Technology & Creativity

Combining Technology and Creative Minds

Children are exposed to huge amounts of digital content every day. In fact, they have access to so much content that’s already been created for them that they often don’t have the skills or tools to create something of their very own.

Science World

Science World: Where STEM and Fun Meet

School’s out for summer. And this means finding ways to keep the kids busy…and sometimes sneak in a bit of unexpected learning. This is what Vancouver’s Science World has been doing for years. Through hands-on exhibits they’ve been putting the word fun back in learning.


Parents vs Tech During The Summer

Majority of Canadian parents (64%) are concerned with their child’s technology usage this summer. 51.4% of parents do not have a plan in place or are uncertain how to manage their child’s technology use this summer.

Manage My Pain App

Take Control With ‘Manage My Pain’

For anyone who’s ever suffered from chronic pain, you know how exhausting can be the search for relief. Perhaps the biggest frustration is trying to relay your symptoms to your doctor in a convincing and comprehensive way. While saying, “It hurts all the time” may be true, it doesn’t give your doctor very much information to go on.