in crisp, high-quality 4K definition. You will never struggle to see what is happening on the television or table with Crave Total.
  • You can stream on up to four different devices at the same time. That means you can watch TV in your room, your brother watches TV in the living room, your parents watch a soccer game on their tablet in the basement, and your sister watches cartoons in her playroom on her iPad. You can stream all at the same time and experience minimal interruptions.
  • One of the best parts about Crave Total is its downloads. You can download 20 different programs over five different devices at a time. This means if you go out of town and will not have service, you can download your content to watch at a later time without an internet connection.
  • You can cast from a different device to a TV. With a Crave Total subscription, invite everyone you know to a movie night. All you need is an HDMI connector or a wireless connection and to log in to your Crave Total account on your device. Cast the program to a television and enjoy all the wonderful content Crave Total has to offer.
  • One-week free trial. Crave Total allows you to test out the service for an entire week before you commit fully to the subscription.

Crave Mobile

When you select a Crave Mobile annual plan, you pay $99.90 a year which equates to $8.325 a month, or you can choose the monthly plan, which totals $9.99 a month or $119.88 a year.

Just like the Crave Total plan, the Crave Mobile annual plan saves you some money. You will save about $20 a year if you decide to enroll in the annual mobile plan vs. the monthly plan.

What Does The Crave Mobile Plan Include?

  • You can access everything Crave has to offer from original content to recently added movies, trending TV shows, HBO original movies and TV shows, reality TV shows, documentary series, music television, film franchises, movies directed by women, movies headlining the TIFF festival, true crime series, and so much more.
  • One downside to Crave Mobile is that you can only watch it on the internet or the mobile app on your phone/tablet. You can not watch the programming on a TV which is why it is called Crave Mobile and aimed toward one user.
  • Can only register one device at a time. If you want to watch Crave TV on a device, you need to register it through the app. This is simple. All you have to do is download the app, input your credentials and register the device you opened the app on. The Crave app will register if you have already registered a device, so you cannot trick it by registering multiple devices.
  • It also streams in SD quality which is not noticeable if you watch on a phone, but if you watch on any screen larger than a phone, you might get annoyed with the lower quality compared to Crave Total’s HD streaming quality.
  • You can not cast programs from your phone or computer to the TV for others to watch. Since this plan only allows you to register one device at a time, the server will get confused if you try to cast something from your phone or tablet to a TV or different console. It just won’t work.
  • You can not download any content to your device to watch at a later time or while offline. Since this plan is designed to primarily allow users to watch on their mobile devices and while online, it does not favor offline downloads.
  • You can only use your account on one device at a time, unlike Crave Total, where multiple people can watch multiple programs simultaneously. Again, the server is able to tell if you are trying to register more than one device or if you try to watch content on more than one device. This is not the plan to get if you plan to share your membership with others.
  • A one-week free trial comes with a monthly or annual subscription to Crave Mobile. You have the ability to test out if you like the content offered on Crave Mobile and if the Mobile plan is the right fit for you before you pay for the service. You can cancel at the end of your free trial without paying a single penny. All you need to do is input your credit card information and cancel the subscription in settings before you get charged.

Starz Add-on Price

Like most subscription services, Crave TV offers users the choice to indulge in several add-ons. Starz is one of the most popular add-ons for users to select.

How Much Does a Starz Add-on Cost?

The Starz add-on to either a Crave Total or a Crave Mobile subscription costs $5.99 extra each month or $71.88 extra on top of the subscription. If you enroll in a Crave Total annual subscription, you will pay about $221.88 a year for the initial year of service and around $271.88 a year after the initial year of service.

If you enroll in the Crave Total monthly plan, you will pay $25.99 a month or $311.88 a year for Crave Total and the Starz add-on.

Let’s move on to the Crave Mobile subscription with the Starz add-on. If you enroll in the Crave Mobile annual subscription and invest in a Starz add-on, you will pay $105.89 a year or $8.82 per month.

For the Crave Mobile monthly subscription with a Starz add-on, you will pay $15.98 a month or $191.76 per year for this plan.

What Does a Starz Add-on Include?

Starz is a satellite and cable service owned by Lionsgate with original content and a 24/7 cable network channel.

The Starz package includes:

Access to Starz’s original content such as Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show, Outlander, Power, The White Queen, and The Girlfriend Experience and some throwback titles such as Fight Club, Grease, Top Gun, The Incredible Hulk, Forrest Gump, Titanic, The Thing, Mamma Mia, Mean Girls and so much more.

People Also Ask

Is Crave TV free with Amazon Prime?

The short answer to this question is no. Crave TV is owned by Bell Media, and while a subscription to Bell Media constitutes access to Crave TV, you cannot get a free membership to Crave TV through Amazon Prime. However, content on both servers might overlap.

What’s Included in a Crave Subscription?

Crave in Canada

So much is included in a Crave subscription. All the newest trending Hollywood movies (even some older ones) and all HBO shows and movies which is pretty unbeatable in today’s streaming world. You also get access to French-language movies and television if you speak French or want to learn the language.

New, original content from HBO, HBO MAX, Showtime, and Starz if you subscribe to their add-on. Over 10,000 hours of streaming with a Crave subscription.

Ability to customize your profile. Cast to TV options, mobile options, parental restrictions, kids content, downloads for offline viewing (for the Total plan), ability to register various devices (for the Total plan), high-quality streaming, subtitles, and compatibility with almost all devices.

How Do I Get Crave TV For Free?

Both Crave TV plans, Total and Mobile, come with a seven-day free trial which allows users to see if they really like the service before committing to an annual or monthly payment. Currently, Crave subscribers can save up to $50 on their annual plans.

Is Crave TV Free For Bell Media Customers?

Yes! Since Bell Media owns Crave TV, if you have a Bell or Bell Aliant subscription, you can watch anything on Crave TV. Just sign in with your Bell Media Subscription credentials and enjoy the programming. You can also access Crave TV with a TheMovieNetwork subscription for free.

What Is Crave TV?

What is Crave

In 1983, the Canadian channel First Choice came about. This channel hosted content only available in Eastern Canada, to the dismay of many people. However, in 1993, this channel was rebranded and renamed The Movie Network.

After undergoing multiple legal battles, The Movie Network and Bell Media merged to form Crave TV. The over-the-top, hybrid subscription service showcases movies and television programs.

Crave TV is owned and operated by Bell Media in Canada. The service originated on December 11, 2014, in Toronto and Ontario.

The video-on-demand service serves more than three million customers a year with access to original Crave content, HBO movies and TV shows, Showtime movies and TV shows, older classic films, and newer popular films from Hollywood.

Since Crave TV operates in Canada, it boasts a lot of French content, including original French films and French television shows. You can watch any Crave TV program in English or French.

Crave TV is a one-stop shop for anything and everything movies and television. You won’t run out of content to stream with Crave, and you will not find a similar service offering original content, HBO content, Showtime content, and a Starz add-on for one low monthly price.


Crave Total and Crave Mobile both offer a discount on the first year of your subscription for a limited time. The Total plan equals around $200 a year, while the Mobile plan equals around $100 a year when enrolling in the annual plan.

Which Crave TV plan will you choose?