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Fido was one of the original carriers to make its mark in Canada, the first to offer sim cards which brought about the ability to seamlessly switch between devices.

In recent years, they have been acquired by Rogers and are now part of a much larger organization.


Fido Plans

At a high level, Fido plans with data start in these tiers which are paired with decreasing device prices as the plan increases in price, besides the BYOP plan:

  • BYOP: 250 MB Data – $15/month
  • Small: 4 GB – $65/month
  • Medium: 4 GB – $70/month
  • Large: 4 GB – $100/month
  • XL: 4 GB – $110/month
  • XXL: 4 GB – $120/month

So exactly why do the prices vary so much for the same amount of data?


How Fido Plans Work

Fido offer’s its plans in the tiers noted above: Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plans are for those who are not purchasing a device but instead bringing their own device.

The remaining, Small – XXL, work in accordance to the device you would like to purchase and how much you would like to pay upfront vs how much more you would like to pay on your monthly plan.

Here’s an example of the upfront payment amount on the iPhone XR 128 GB based on the plan you choose:


iPhone XR 128 GB Upfront Price
BYOP $1,099
Small $889
Medium $420
Large $270
XL $70
XXL $0


So while a Medium plan may cost less than an XXL plan for the same features, you can see that the difference in price of the device is currently $420.

The Fido model therefore allows you to choose a combination of upfront payment + monthly plan price which suits your budget – some prefer to pay $0 upfront with a higher monthly plan price, others prefer something in the middle, and there are still folks who prefer to purchase the device outright with the lowest plan price.

While there is no right answer on which plan to choose, we suggest you understand your needs and budget and calculate what offers you the best value.

All Fido plans besides the Bring Your Own Plans require a 2 year agreement. Below we’ll provide you some of our picks.


Fido Plan Picks

Here are some of our favourite plan picks from Fido.

Our picks are from Fido’s Bring Your Own Phone plans, so they would require you to purchase your device for the full price.

We understand that this may not be realistic for everyone, so you can find these same plans under whichever tier you prefer (Small – XXL) to find the best balance between increasing the plan price and lowering the device price. You can use these picks as a starting point.


Best for high data usage: BYOP 12 GB – $85/month

Currently on special, offering an additional 5 GB of data for free (plan usually only comes with 7 GB), this plan includes unlimited Canada minutes and unlimited text.

While 12 GB of data is A LOT, those who are heavy data users will love this plan.

The price is very good for the amount of data you’re getting and unfortunately Fido does not offer any unlimited data plans.

Sweet spot if I want this plan and want to pay $0 or a small amount for a device:
12 GB XL plan – $140/month

Reasonable mid-point between device price and plan price?
12 GB Medium plan – $100/month and the latest devices can be had for $400 – $500 upfront while many other devices are available for $0


Best overall value: BYOP 8 GB – $65/month

Also on special, offering you 3 GB of data for free, this plan includes unlimited Canada minutes and unlimited text.

8 GB of data is much more than the average subscriber uses, however this allows you to not have to worry about streaming videos or Netflix.

Along with the unlimited Canada minutes and text, at $65 per month you pretty much have everything you would need.

Sweet spot if I want this plan and want to pay $0 or a small amount for a device:
8 GB XL plan – $120/month

Reasonable mid-point between device price and plan price?
8 GB Medium plan – $80/month and the latest devices can be had for $400 – $500 upfront while many other devices are available for $0


Best budget plan: BYOP Pay Per Use Data – $35/month

While this plan offers no data, we like this pick for those who want to talk and text and have a phone/plan with them to be connected and available.

You get 500 minutes of Canada wide calling, evenings after 5 PM and weekends free, along with unlimited text.

Fido plans with both data and talk start at $50 per month so if you need a basic plan with both this may be a little expensive.

However, if you just need one or the other, they have basic plans starting at $15 per month which can probably satisfy your requirements.

Sweet spot if I want this plan and want to pay $0 or a small amount for a device:
Pay Per Use Data Medium plan – $60/month
Some phones currently for $0 on a Medium plan include the Google Pixel 3a, Huawei P30 Lite & iPhone 7, however without any data a lot of the features of any of these phones wont really be used

Keep in mind that terms and conditions may apply, this is a high level overview of offers/plans currently available and can change at any time.

Fido vs Virgin Mobile vs Koodo Mobile

Fido’s main competitors are Koodo Mobile and Virgin Mobile, as the three of these carriers make up the mid-level tier of carriers.

Chatr, Lucky Mobile and Public mobile form the entry-level tier of carriers, as well as Fizz, which is a new brand from Videotron for Quebec and Ottawa only.

And Bell, Rogers, Telus and Freedom Mobile make up the full-service tier of carriers.

For this comparison, we’ll look at starting prices of plans with different tiers of data across the mid-level tier of carriers.

These plans are the price you would pay if you were to Bring Your Own Phone and allow you to get a base level sense of how these carriers compete on pricing. Prices are per month.


Fido Virgin Koodo
Pay Per Use $35 $35 $35
1 GB $30 $28 $30
4 GB $50 $50 $50
6 GB $55 $55 $55
8 GB + Unlimited Minutes $65 $65 $65
9 GB + Unlimited Minutes $75 $75 $75
12 GB + Unlimited Minutes $85 $85 $85
15 GB + Unlimited Minutes $115 $115 $115


As you know, price is one of the main, if not the main differentiating factor for many people when choosing between carriers.

Fido, Virgin and Koodo all essentially start at the same price!

One thing to note, on the $65 plan and up, Fido and Virgin continue to offer the same mentioned plans with only 500 minutes instead of unlimited for $5 less, so Fido and Virgin both also have a $60, $70, $80 and $110 plan with the same data but less minutes.


Travelling With Your Fido Plan

Fido has made travelling to most destinations with your Fido plan seamless with their Fido Roam offering which allows you to use the talk, text and data in your current plan for a low daily fee.

  • USA: $7/day
  • International: $12/day

The way is works is if your data is on, as soon as you use data, the day will begin and go on for a 24 hour period.

So if you get to your destination of Paris at 12:30 PM today and your data roaming is on, your email starts appearing as well as some WhatsApp messages – your Fido roam day has started.

It costs $12 and will last until tomorrow 12:30 PM at which time you will be required to pay $12 again for another 24 hours or you can shut data roaming OFF.

Fido allows a maximum of 15 consecutive days on its Fido Roam service.

Fido Roam is only available to post paid customers on a talk and data plan and is not available everywhere Internationally for $12/day.

However their International coverage does encompass almost all of Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Fido Roam availability is seldom in Africa. Check out the coverage map on Fido’s website for exact details.


Why Fido plan prices vary by province

A number of provinces have additional companies offering cell service:

Saskatchewan has Sasktel

Quebec & Ottawa have Videotron and its latest low cost brand, Fizz

So naturally, an increased amount of competition in these provinces/cities results in lower prices across the board.

Don’t forget to check out these additional carriers if you reside in the above mentioned provinces or cities.


Fido Phones & Unlocking

While we highlighted the price of the iPhone XR above, here are some more popular device prices on the different tiered plans.

Google Pixel 3a Samsung Galaxy S10e Huawei P30 Pro
BYOP $650 $1,125 $1,099
Small $120 $769 $670
Medium $0 $500 $550
Large $0 $200 $400
XL $0 $0 $200
XXL $0 $0 $0


How Do I Unlock My Fido Phone

Two things to note on the topic of unlocking.

The first is, if you are planning on Bringing Your Own Phone to use on Fido it must be unlocked.

What does this mean?

Carriers usually lock devices to their own network, so if you insert a sim card from a different carrier, it needs to be unlocked.

Unlocking is a software process done on the device to enable it to accept sim cards from any carrier.

While locked/unlocked devices has been a hot topic over the past few years in Canada, the CRTC has mandated that all carriers must sell unlocked devices or unlock your device for free if you request.

If you purchased your Fido device after December 1, 2017, it should already be unlocked. If it is not, contact Fido and they will help you unlock it.

Once your device is unlocked, it can be used on any carrier in the world that supports the bands available on your phone.


Have you chosen Fido as your service provider? What plan are you on? Comment below!


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