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How to Watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League (The Snyder Cut) in Canada?

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Justice League actually didn’t perform so well back in 2017 when it was originally released. That’s why so many people want to watch what they consider the real version—the director’s cut. However, if you’re in Canada, how can you watch the Justice League Snyder Cut?

How to Watch Justice League Snyder Cut in Canada

In Canada, Crave is the streaming home for Justice League Snyder Cut as long as subscribers have the Movies+HBO add-on package. With this, you should be able to already watch the film, which was released on March 18th.

Crave does have exclusive streaming rights, though, which means that if you don’t have Crave, you’ll need to get it if you want to watch. In Canada, you can subscribe to the $20 per month plan. Actually, you can save 50% on your plans for a limited time.

Beyond Crave, the film isn’t available for purchase from other services like Apple iTunes or Amazon Prime Video. However, it is available on HBO Max internationally in places like Asia, Spain, Portugal, Central Europe, and the Nordic nations. Of course, this doesn’t benefit you in Canada unless you happen to be traveling internationally, and you can’t buy HBO Max as a separate service—you can only get this service when you have it connected to Crave.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Other regions have been able to gain slower access to the film through options like Google Play Movies, and you might be able to check availability in Canada as well just to be sure.

Crave Options

You have a few options with Crave, although you should know that you can only watch Justice League with the HBO Max add-on, which comes with the $20 plan. With this plan, you can add other options as well if you want to improve and expand your viewing experience, like adding Starz or Showtime, or yes, HBO for an extra $6 per month.

Of course, with the more expensive plan as well, you can watch on more screens and ultimately have more control of your content. Just check to be sure which devices are supported for the best resolution, but you can easily watch The Snyder Cut while you have three other family members watching up to 4 streams at one time.

You can even watch Crave on devices like your Smart TV. All you need to do is cast the Justice League to your TV to watch on the big screen. Just make sure that you install the app first.

Do keep in mind, though, that you won’t get all HBO content through Crave; only a limited amount. You’ll need to check the app to see whether you can watch all the content you want.

The Backstory of Justice League

Justice League premiered in 2017 to some not-so-great reviews. Still, it opened to around $93.8 million and eventually grossed $657.9 million. The truth is, many people weren’t thrilled with the film, which included some Warner Bros executives.

Even after the film was released, a few executives noted that no one really wanted to admit that the film wasn’t all that great. But this four-hour cut has been anticipated for years by comic book fans. You might wonder why.

There’s a bit of a story behind Justice League itself. If you don’t already know, Jack Snyder stepped away from the film following the death of his daughter by suicide. He’s still credited as director, but Warner Bros hired Joss Whedon to take over the direction of the film, which is what led to some of the problems with the reviews.

Whedon changed some story elements, shot sequences, character designs, and even the musical score. He ended up cutting most of the content that Snyder originally had done to fit everything into a 2-hour running time for the film. Snyder’s wife didn’t even want him to see the film because of how disappointed he would have been.

So, knowing this, some people have titled the film “Josstice League” to differentiate it from the real version of what the movie would’ve been—The Snyder Cut.

What is Jack Snyder’s Justice League—Snyder Cut?

Basically, the Snyder Cut is set after the 2016 Batman v. Superman. Batman and Wonder Woman put together their team of heroes to take on the bad guy and search for the three Mother Boxes. You should already know the general plot of the film if you’ve seen the original Justice League, but the Snyder Cut adds to this.

The Snyder Cut takes four whole hours of this footage and organizes it in a way to make the storyline a little clearer, including new footage, never before seen scenes, and even some scenes of Jared Leto’s Joker. It’ll dive into the backstories of all the main characters, adding some focus on Cyborg, Aquaman, the Flash, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Hippolyta, and Martian Manhunter. There’s a lot of the cast there and a great trailer—which the fans rallied behind.

As people took to social media, they spread the myth of this film. As it turns out: it wasn’t a myth! So, Warner Bros finally agreed to release it for people to see.

Is It Worth Watching?

If you don’t have Crave already, is it worth you spending your money on to get a new streaming service?

Snyder himself hadn’t actually seen the original cut of this film either. But he was excited for fans to see his cut, crediting his fans with how hard they pushed for the film, and of course, thanking them for all the work they’ve done to raise awareness for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

But even the cast was surprised at the release of this cut! Don’t let that fool you. With so many great people participating in the film, not to mention how long it is, it is exactly what fans have been wanting from the film.

So, is it worth spending money on Crave? It’s certainly a good deal with how much content you’re getting for the price. If you’re still unsure, take a second to watch the official trailer to see if this might be something you would be interested in. It’s certainly not like your usual Justice League film, but when compared to the first Justice League, it’s definitely an improvement.

Of course, do keep in mind that even if you don’t see the film, it won’t affect your Justice League series viewing. That’s because it isn’t canon. It’s sort of the “Elseworld” version, as Snyder called it, meaning that it won’t affect anything in the following movies.

Mixed Reviews

The fact is, while reviews for the director’s cut were positive when the film was first released, there are indeed still flaws in the film. It shines a light on different characters and introduces a new character: Darkseid, played by Ray Porter. He is the nephew and master of the Steppenwolf. This means you’re getting some new content with this film. You’re also getting Jared Leto as the Joker in this film.

Initial reviews note how Justice League was a serious update from the original. When the later reviews came out, they noted that Cyborg had a better story in the film. However, many of them questioned how much content the new stuff actually adds to the film—or whether it’s just being used to increase the runtime.

There are mixed reviews, but if you love these types of movies, you might find all this extra content worth it. Even if it might not add as much to the film’s content as you might get from a more organized movie version.

Are There Any Other Options?

Realistically, you could check around to see whether The Snyder Cut is available on other streaming services since it’s been out now for a few months. You might also see if it’s available for purchase or check whether it might be something you can access from another country using a VPN.

For the most part though, if you live in Canada, you are indeed restricted to Crave. Check out their plans and deals to see what might be available for you and what kinds of deals you can get when you first sign up.


If you were disappointed with the original Justice League, then you might be one of the fans currently clamoring for The Snyder Cut. This four-hour film reveals so much about all of your favorite characters, even characters who didn’t play much of a role in the original. If you live in Canada, just make sure you have Crave so that you can watch.