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Petro Canada Mobility Review

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Petro Canada Mobility is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) offering prepaid mobile service. Their sim cards, phones and top-up vouchers can be purchased online and in Petro Canada locations.

Since Petro Canada Mobility is an MVNO, they leverage the Rogers Wireless network to provide mobile service to customers. This means they provide strong, nationwide coverage, similar to what Rogers provides.

They mainly operate on:

  • UMTS/HSPA: 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies


Petro Canada Mobility Plans

Petro Canada Mobility has two options when it comes to service:

  1. Anytime Plan
  2. Build Your Own Monthly Plan

Let’s start with the Anytime Plan:

  • What’s Included?
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Incoming Texts
  • Call Waiting
  • The rates are standard:
  • $0.15 per text message
  • $0.30 per minute for talk
  • $0.15 per MB of data
  • A $1.25 911 emergency fee will be deducted from your account every 30 days

*Note: We’ve heard of many people not remembering that $1.25 will be deducted for the above fee every month and then are not sure why they can’t pay for their plan. Keep this in mind.

These are the top up options with length of how long your credit will last.

$15 $25 $30 $40 $50 $100
30 Days 120 Days 120 Days 120 Days 180 Days 365 Days


Here are the details of their Build Your Own Monthly Plans:

  • Starts at $15 per 30 day period which includes:
  • 25 minutes Canada wide anytime
  • Unlimited Canada wide texting
  • What Else Is Included?
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Incoming Texts
  • Call Waiting

You can add more minutes as follows:

$5 $10 $15 $40
100 minutes 200 minutes 300 minutes 1000 minutes

You can add data as follows:

$10 $15 $25 $35 $45
100 MB 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB

So for example, the base plan ($15) + 200 minutes ($10) + 1GB of data ($25) will cost you $50 every 30 days + the $1.25 911 fee.

Additionally, the following is available at pay per use which will draw funds from your account balance:

  1. $0.55 per minute for calls to the US
  2. $0.15 per text to US numbers
  3. $0.35 per text to International numbers
  4. $0.50 per picture message

What happens if you use all of the minutes and data you’ve paid for?

You’ll switch over to the out of plan service rates as long as you have funds in your account and will continue to get service at:

  1. $0.30 per minute for Canada wide calling
  2. $0.10 per MB for data


Current Available Plans – There are currently 2 Special Offer Plans also available:

  • TEXT-A-LOT Plan – $15 per month:
  • Unlimited Canada wide text
  • 100 Canada wide minutes
  • $45/30 Days
  • 3 GB of data
  • Unlimited Canada wide talk
  • Unlimited Canada & International text

You can add on further options to both of these plans and keep in mind the $1.25 monthly 911 fee will still be charged.


Petro Points

If you’re a loyal Petro Canada customer you’ll be happy to know that you’ll receive 10 points for every $1 spent on Petro Canada Mobility services in their retail locations or online!


Petro Canada Mobility Phones

Petro Canada Mobility does not have a wide range of devices for sale.

You can also of course bring your own unlocked device. Keep in mind the frequencies noted above when bringing an unlocked device to ensure it works on their network.

Sim cards can be purchase in-store or online, for $10. They have both the regular sim cards and the 3 in 1 which has a standard, micro and nano sim – we suggest you get the 3 in 1 and then use the appropriate sim for your device.


What phones will work on Petro Canada Mobility?

In a nutshell, your favorite devices will work:

  • iPhones
  • Samsung S and Note devices
  • Google Pixel devices
  • HUAWEI P20



  1. Good for seldom talk and text – For those who use their phone now and then to make a call or send a text
  2. Reasonable for data if you plan to use 1 GB or less, more than that it becomes expensive
  3. Rates overall are competitive for prepaid service
  4. Great option for travellers in town for a short time
  5. No contract, no credit checks

Any downsides?

  1. You’ll need to purchase and apply a new voucher every 30 days
  2. Rates for talk and data are expensive if you go over your monthly purchased limit