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Image: The new Koodo Mobile retail store at Yorkdale Mall.

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While deciding which carrier is right for you, it’s important to understand the offerings of each one along with the differences between them.

If you’ve been scouring around looking for Koodo reviews look no further as we’ll go through everything Koodo with you below.

Koodo Mobile is owned by Telus and operates on the same strong network as Telus.

The main difference however is the fact that they do not require any contracts which means you can change your plan at any time you want.

Phew! We we’re getting really used to mobile carriers with contracts so that sounds like a relief!

They do however offer a ‘Tab’ system which allows you to purchase a phone at $0 or a low cost and pay it off monthly offer a certain term – we’ll go in-depth into that a little later.

Koodo’s been around since 2008 so they have a good sense of their customers wants and needs and have a nationwide offering.

In terms of retails, you see kiosks in major malls around the country, they do not however have actual ‘stores’.

You can also sign up for Koodo services at major retailers such as Best Buy, Costco, Loblaw’s and a few more. Koodo Mobile has seen success with the younger demographic.


Koodo Coverage & Network

Since Koodo operates on the Telus network, they’re able to provide strong coverage across Canada.

Telus claims that they run on Canada’s largest and fastest 4G LTE network based on third-party testing and that doesn’t seem like a far fetch at all.

They operate on the following networks:

  • HSPA: 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies
  • LTE: 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)
  • LTE Advanced (LTE-a): 2600 MHz and 700 MHz

So if you’re bringing your own device, it must be able to run on one of the above-mentioned frequencies.

Let’s look at their coverage. As mentioned, Koodo has strong coverage across Canada, covering all provinces and territories to some extent with their 4G network.

You can get an in-depth look at coverage areas through the interactive map on the Koodo website here.

Look for the detailed coverage map dropdown.


Koodo Plans

Koodo does not have any term contracts to sign which is a great thing, so they’ve bucketed their plans based on if you want to take a ‘Tab’ to pay off a phone in 24 equal monthly payments or if you just want them to provide cellular service.

While Koodo’s plans may seem confusing at first, we’ve distilled it all down here and put ALL of them side by side for you to easily understand what’s available.

It’s quite simple – they offer the same plans for every Tab Size Plan, however depending on the amount of the ‘Tab’ you’re interested in taking (if any at all), only certain plans are available.

Moving into Tab Large, Tab Extra Large and the newly added Tab Extra Extra Large, the same plans become more expensive.

While we used to publish Koodo’s plans, we find it better that you view them on the Koodo website to get the most current pricing and offering.

Koodo also offers prepaid services.

Details are available here.


Koodo Roaming

Koodo now offers the same Easy Roam add-ons as Telus, which is great news!

If you’re roaming in the US, pay $7 per day for each 24-hour period and use your phone just as if you were at home.

You can call phone numbers in Canada and the US.

If you’re travelling internationally and your destination is on their list of 100+ countries, pay $12 per day and voila.

Calls to Canada and the country you’re in are included.

Roaming couldn’t be simpler!

Keep in mind you’ll need to turn Easy Roam on.

If you’re just looking for a pay per use set up, Koodo also offers that however the difference in rates is night and day and you’re most probably better off just using Easy Roam, even if it’s for one day.

For example, pay per use rates to Greece are:

Voice: $1.50 per minute
Data: $5 per MB
Outgoing text: $0.60 each

So, at $12/day, you can use everything your plan allows you to – it really comes down to what you want to use your phone for.


Koodo Phones

Koodo has a wide range of phones available, from the latest and greatest iPhones to much simpler, super affordable devices.

With their array of plans, you can choose what amount makes sense for you to pay upfront and what amount you want to add to your tab to pay off over 24 months.

It’s a great way for example to pay 50% or so for your device upfront today and pay off the remaining 50% or so over 24 months.

Be sure to pick the plan and tab combination that has the best value for you.

Alternatively, if you already have a phone or want to purchase a used phone, you can definitely do that and bring it along to use instead of purchasing one (as long as it’s compatible).

If you’re looking to purchase a used phone, our friends at Orchard sell used iPhones (and some Samsung models).

They’re based in Toronto, ship the same or next day and offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

You can also check out Kijiji and the other online marketplaces.

Here are the phones Koodo offers.

iPhone XR iPhone Xs iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 iPhone 7
iPhone 6sS Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6 iPhone SE
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10e Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Samsung Galaxy A8 Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy A5 Samsung J3 2018 Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 2 XL Google Pixel 3 HUAWEI P20 Pro HUAWEI P20
HUAWEI P30 Pro HUAWEI P30 HUAWEI P30 lite LG Q Stylo+
LG Stylo 3 Plus LG X Power 3 LG X Power 2 LG K9
Blackberry KEY2 LE Alcatel Go Flip    


What is this Tab thing they offer and how does it work?

While Koodo does not lock you into fixed term contracts, they offer you the ability to split a portion of the phone cost over 24 months.

Let’s look at the iPhone X as an example:

Pay $0 upfront and $40 per month for 24 months – Tab Extra Extra Large Plan
Pay $300 upfront and $30 per month for 24 months – Tab Extra Large Plan
Pay $500 upfront and $20 per month for 24 months – Tab Large Plan
Pay $650 upfront and $15 per month for 24 months – Tab Medium Plan

This per month amount is in addition to your monthly plan amount.

The maximum amount you can add to your tab varies by plan type:

Tab Small: Up to $240
Tab Medium: Up to $360
Tab Large: Up to $480
Tax Extra Large: Up to $720
Tab Extra Extra Large: Up to $960


So, while you have options, it’s important to note that you should pick the payment option and matching plan that makes most sense for you and affords you good value for your money.

And if you already have your own unlocked device, you can also bring your own phone to Koodo and take advantage of some fantastic rate plans without adding a tab cost to your monthly bill.

Freedom Mobile has taken a similar approach to having a monthly tab to pay off your device cost.



For the best value, choose a plan from either No Tab, Tab Small or Tab Medium – Not because the amount of the tab is smaller but because the plans are actually CHEAPER.

The same No Tab/Tab Small/Tab Medium plans are available under Tab Large and Tab Extra Large but they cost $25 more per month.

Example: Under Tab Medium, the 7 GB Unlimited Canada Talk & Text plan is $75 – Under Tab Large and Tab Extra Large it’s $100 per month.

So to make your dollar go further, pay for more of the phone upfront and take a smaller tab which also means your able to get a cheaper plan.

Connect online to ensure you save the $30 connection fee, its $0 if you do order your sim card online


Any downsides?

Koodo is pushing the self-serve model and charges fees if you ask their customer service personnel over the phone to make the changes for you.

Make sure you’re comfortable with a self-serve carrier and making changes online yourself, otherwise the savings you get on plans are eaten back up through fees like this.


Koodo FAQs

Does Koodo offer prepaid service?

Yes, Koodo does offer prepaid plans with no credit checks.

Can I bring my own phone to Koodo?

Yes, if you have your own unlocked device, you can take advantage of Koodo’s fantastic rate plans.

How do I contact Koodo customer service?

You can call Koodo Mobile at 1-866-995-6636. Customer service is available:

  • Monday to Friday 9 AM to 9 PM and Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Atlantic provinces: Monday to Friday 10 AM to 10 PM and Saturday and Sunday 10 AM to 8 PM

Before calling however, note that there are fees for many things you may request of them which can be done through their self-serve portal. Review the details here and decide what makes the most sense for you.


How has your experience with Koodo Mobile been? Leave a comment and let us know, we would love to hear from you!


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  1. I’m surprised Mia allows comments that littered with swear words. That said maybe it is indicative some of the people leaving comments here or anywhere else about anything. It is sad to see that most comments here see to blame the company rather the posters taking responsibility for their actions. ‘Charlotte’ is complaining that she got charged while travelling while her husband didn’t . That just tells me Charlotte may not know how cellphones work.

    I have been with Koodo for almost five years. The first couple of years if I needed to talk to someone and I called I was hold listening to elevator music more often than I care to remember. This new thingy they have is actually quite useful. When it couldn’t give me an answer it let book a call with rep. They called as promised and all was ok without having to wait on hold.

    We live in an age where more and more is expected from us. Gone are the days of gas station attendants, even grocery stores want you to check things yourself. If people here want those services back they can pay for it. But not from my pocket!

  2. My friend told me about Koodo and i got the connection 3 weeks before. One of the agent helped me and he told me that there is no connection fee and answer my questions through text msg. 5 days before i received a text msg that i need to pay $65 and the agent didn’t mentioned about this because my bill amount is $45 so i sent a text msg and there is no reply. 3 msg’s and 2 emails i sent it to him. No response. Because they will help only new customer once become a customer they don’t care. I think they don’t wan tot keep the current customers. We can’t contact the customer service any time. Need to book an appointment. Today i booked an appointment at 7 am and the agent talked to me till 7.22am an di need to go to work. So the agent told me that he will contact me at 6pm. I waited for his call but he didn’t call me. I can’t access my account and i waiting for past 5 day for my account approval. Someone’s email id is the primary email id in my account. I don’t know who did this and koodo agent”s can’t fix this issue. They msg me to contact them through facebook or twitter. This is ridiculous. Customer service is very very bad.


  4. Koodo’s customer service is utter trash. I joined as a customer years ago and was mostly happy, but that one time in a million that you really need to talk to a human being, it’s simply not possible. They’ve replaced chat support with a chat robot (basically a search engine for the help docs), their phone robot hangs up on you if you select an option asking to speak to a real person, and their customer service email has a permanently-full mailbox. I would have been fine to pay that $10 fee for talking to a real person about my problem, and in fact I selected the option to do so. Then I waited on the phone in complete silence for 10 minutes before I got a “click” from the other end.

  5. Ever since Koodo went to automated customer service, it is the absolute WORST service I have EVER delt with and I am strongly considering aother company but NOT Tellus since they own Koodo!

  6. I personally would stay clear from Koodo. I travel two times a year and have never been charged using the resort free wifi. Apparently, no matter what, with Koodo, you will have to pay 12/day. Ironically as well, I used my phone every day and got charged 7/14 days and my husband got charge 0/14 days. They could not justify this too be other than saying that anytime I travel and there is a tower, I will be charged no matter what, free wifi or not – REDICULOUS. I also tried to talk with customer service about the situation and I have to schedule a call back via messenger and waited two hours past my appointment time. Sometimes it pays to have customer service with your plan!

  7. I joined Koodo with two lines in November of 2017. I signed up through a kiosk at Walmart. As part of the sign up process I was told I would pay a connection fee of $30 per line ($60) and that would be refunded to me and that would show up on my bill after 2-3 months of remaining with Koodo. After 3 months I called and they said that they recognized that Walmart promotion from when I signed up and assured me that I would see the refund in a month or two. Nothing happened. I called again and went through the whole process of explaining my issue and the customer service representative apologized profusely and promised to take care of it for me and that I would see the $60 credited to my account once again. Now it has been another month and still nothing.

  8. Though i still think over priced compared to other countries I think Koodoo deals are better than most in Canada. If you do need talk to customer service rep be prepared to wait. I waited an hour a week before xmas. Had option to get call back but chose to wait. Cust serv was good once I got a live person.

    1. Koodo customer service used to be ok (was able to call n talk with a human. Now, they make you go through an automated chat that can only give canned answers.. if you want to talk to a person need to book an appointment. I will be leaving koodo as a direct result.( I am on the road a lot, n most times when I call I can talk for a few minutes before getting g back into my car. Or wasting my time sitting around for a call back

  9. just switch to digital billing like everyone else and stop wasting ressources like paper, ink and transportation to get this paper to your door ….

  10. I upgraded my phone and they charged me a 30$ connection fee at the store. Apparently if I had upgraded online I wouldn’t have had to pay the connection fee. In order to get it back. They want me to return the phone and do it all myself. I would be out of a phone for a week.

  11. koodo is a bad service . stopping paper billing ( which i had to pay $2 extra for ) with no warning or notification , so i had to pay late charges on the balance is tantamount to criminal behavior . then telling me , after making me wait 25 minutes on hold that i now had to pay $5/month for paper billing and only after i call every month and request it , is horrible . taking my business elsewhere

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