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How to Get American Netflix in Canada – 3 Step Guide

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Are you interested in accessing American Netflix from Canada? Well today’s your lucky day because we will walk you through how to watch US Netflix using a VPN!
Step 1: Login to your VPN app
Step 2: Connect to a server located in the USA
Step 3: Login to your Netflix account and browse the content library!

Why Is Netflix US Different from Netflix Canada?

The answer lies in the licensing agreements between Netflix and its content partners.

Movie and television studios charge Netflix royalties for its content, whether that’s movies or shows.

For Netflix to make their entire content library available globally, they would be paying a fortune, and the company may struggle to turn a profit.

So, to keep the business profitable, Netflix varies content access around from country to country, displaying different lineups of TV shows and movies to foreign markets.

A VPN lets you get around these content geo-blocks, allowing you to access any version of any streaming service, including Netflix US.


Why Do I Need a VPN to Get US Netflix in Canada?

As mentioned, the licensing agreements between Netflix and production studios prevent them from offering their entire content library in all regions.

When you log onto the Netflix US website from a Canadian access point, the website’s AI detects your IP address and locks you out of the site.

When you activate your VPN and log onto a US-based server, you’re fooling the website into thinking you’re accessing the service from within the United States.

The VPN achieves this by running your real IP through a VPN server in the destination country.

The server replaces your IP with a US-based IP generated from a list of thousands of verified, proven IP addresses accepted by Netflix US.

The VPN also runs your data through an encrypted tunnel.

That way, Netflix can’t tell where the data is going.

The encrypted tunnel also prevents your ISP from seeing what data you’re downloading or uploading through your connection.

Using a VPN is a best practice for browsing, streaming, and downloading online.

It protects your connection and your data from the prying eyes of bad actors and hackers while securing your home network.


Should I Setup My VPN on My Router?

Setting up your VPN on your router provides you with several benefits.

First, your connection is “always on,” meaning that you never have to turn the VPN on or off.

You get 24-hour protection for all devices connecting to your home network.

When accessing Netflix US, your router setup ensures that you never have to worry about forgetting to turn on your VPN before connecting to the US Netflix site.

Should I Use a Free VPN to Access Netflix US from Canada?

If you log onto the Apple App or Google Play Store, you’ll find dozens of free VPNs available for installation to any device.

However, we strongly recommend you avoid installing these apps.

Free services might seem appealing, but they could end up costing you your Netflix account.

Free VPNs do not offer the same level of encryption as a paid service.

Some free VPNs don’t even encrypt your data at all.

Trying to access Netflix US using free VPNs or proxies will result in the platform detecting your VPN and asking you to connect without it.

Free VPNs may also sell your data to third parties, or they might try to advertise to your in-app.

It’s probably best to avoid free services and invest in a top-rated VPN instead.


Top 3 VPNs to watch American Netflix in Canada

If you’re looking for the best VPN providers to access Netflix US, we recommend going with the following:

1. ExpressVPN

Express is our top choice for watching US Netflix from Canada.

You get blazing fast speeds with low latency, a no logs privacy policy, and plenty of US server destinations.

2. SurfShark

SurfShark is another world-class VPN with a huge global server network.

You get fast download speeds and a no logs privacy policy.

3. NordVPN

Nord is one of the most established VPNs known for reliability, security, privacy, and speed.


How Much Does a VPN Cost?

VPN providers vary in pricing.

Typically, choosing a long-term package like a year or more gets you a more affordable monthly price.

However, you’ll have to pay for the entire year upfront when purchasing an annual plan.

Most VPNs end up costing you between $2 to $8 per month, depending on the provider and the package you select.


Can I Use a VPN to Access Different Netflix Regions?

Yes, you can use your VPN to access any version of Netflix around the world.

Follow the setup instructions we covered earlier, but remember to connect your VPN to your desired region.

Your VPN also works with any streaming service, including Amazon, Hulu, and many more.

Just connect to a server destination in the country of your specific streaming service.

The platform can’t tell the difference, and it’s like you’re accessing the site from inside the country.


What are the Best Shows and Movies on US Netflix?

The US version of Netflix has tons of great shows and movies.

The streaming service has licenses with movie production studios, and it also produces a considerable amount of original content.

Some of our favorites include the following:


This series is entering its fourth season, with the latest installment set to start in late 2021.

Marty Bird is a money launderer for the Mexican cartel, trying to keep his family safe from the ever-present threat of danger from the cartel, the FBI, and locals.

Rick and Morty

This adult-themed animated series is in its fifth season on Netflix.

Watch the crazy scientist Rick and his grandson Morty teleport around the universe on their adventures.

The Irishman

This movie comes from the mind of Marty Scorsese, featuring some impressive CGI editing and an exciting true crime story in the typical Scorsese fashion of violence and thrilling drama.

Wish Dragon

This animated movie is just for the kids, and maybe some adults too.

Din meets a dragon that grants him his wishes. Follow them on their adventures for a fun story.