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  • Virgin Mobile is what we would call a mid-tier mobile carrier and it operates on the Bell Mobility network. Its main competitors are Koodo and Fido and they refer to their customers as not customers but rather members, offering members a wide array of benefits such as special discounts and VIP experiences.

  • Koodo

    Koodo Review

    by Mia Nancy November 25, 2019

    Everything you need to know about Koodo Mobile – the discount carrier owned and operated by Telus. Use this detailed review to help decide if Koodo is the right carrier for you.

  • Carriers


    by Shawn Gant November 25, 2019

    This week, Quebecor, the owner of Videotron, announced the beta release of their new, low-cost mobile carrier, Fizz. (Nice name!)

  • Fido

    Fido Reviews

    by Mia Nancy November 25, 2019

    Fido is what we would call a mid-level carrier, owned by Rogers communications but operated as a completely separate entity as seen by its own retail presence among other things. Since Fido had it’s own network, Fido does not exclusively use the Rogers network and infrastructure, it’s actually a combination of both. Fido lines up with Telus’ Koodo Mobile and Bell’s Virgin Mobile as mid-level competitors.

  • Understanding the options available to you when choosing a new mobile carrier is definitely an important part of the decision-making process. In this comparison, we place 3 entry-level or discount carriers side by side to help you decide which carrier will best suit your needs.