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Oh Canada! Spotlight on Canadian App Developers

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Apps have become a large part of our daily lives. From improving our productivity to learning a new language, to ordering food and finding our next love, to meditating or to just having some fun playing games. And yes, there are the apps to make us look more instabeautiful. There’s an app for almost everything and discovering them is half the fun!  As Canada Day kicks off the month of July, there’s no better time to highlight some homegrown apps created by Canadians!

How many are you familiar with? Here are some worth downloading…



(Montreal) the official app of the National Film Board of Canada. Access more than 4000 films including kids content. Films can be also be downloaded and viewed offline for up to 48 hours. Free.



(Toronto) get hundreds of shows on demand including popular hits such as Kim’s Convenience and Schitt’s Creek.  The app also offers live streaming for news and sports.



(Halifax) the user-generated interface remains the same but Apollo for Reddit was created by Canadian Christian Selig. The app offers a smoother, user-friendly look complete with a supercharged media viewer supporting a variety of sources. Free.



(Toronto) Created by Shufl Incorporated. Got stuff you don’t need? On this app, you can connect, meet and trade with people nearby. Over 250,000 people use Bunz to give other people a chance to find joy in items that you’re ready to part with. Decluttering made fun.



(Toronto) started within Ryerson’s DMZ incubator, the photography based platform created for the photography community. Users can follow their favourite photographers, showcase their own work and also purchase from others. The app also includes a category for new members to showcase their work. Free.



(Toronto) Great for small business owners to keep track of their financials. On the go invoicing, recording expenses, tracking time and getting paid quickly and securely. A professional look. Also accepts online payments directly from your invoicing. Excel or word is so old school. Free 30 day trial.



(Toronto) created by former Microsoft engineers, this app allows users to search local flyers for deals and coupons. The site also links to retailers to shop with. Free.



(Toronto) more than 65 million people globally have taken to this storytelling and self-publishing app. From emerging writers to established and well known names including Margaret Atwood, users can read stories and even interact with authors, providing feedback as they read. Free.



(Toronto) New York Times bestselling author, Angela Liddon brings over 140 fan favourite plant-based recipes, including 120 gluten-free recipes from her award winning blog. This Oakville, Ontario native has been creating her own veggie-packed recipes for almost 10 years. The app continues to add new recipes that have been published on her site Users can add their own recipe notes, filter recipes by dietary info, season, and more. Detailed nutrition information also included. $2.99.



(Montreal) Chill out with this soothing app. Created 10 years ago as a solution to one of the co-founder’s having insomnia. Today, this app has helped millions around the world get better sleep and relax with the sounds of rain, thunder, animals and more. Users can mix the sounds to create the perfect calm. Free.

Relaxed Melodies app



(Montreal) with the more recent Jurassic World movie, Montreal’s gaming studio Ludia launched Jurassic World Alive. Explore your surroundings to find the dinosaurs including new breeds. Collect them and care for them in your own sanctuary. You can even create your own hybrid dinosaurs in the lab. This an awe-inspiring augmented reality experience that leverages Apple’s ARKit to help users discover and collect dinosaurs in their surroundings. Free.

Jurassic World Alive app



(Toronto) this award winning game for preschool age kids encourages little ones to use their imaginations as they travel around the whimsical Sago Mini World with Harvy, Jinja, Robin and Jack. Free.



(Toronto) Snowman introduces Alto’s Odyssey, an endless sand boarding journey where Alto and his friend soar above windswept dunes, traverse thrilling canyons and explore long-hidden temples. The adventure game features clean minimalist graphics –  a refreshing visual in the gaming world. 2018 Apple design Award Winner. $6.99.

Altos Odyssey app


(London, Ontario) An epic battle game by Tiny Titan Studios that brings a band of skilled warriors that users collect to assemble teams, battle others, and play in leagues to earn spots on the leaderboard. Free.



(Saskatoon) by Noodlecake Studios. Introduces a whole new way to golf on wildly creative courses. Pack your bag with lots of fun power ups. Team up to play with friends or online to reach the top of the clubhouse. Watch for super secret new golfers. Free.



(Vancouver) is a strategy and battle game by A Thinking Ape where players build their own kingdoms, train dragons and attack goblins, skeletons and others. Free.



(Vancouver) RAC7 splits worlds with the swipe of a finger to rearrange screens and help guide critters back to their spaceship. Apple Design Award winner 2017. $3.99.

Splitter Critters app



(Vancouver) A colourful brain-teaser by Korigame where players fling the floppy body upwards and avoid pesky and sometimes dangerous objects to reach out of harm’s way. This Canadian developer also offers kORi Walk, Balance The Hat, DUNGEONy, and Bouncy Tower. Free.



(Toronto) created by husband and wife duo, indie game studio Benjamin Rivers releases this horror thriller on July 1st. Follow the story line about a high school reunion that goes horribly wrong. Benjamin himself, a graphic artist, created all the artwork entirely by using Procreate on iPad. $5.49.