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Freedom Mobile for those that don’t know is the new carrier released by Shaw Communications after buying Wind Mobile.

So one can essentially say it’s Wind Mobile however keep in mind that Shaw is heavily investing into this new wireless carrier to really bring value to subscribers.

Freedom Mobile has over 1 million subscribers and comes in as the 4th largest carrier in Canada after the big boys.

Time will only tell if it has what it takes to compete with the big 3.

Freedom Mobile On LTE

Shaw officially took over Wind Mobile on March 1, 2016 and they renamed it to Freedom Mobile in November 2016.

The launch of Freedom’s 4G LTE service, of which coverage has been a hot topic, was also launched in November 2016.

A lot has changed since they originally launched.

They now offer ‘unlimited’ plans like the other carriers, however reception and coverage still seems to be a hot topic.

Freedom is also launching 5G service.


Freedom Mobile Coverage

When it comes to coverage with Freedom Mobile, they originally used to break out their options as either on the Home network, Variable network or Away network.

They now break out their network as Freedom and Freedom Nationwide.

Usually when you’re in major cities and the provinces which they have coverage in which is Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta – access all the features available in your plan.

Freedom Nationwide:
Usually where Freedom does not have coverage which is outside major cities and you flip to a partner network – access almost all of the features of your plan, the major limit being data.


So Is Freedom Mobile Reception Any Good?


Works pretty good if you’re in city centres.

4G LTE seems to be working well in city centres.

Price for the coverage is great if you rarely go outside of city centres.



If you travel between city centres i.e. Toronto to Ottawa there will be dead zones and roaming charges in between the two cities.

Go to the cottage often? Or Blue Mountain? Reception will be challenging.

4G LTE network still needs work outside of the city centres


According to the Freedom Mobile website, millions of Canadians now have access to fast LTE data.

In addition, they’ve also started to push their roll out of Extended LTE which is their Band 13 LTE (700MHZ low-band spectrum).

What Extended LTE means is you should get stronger coverage in areas where you currently get just ok coverage as this spectrum has a better ability to penetrate walls.

This should also help Freedom expand their network further. Extended LTE is available in the GTA and we’ve been seeing a lot of positive comments in regards to coverage.


So how is Freedom Mobile LTE?

Freedom Mobile’s LTE coverage has definitely already come a long way compared to when they first launched.

LTE coverage is now standard anywhere they offer service on their network so that’s a good step.


Freedom Mobile Plans

Before you review their plans, the Digital Discount is $5 off per month of eligible in-market plans.

  • Activate a Pay After or Pay Before service
  • Set up pre-authorized payments
  • Use the Digital Discount code
  • Voila!

Freedom Mobile offers various ‘Big Gig Unlimited Data’ plans.

The plans include a variation of talk, text and a huge amount of data.

In terms of pricing, again this is the cheapest out of all carriers for this combination of data and talk!

We’ll highlight the Big Gig Unlimited 10 GB.

Freedom Network

  1. Unlimited Talk
  2. Unlimited Data
  3. 10 GB + 10 GB Bonus
  4. (Reduced speeds after 20 GB)


Freedom Nationwide

  1. $0.05 per minute for talk in Canada
  2. Unlimited incoming calls
  3. 500 MB of data

Full details on all plan offerings can be seen on the Freedom Mobile website.


Freedom Mobile also offers what they call Freedom Plans.

These plans start at only $15.

The Freedom 250 MB for example provides:

  1. 250 MB of data
  2. 100 minutes of nationwide calls
  3. Unlimited incoming calls
  4. Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging


Freedom Mobile initially offered discounts for multiple lines on the same account however these discounts have been removed in 2020.



All plans offer very good value for the monthly fee.

Unlimited data however they will cap the data to 256 kbps download and 128 kbps upload once you use the allotted amount.



Once you’re outside of the Freedom area you have much less data to use.

No roaming option to extend your plan for $7 – $12 per day the way Rogers and Telus offer – ‘Roam Like Home’.


Freedom Mobile Phones

Freedom Mobile runs Bring Your Own Phone offers where you can save an additional $5 or $10 per month off your monthly plan, so look out for these discounts.

Currently, if you activate online, you can get a $10 per month credit for 12 months if you Bring Your Own Phone.

Freedom Mobile offers the latest phones now from the major brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and more.


What is MyTab?

Simply put, you pay a portion of your phone purchase upfront and put the rest of the phone cost on your ‘Tab’.

With MyTab you pay the remaining balance owning on the phone by adding a monthly payment for 24 months.


What is Absolute Zero?

Freedom initially did not have 2 year contracts which was a bonus, however with the introduction of their Absolute Zero offering, 2 year terms are back.

With Absolute Zero, you can choose from a specified list of phones and pay:

  1. $0 upfront for the phone
  2. $0 extra monthly for the phone
  3. $0 additional payments for the phone after the 2 year term is complete

A few of the phone choices currently include:

  1. iPhone 11
  2. iPhone SE
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Most other carriers have now gone to the same model as Freedom where you essentially pay off the phone over 24 months.

BYOP: Keep in mind that you can also Bring Your Own Phone!

You will save $120 ($10 per month for 12 months) when you activate your own phone on a new line on a Big Gig plan.

You can use any compatible phone you may already have or you can purchase a used phone as well to be used on the Freedom network.

If you’re looking to purchase a used phone, our friends at Orchard sell used iPhones (and some Samsung models).

They’re based in Toronto, ship the same or next day and offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

You can also check out Kijiji and the other online marketplaces.



You get 24 months to pay off your phone of choice.

They have the latest Apple and Samsung devices which are absolutely beautiful.



None really as long as you understand that paying $0 today doesn’t mean a free phone.


So is Freedom Mobile worth it?

In our opinion, having a fourth major carrier in Canada is great for competition.

The plans Freedom Mobile offers, especially the Big Gig plans provide the most amazing value for money available in the market.

The fact that they now offer iPhones is amazing.

The reception may not have been the greatest when they launched but we’re hearing it’s getting better and better, especially if you’re based in the city.

Overall, we think Freedom Mobile is an excellent choice!



  1. Great for those who want large amounts of data
  2. Good for those who are usually in the city/close to the core
  3. Cheaper than the big 3 (on a straight up plan for plan basis)


Any downsides? Who is Freedom Not For?

  1. If you spend a lot of time at the cottage or in rural areas
  2. if you’re on the road a lot travelling between larger cities and smaller towns
  3. If reception is imperative to your job function, such as for salespeople where a missed call can be detrimental


Frequently Asked Questions About Freedom Mobile


Does Freedom Mobile have good coverage?

Freedom Mobile coverage is excellent in urban city centres in Southern Ontario, Alberta and BC. They’re very focused on continuing to increase and enhance coverage.


Is Freedom Mobile unlimited data?

Yes, Freedom Mobile’s Big Gig Unlimited Plans offer unlimited data.


Is Public Mobile better than Freedom Mobile?

Each carrier has their benefits. A big difference though is that while Public Mobile operates on the strong Telus network, they now only offer 3G data speeds.


Does Freedom Mobile offer prepaid service?

Yes, Freedom Mobile does offer prepaid service.

Go to the Freedom Mobile website and enter your IMEI number in their Bring Your Own Phone compatibility checker.

If you’re phone will work on their network, the next step will allow you to order a sim card for free.

The sim card should arrive in 4 – 5 business days, after which you can activate it on Freedom Mobile prepaid service.


Why is Freedom Mobile so cheap?

Since Freedom Mobile is a new entrant into the space and competing with the Big 3 Carriers is no easy task, it seems like they are using lower price points as a tactic to help increase the amount of subscribers.

The lower price does not relate to the quality of the network by any means, Freedom Mobile is heavily investing in bettering their network.

One big difference however is their coverage area and what is considered covered in your plan or your home area vs what is considering roaming or your away area.


Does Freedom Mobile sell the iPhone?

Yes, Freedom Mobile now sells the iPhone and carries various models (Initially when they launched they did not).


Do the iPhone 8 and iPhone X work on Freedom Mobile?

Yes, all iPhones now work on Freedom Mobile


Does Freedom Mobile have 5G?

Freedom Mobile is currently rolling out 5G coverage. It looks like it will take the greater part of 2021 until 5G is broadly available.


What’s the Freedom Mobile Customer Service number?

You can contact Freedom Mobile at 1-877-946-3184 from 8 AM to 1 AM ET 7 days a week.


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38 thoughts on “Freedom Mobile Review”

  1. This is just my experience, but the switch to freedom was painless. No issues with calls or data. Just 10 days in but so far so good. This is in Toronto, so I can’t speak for other regions. Also, all the calls to support were answered relatively quickly and professionally.
    I’m sorry I didn’t switch sooner.
    Just my 2 cents

  2. I was a Telus customer for 12+ years and this time when my contract came up for renewal I ended up switching to Freedom mobile. What a mistake that was! Promises of “great service” Becuase of where I live (BC) apearrantly they’re just riddled with towers here and I’m going to be thoroughly surprised….
    It lasted a day =[ LTE was on possibly 5% of the time then it would bounce over to 4g, in a local bar 15 mins from my home the service dropped to roaming and my data speed slowed down to an absolute crawl.
    Suffice to say that was all I needed to quickly run back to Telus and really appreciate the comfort of good / reliable service and not just chasing rainbows with promises of gold.

  3. Long time user, several phone lines with US roaming embedded, that’s what keeps me with them for several years. We all got used to various issues, frustrated quite often, but we just keep learning and keep going. What I discovered recently was Freedom’s so called “unlimited” data. Before getting a prepaid line with 1.5 GB of data for $24/mo, I talked to several stores and also called them to receive assurance that my data won’t cease and will remain available upon exceeding the data allotment.
    So I got this plan and then after 2 GB it completely stopped working, I could see the progress bar frozen when I tried to open, could not open App Store, nor could send an iMessage. Called their technical support and it appeared they introduced different tiers of slowing your data. At first, they slow you down from LTE to 3G, then, if they see that you keep using data, they move your service to a slower tier, and so on. And you finally end up on 1 Kbps (kilobit) speed, their technical support said that it may take for up to two hours to open a web page with my current speed. I realized I wasted money on this trash service, researched the other low cost service providers – Chatr is on Rogers network slows down to 64 Kbps, Lucky Mobile is on Bell network and slows down to 128 Kbps and there is no tiering, this speed stays until anniversary date.
    Think twice before giving your money to Freedom Mobile, do some research, compare everything, there are better options.
    My review is solely based on my experience.

  4. I am happy with using my iphone 8 on Freedom Mobility, even though I am in the bush where before I could not make a phone call directly to the cellular phones in town, this works now. The only problem I have is retrieving my messages from the voice mail, does not matter if home away from town, or in town!!!..(???). What the heck is wrong that they can’t verify that the person who is accessing the voicemail is actually the phone owner!.. What darn stupidity takes to create password, after password, call for changing the passwords, that are redundant because if the phone is protected with the pass code and finger print already, WHY TO MAKE YET PASSWORDS FOR THE ACCOUNT that hods messages for the owner of account. This is such dumb thing that makes me re-think the whole idea of owning the phone service all-together!… Dam!… If this is not going to get straight I might get a donkey, and just communicate in person!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the updated review.

      Been waiting to make a switch to a new carrier… Would love to be able to get away from these big 3 providers.

      Although Rogers has been solid for me in terms of reception, I’ve been itching to get a better plan and phone for quite some time now (currently at 6gb for $85 a month – for the past 5 years.)

      Seeing this promo for a $75 plan with 15gb for 2 years to get an s10.. Rather tempted but I’m really iffy with all the spotty reception and bad service complaints.

      Rogers does charge a bit more but having a solid uptime does give a peace in mind..

  5. I have no idea if it’s due to being on a grandfathered plan dating back to August 2011, but using my LG G6 on Freedom’s network has been anything but stellar. VoLTE, if it’s even turned on (I have no idea how to check), doesn’t work. Any and all calls have a lot of echoing reverb, and using my phone on speaker is atrocious. Constant dropped connections using Android Auto with my Hyundai Ioniq even in city centers, poor reception in the office, the list goes on. Not to mention, due to the grandfathered plan, the very few times I have contacted customer service, they always try to make me switch a “new and better plan”, but it’s actually worse than the one I have at the price I pay. Maybe one day, FM, and to an extent Shaw, will improve their network to a fantastic state where the Big 3 will shake in their boots, but that day is very far away.

  6. I went into a Freedom Mobile store and they asked for a credit check, indicating they only run “soft” credit inquiries (no impact to your credit score). Two days later I got a notice from Equifax indicating that a full credit report was run (which impacts your credit score negatively). I went to the store to ask about it and the manager said “we only run soft credit checks, we have no way of running full credit reports”. He gave me Freedom’s corporate customer service number and they told me they always run full credit checks. I spoke again to the store manager and called corporate, only to learn that he had incorrectly informed me and there was nothing they could do. I never authorized the full credit check and now Freedom is doing nothing about it.

  7. I been with the company since the day they launched in toronto back in 2009…last year i got a call if i would like to be on postpay i clearly said NO to the promotion. Sure enough these people change my plan from prepay to postpay without my concent and following month bill me $80 something..when i called them and told them i never agreed to postpay they apologized that they accidentally put me on it and that they wud clear the amount and have me back on prepay next cycle…just last week i got a letter from collections that i owe $56 for unpaid balance at freedom mobile..(as prepaid i was always $40 dont know where this extra $16 came from even customer service said they dont know)…i called freedom and again they apologized for the mistake and said i am responsible to pay the amount i used during postpay. These people never notified me of the balance nothing at all and ruined my credit sending it to collections. I paid of the $56 which i was charged for no reason and now i have bad credit thanks to them. I left freedom mobile today. 10years as a loyal customer these people did fraud with me. I will never be returning. Heather was the rude lady i spoke to hopefully she gets fired for doing fraud with me.

  8. My mom has a $45/mo plan since 2015 which includes us roaming. I used to add $15 a month for unlimited away mobile data usage. Because she has unlimited call and text also in USA and Canada on her plan. But now the mobile data is $5 a day? And up to $100 for 30 days? Is that right?

    1. Hi Diana,

      Yes, Freedom Mobile has changed their roaming similar to the other carriers. For US roaming, it’s $5 a day. $100 allows you 20 days, not 30. They’ve also changed the model of Home/Away plans and now focus on just one type of plan.

      These are the current roaming add-ons for US:

      • 2 days with 150MB extra data for $10
      • 5 days with 1GB extra data for $25
      • 10 days with 3GB extra data for $50
      • 20 days with 10GB extra data for $100
    2. I went to their booth yesterday, and they said they do have a US roaming plan, which isn’t published anywhere. You’ll have to ask them directly at their booth, or (possibly) by calling them.

    3. Freedom mobile is a garbage service provider. They keep saying when they get bigger… I’ve heard it for years. Instead if your between city’s you have to use ‘worldwide’ which uses 2X the data, which means 2X your bill in the end. Couldn’t wait to cancel this garbage phone provider. Poor customer service, stupid ways to pay the bills. All together pay the little extra and go with a better phone provider. 0 to no service on the 401 so if you break down good luck using your no service cell phone to make a call.

    4. They are more or less a scam corporation.

      I got a line with them on 31’st , been having voice and data issue from the start.

      Voice issues:
      1: Dialing out often took up to 15 seconds before I could hear the dial tone.
      2:People on the other end would often complain that they did not hear me, call getting cut off for a second or two.
      3: The voice quality is very bad and semi static.

      1: Could not make Whatsapp calls at all.
      2: GPS was finicky and would not work most of the time.
      3: YouTube would just buffer.
      4: Downloading 51MB file from Play store took up to 2 minutes and 20 Seconds.

      Was told to go to the store, store said all they could do was swap SIM card since the phone is not from them. BTW the phone is working fine as I have used different SIM card.

      Called 611 and spoke with over 15 agents and spent 4-5 hours with them so far trying to resolve this issue or get my money back. They will not refund any pay as you go consumer, as stated by several managers. They basically keeping your money without giving you the service you paid for, which is Voice and Data, I had issues with both. Finally after 6 days(yesterday) the second level agent escalated tis to the network team and told me it can take up to 5 business days.

      For last 2 or 3 days I was not getting any calls but would get text message stating I had a VM.
      Called them few more times to resolve this new issue. I had to call many more times before I got someone that knew what happen, the supervisors, second lvl etc did not bother doing anything. Well this agent fixed it in less than 1 minute by telling me someone put call forwarding straight to my VM. That was not me, as I have only called about the many issues I was experiencing and I assume someone over there did not like me calling etc so put a call fwd. Terrible service. They have F rating at BBB, so BEWARE!

      Even if your service works, one day it will eventually have problem and the customer service will just give you vague answers, try to make you go to the store multiple times, transfer you back to the queue, refuse to transfer you to a manager or correct department and even worse, do malicious activity to disrupt your service (in my case putting call fwd directly to my vm)

      I will file a complaint with CRTC and hopefully with enough complains they will be forced to take a action!

  9. Curious if anyone has used Freedom Mobile in Ontario Cottage Country… signal strength? LTE availability? I’m travelling there this summer…

    1. Cottage country is a dead zone. Especially the Kawartha lakes. Once you are off the 48. Your on your own for navigation/surfing.

  10. Hi Gus,

    Good catch, we’ve updated to reflect the unlimited talk available on the away network on those plans.


  11. We signed up 4 lines in the summer and has been very happy. No complained. Didnt notice much different than our previous service with chatr for the past 3 years. Moved to freedom because better price better phone choices for cheaper cost.
    I live in North Burnaby area. Only blind spot we notice is along canada way/BCIT, school house/ north road area. But that didnt bother me. We are happy with our new iphone.

  12. Freedom needs to get better reception in Vaughan and in King City it really weak. I just switched to them and I can see the difference with reception. My phone keeps cutting out , sound like a robot and dropping calls, I’m start to regret the move.

  13. Moved out from freedom mobile last week.

    I subscribed service from Wind mobile from 2013 on 250M data a month plan from day one, and I’ve never changed my plan. The service was OK for the money, except the weak or no signal on some places supposed to be covered by Window mobile.
    I started to have billing issue from the start of this year. My home data usage never exceeded the 250M threshold, but I was charged an extra $5 each and every month. I’ve called a couple time, talked to supervisor twice. First they said my plan has only 100M data instead of 250M, I said I can provide all the statements from day one to prove the 250M data on my plan. They then refund me $3~$4 for the previous month every time I called them. But the next month? My data limit stays at 100M instead of 250M, and I am still charged $5 extra even though my data usage is way below 250M. On one month I only used 120M data, I still was charged $5 extra.

    I do not know why they cannot fix my billing problem in three months. They never suggested me to switch to a similar plan if they do not want to support the plan from Wind mobile. So I moved away to solve the problem myself.

  14. Freedom mobile has horrible service. Let’s start with roaming on one side of warden and Sheppard in Toronto service is fine cross the street and your in a roaming area. Then let’s talk about the excuses freedom uses for always having low to no signals in areas. Spoke with freedom they need to adjust the signals in area. Then doesn’t help by the way this area is covered. Then to say it’s your sim card. To OH resting the phone to more and more. This company isn’t worth the buck. Go somewhere else. I was with them for three years and gave them an equal chance. Go anywhere but here.

  15. Terrible experience. Had to cancel after a week. Phone kept roaming in Brampton and had no service in Bolton which is just north of Brampton. Their customer service also leaves a lot to be desired. Their staff lied to us. Do your research re “home and away”…we found out there isn’t much “home”….mainly “away” = roaming = extra charges. And you can’t return the phones to the closest location to you. You have to return them to the store you purchased them from, so choose your purchase location carefully, It will save you unnecessary pain when you cancel and have to return the hardware.
    This company is a joke!

  16. I have yet to run into any service disruptions anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area except for select section of track in the line 4 subway tunnels. Everywhere else seems fine. I didn’t notice a change in the network speed but did notice my phone switching to 4G for a few seconds before reverting back to LTE. Otherwise, it’s just like my T-Mobile plan in the states, minus the unlimited data and throttling of course

  17. Watch out for the “AWAY Data” garbage. I have a 10 GB plan but only 1/2 GB away data for $73 per month. Sounds not so bad except I am frequently bumped to the “Away data” while still in the city of Edmonton and run out of it in about 10 days. The only option I have while waiting this mistaken contract out is to pay $30 for an extra GB of away data. If I do the math: $73 + (3X$30) = $163 per month. Cheaper to go back to my old provider (Telus you were never this bad)

  18. Tank you to the people who put this together. Very helpful information. Now, I have to say, it appears that Freedom’s coverage is largely laughable. I am here in London and I see from the map that if you’re west of My Brydges or east of Thamsford, you’re going to be roaming, which means there will be additional charges. And those charges are not cheap either – $0.05/Mb for data?
    I am glad I read this before switching. My wife and I are both free of contracts and are looking for options from our present carriers (she’s with Bell, I’m on Fido). WE are definitely not going to switch to Freedom, however.

    1. Just wondering who you ended up going with……I am in same boat, no contract but looking for new provider, I thought I had found them with Freedom and great new customer deal but am questioning it with these reviews.

  19. My experience with Freedom mobile has been frustrating, disappointing and a waste of time. In my opinion it is little more than a scam disguised as a legitimate business. Their initial offering here in the Vancouver area seemed to be too good to be true, which of course it was. I took my wife in to switch her plan from another carrier based on their offering of lots of data, clear signal, hassle free etc etc. She signed up for the $50/mo plan. We understood that coverage was really only good in the lower mainland and outside of there, only good in other major urban areas. We paid a $50 deposit, plus another $10 for a SIM card for her phone.

    The salesman/employee was adamant, that we had nothing to lose, that we could try it out for 15 days, if we weren’t satisfied, our deposit would be refunded back onto my credit card as would the cost of the SIM card, no questions asked. He circled the $50.00 deposit and wrote on my receipt that my refund would be mailed within 30 days if she cancelled. I asked about what he’d told me about the deposit being refunded onto my card immediately. He told me that it would likely be returned onto my card, but at worst would be mailed within 30 days. I should have seen the writing on the wall.

    Within 2 weeks we were convinced that there were too many problems with the reception and the inability to connect, to get any use of the data plan. We returned to the store on October 31, 18 to cancel the plan and get our refund for the deposit and SIM card. We were given our refund on the SIM card, no problem. The deposit, they now told me, would have to come from their main office, back onto my credit card, that I should probably have it within a week and to check my credit card to see that I got it.

    After a couple weeks I hadn’t seen the $50 returned to my card, so I stopped into the store again. A different sales person, pointed out to me that in the fine print on the contract, it states that ‘Deposits are held for at least 6 months, afterwards we MAY release the deposit, if we determine that your payment history has been satisfactory. (capitalization of MAY is mine)

    To say the least, I was choked, about the sleaziness of their methods to take deposit money, promise to repay it immediately, then change that to within a month, then when I request it after cancelling their service within the allotted 15 days, they now show me that it MAY be refunded, after 6 months.

    On November 8, 2018, my credit card was charged $17.01, for the time we’d had the plan.

    Of course, as they are hoping, after 6 months it had slipped my mind. At almost 8 months from the time of the cancellation, I remembered and checked my last few credit card statements, but no $50 was there. I went back into the store, asked the salesperson what had happened to my refund. I could see by the look on his face, he was used to being asked the question.

    He took my receipt and contract, called their head office and spoke at length to someone there, who was obviously not saying anything good about my refund. I asked to speak to the person, who started giving me the run around, about refunds and then put me on hold ‘to go and look up the file’, because of course, he wouldn’t have it on a screen in front of him. I waited on the line for more than 10 minutes, then the line went dead. The store rep called back and got someone back on to talk to me.

    Now the HO person claimed that my refund had been ‘overlooked’ and that I would be receiving a refund of $44 sometime soon. His explanation was that there were additional charges that had to be deducted. I told the person that we had returned the chip and cancelled the plan inside the 15 days, that we’d paid the $17 cost of service that had been charged to my card, so should not have been any extra charges. Never mind the fact that they’ve had use of my $50 for 8 months.

    Needless to say, the only result of that phone call, besides my increased blood pressure, was that someone would get back to me in 4 to 5 days. That was on about June 19th and yesterday, on June 29th, I finally received the callback, only to have someone telling me that all I would be refunded was $44, and I should expect that in about a week or ten days.

  20. Got the iPhone 8 from them last week, no issues so far in the city, stoked to have so much data but wondering how it’ll work when I hit up the cottage

  21. Hey,

    Thanks for the great review, it was helpful. Although I’ve got to say, their customer service hasn’t been up to par.


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