How Much Is Netflix Canada? (2021)

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As of January 8th 2021, Netflix has 3 different plans for Canadians: Basic ($9.99/mo), Standard ($14.99/mo), and Premium ($18.99/mo). Each plan has different features such as number of devices and streaming quality (HD, 4K), which are summaried in the table below.

Netflix has come from humble beginnings to become the streaming giant that most of us have used.

Over the years, they’ve kept their pricing consistent and haven’t increased them much.

They do have a number of different plans available now based on your needs.

In October 2020 Netflix increased the price of the Standard subscription by $1 per month and the Premium subscription by $2 per month. Price increases are effective immediately for new sign-ups and as of your next billing cycle for existing customers. The table below shows updated pricing.

Here is the pricing and features for Netflix Canada:

Price$9.99 per month$14.99 per month$18.99 per month
Number of Simultaneous Screens124
HD available?NoYesYes
Ultra HD available?NoNoYes


Benefits for all plans include:

  • The ability to watch on your TV, laptop, phone or tablet
  • Unlimited viewing of content
  • Cancel anytime

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