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The Best Slot Machines are the Ones with the Highest Jackpot. False or True?

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Among the various casino game types available, slot machines are the most popular. The online variant presents much excitement and fanfare with good chances to win. Their numbers are high at all internet casinos, with varying features and designs. 

There are many reasons why most players prefer this type of casino title. Besides the many designs, incentives vary. Finding the online slots which payout the most in fixed or progressive jackpot forms is common. This is what this article focuses on. We’ll explain the mechanics behind this game and how to know the best slot game. 

Understanding How Online Slots Work

Slots have a basic playing style, so newbies can comfortably play on them. Each online slot machine comes with a paytable, a type of manual. Here, the provider states the game mechanics. Ideally, a paytable consists of the bet size, bonus symbols and their values, and bonus features. Also, it includes the RTP and volatility. We will explain its role later in this article. 

A player only needs to load his bet onto the machine to play an online slot. Next is to choose the number of pay lines (if unfixed) he wants to play with. After setting the bet and payline number, the last step is to hit the ‘spin’ button. 

All slot machines come with varying bonus offers, another common reason for their popularity. This consists of symbols like wilds, scatters, multipliers, etc. Other optional features are free spins, multipliers, cascading reels, among others. However, the leading offers are the maximum payouts, regularly known as jackpots. There are two types: progressive and fixed. 

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What’s a Progressive Jackpot?

The progressive jackpot offer for a slot machine counts as the highest payout. As the name implies, the cash prize grows progressively until one winner claims all. Their values are usually high, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. 

The progressive jackpot slot machine usually has the highest prize on this title type. Usually, players need to set their bets to the highest wager if there is any chance of winning it. All bets have a particular percentage contributing to the prize pool for the jackpot offer. 

Because you need to place the highest amount, it won’t matter if you hit the right combination and win a spin. If the wager is not the maximum, the progressive is not yours. As long as no player wins it, the pool continues building until one winner emerges, and the count starts from zero. 

As we have stated, online slot games, including progressive jackpot titles, differ due to several factors, including RTP and volatility. 

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Important Factors to Note: RTP and Volatility

The RTP (Return to player) figure is a value that determines how much you get as a value over time when playing. This figure is a percentage; the higher the amount, the more money you get over time. For instance, if a slot machine comes with an RTP of 98%, you can expect to win up to 2% of the total bets, accumulating over time. Usually, RTPs are noticeable with a large amount. 

Volatility or variance is another essential aspect of knowing the differences between slots. There are high and low variance slot titles. For high volatility, wins only come occasionally, but they are significant when they arrive. For low volatility, the cash prizes are more consistent here. However, they are lower in value. 

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Are Slots with the Largest Jackpot the best?

Regarding slots, the mechanics play a huge role in determining if it is the best. Hence, you can’t classify the best slots based on their high jackpot value. The best-paying online slot machines have favourable features to ensure you get good cash prizes. 

Hence, think about the RTP and volatility features instead of considering the value of jackpot prizes. Those with a high RTP and high volatility are the best regarding slots. That’s because you have a better chance of beating the RTP because of a considerable variance. Your effort into a low volatility slot might not be worth the figure you win. There’s one con: you might go several spins without a win. 

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Online slot machines are the best casino games to play. Although their style of play looks simple, the technology behind it is complex. Hence, we recommend players study the paytable before wagering with real money. It’s necessary to know that the best online slots aren’t defined by their jackpot offer but by the mechanics. Play and enjoy the features and designs, but don’t forget to know the values.