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Public Mobile History

Before we begin on our Public Mobile Review, we feel it’s important to give you some background information – Who are they? Where did they come from?

Public Mobile’s beginning’s really came from the federal governments push to increase competition between the wireless carriers.

We all know that there are a number of dominant players, however this didn’t mean that it wasn’t worth a shot to start a new mobile carrier.

Public Mobile acquired wireless spectrum around 2008 and launched their network in Toronto and Montreal in 2010 along with opening several retail stores.

Consumers were embracing this new carrier as they saw great growth and momentum as they got started.

However, the good times didn’t last very long.

By 2013, they were not seeing eye to eye with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.

They also agreed to have private equity firms that were invested in them to take larger stakes in the company with discussions of using the capital to further fund growth.

All things said and done, Public Mobile ended up being sold to Telus towards the end of 2013 and within a few short years, we were right back where we started.


Public Mobile Overview

Public Mobile is essentially a discount brand, competing with the likes of Rogers’ Chatr Mobile and Bell’s Lucky Mobile.

They are prepaid only and just like Koodo Mobile, leverage Telus’ strong 4G LTE network. However, Public Mobile takes the word ‘discount’ and ‘self-serve’ to another level:

No Physical Stores
Yup, the day has come where we have mobile carriers without actual physical stores.

But then again, what’s the need for them? You can go on Public Mobile’s website and order a sim card – once it arrives, you can activate it online, and you’re own your way.

Sounds pretty good for those of us who don’t want this to be a complicated process!


No Support Number
They do not have a support phone number you can call.

Yes, we know you might think that’s crazy, but in this day and age I guess it’s possible.

For account changes, all of the self-serve options are available when you log into your account online.

For support, they actually have a impressive online community where chances are someone has already had the same issue as you and the answer is sitting there waiting for you.

Interesting concept and way to deal with support.

If you’re really stuck, you can Submit A Ticket and a moderator will review it.

So if you have the need to talk to someone to make account changes or for support reasons, Public Mobile may not be right for you.

Why is this their approach you ask? Well, to keep costs low, you need to cutback on certain things, and they’ve decided that this is one of those areas.


No Subsidized Phones
They do not sell any phones.

Yes, again we know you might think this is crazy as well, but it’s not.

You can buy an unlocked phone from a ton of places these days so do just that.

If you’re looking to purchase a used phone, our friends at Orchard sell used iPhones (and some Samsung models).

They’re based in Toronto, ship the same or next day and offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

You can also check out Kijiji and the other online marketplaces.

Buy the phone you want, within your budget, you own it out right and use it on Public Mobile.

No contracts, no ‘tabs’, it’s all up to you as to how much you want to spend on a phone.


Helping You Save Even More
Heard of all their ‘Ways To Save’?

Technically, it’s possible to get your plan down to $0 per month.

Have we heard of anyone like that?

Few and far between.

However, we have heard of many people cutting their bill down significantly by leveraging Public Mobile’s Ways To Save.

More details on that below!

Keep in mind, with this level of simplicity that means LOWER PRICES!

In addition to that, there are:

  • No credit checks
  • No contracts
  • No surprise bills since it’s prepaid
  • No one trying to upsell you on phones or plans


Public Mobile Coverage & Network

Public mobile leverages the Telus network so just like both Telus and Koodo it operates on the following frequencies:

  • HSPA: 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies
  • LTE: 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)
  • LTE Advanced (LTE-a): 2600 MHz and 700 MHz

Since Public Mobile does not sell any phones, you’ll have to make sure you bring a unlocked phone that can work on the frequencies noted above.

Public Mobile has made it easy by adding a Phone Compatibility checker on their website, check it out here before you sign up to ensure your device is compatible.

Alternatively, ask us in the comments below.


Public Mobile Coverage Maps

Since Public Mobile leverages the Telus network, you can expect strong 3G and 4G LTE coverage across the country!

Update: There are no longer any 4G talk and text plans available, just a 4G data only plan remains.

Their coverage is pretty solid and rarely hear of customers having any issues.

It’s best to check their coverage map to get an up to date idea of what coverage in your most frequented areas looks like.


Public Mobile Plans

Public Mobile offers:

  1. Ready-Made Plans
  2. Build Your Own Plans

We’ll go through the Ready-Made Plans below, however lets quickly discuss their Build Your Own Plans.

Update: Public Mobile no longer offers Build Your Own Plans, they now only offer Ready-Made Plans.

They also no longer have 4G data options in their talk and text plans.

This option is actually quite unique in the industry and is pretty good as you can add exactly what you want in your plan in addition to being able to change components of your plan every 30 days or 90 days so you can adjust it to adapt to your lifestyle, reinforcing the fact that you are in control of your plan! A Build Your Own Plan works as follows:

Please note the below plan prices may vary in Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Price Length Talk Text Data Voicemail & Call Display AutoPay Bonus
$15 per month 30 Days 100 Minutes Canada Wide & Unlimited Incoming Calls Unlimited International Text & Picture None Yes 250 MB at 3G
$25 per month 30 Days Unlimited Canada Wide Unlimited International Text & Picture 500 MB at 3G Yes 500 MB at 3G
$30 per month 30 Days None None 1 GB at 4G No None
$35 per month 30 Days Unlimited Canada Wide Unlimited International Text & Picture 1 GB at 3G Yes 500 MB at 3G
$40 per month 30 Days Unlimited Canada Wide Unlimited International Text & Picture 4.5 GB at 3G Yes 500 MB at 3G
$50 per month 30 Days Unlimited Canada & US Unlimited International Text & Picture 8 GB at 3G Yes 500 MB at 3G


Public Mobile 4 Ways To Save

A key feature of Public Mobile is the numerous Ways To Save they offer which essentially help you bring the cost of your monthly service down.

Let’s analyze each of them:

$2 AutoPay – Difficulty: Easy
This one is an easy win, set up pre-authorized payments from your credit card and you can automatically save $2 per month.

Don’t have a credit card? Get a Visa debit card tied to your bank account and you can do the same! Beware that some plan prices already include this discount.


$1 – $20 Community Contribution – Difficulty: High
This one requires you to go into the Public Mobile forums and contribute to the conversations going on there.

While this may seem easy, your reward fluctuates based on your contribution relative to overall contribution.

This one is not for everyone so we suggest you spend some time trying it out for a month or two to see how you perform.


$1 Per Friend + $10 One-Time – Difficulty: Moderate
This one is definitely possible.

Refer a friend and receive a one-time reward of $10 however receive $1 off per month for each friend for as long as that friend uses Public Mobile.

So if you are happy with your service with Public Mobile and want to advocate/convince your friends who are on the fence to sign up with them, there’s a pretty good reward here.

Apart from the one-time credit, if you refer say 3 friends, family members and/or colleagues, that’s another $3 per month cut off of your bill!


$1 Per Month For Your Loyalty – Difficulty: Easy
This one really doesn’t require you to do anything.

After 1 year of staying with Public Mobile you’ll receive $1 off per month.

And this continues and increases – $2 off per month after 2 years, $3/3 years, $4/4 years and $5/5 years.

This reward is capped at $5 off per month.

We like that Public Mobile is rewarding loyalty, something rarely seen in service businesses (not just mobile carriers).


Keep in mind that your account must always remain in good standing to earn and use rewards and there are obviously terms and conditions which can be found in the Public Mobile Community.


Public Mobile Roaming

Unfortunately, being a discount carrier, Public Mobile does not offer a EasyRoam like option where you can use your plan pretty much as is from $7 – $12 per day.

They do however have talk, text and data roaming add-ons that can be purchased and used if you’ll be travelling.

Here are the current add-ons for roaming in the US:

  • US Talk, Text and Data: $20 for 10 days
    Unlimited Talk, International Text and 250MB Data
  • US Talk and Text Bundle: $15 for 10 days
    Unlimited Talk and International Text
  • US Unlimited Talk: $8 for 10 days
  • US Unlimited International Text Only: $8 for 10 days
  • US Data Only for 10 days
    250MB Data for $10
    500MB Data for $15
    1GB Data for $20


Public Mobile Phones

As discussed earlier, Public Mobile does not sell phones.

You’ll need to bring your own unlocked device and purchase a sim card from them for a one time fee of $10.

There sim card is a triple punch meaning it can be used as a standard sim card, micro sim card or nano sim card – essentially covering off every type of phone.

What phones will work on Public Mobile?

All iPhones are compatible with Public Mobile so you can use an older one if you have one laying around.

If you’re looking to purchase a used phone, our friends at Orchard sell used iPhones (and some Samsung models).

They’re based in Toronto, ship the same or next day and offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

You can also check out Kijiji and the other online marketplaces.

While there are a large number of phones that will work on Public Mobile’s network, here’s a list of some popular devices which will work:


iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 iPhone 6S iPhone 6 iPhone SE
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy S8+ Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy A5 Samsung J3 Prime
Google Pixel 2 XL Google Pixel 2 HUAWEI P20 Pro HUAWEI P20
LG Q Stylo + LG Stylo 3 Plus LG G7 ThinQ LG G6
LG X Power 3 LG X Power 2 Samsung Xcover 4 Alcatel GO FLIP
Blackberry Motion Blackberry KEYOne Blackberry KEY2  



  1. Best for those who want to build their own plan – Public Mobile lets you pick exactly what you want in your plan and pay for that and only that – no frills
  2. Those who need fast data will be happy with Public Mobile’s 4G LTE capabilities – This is a huge difference compared to Lucky Mobile and Chatr’s 3G only service – Talk and text plans with 4G are no longer avaialble
  3. For those motivated to cut off a few more dollars from their monthly bill, you have 4 ways to do so
  4. No contracts, no credit checks

Any downsides?

  1. If you’re the type of person that needs a human touch to feel comfortable, you won’t get that with Public Mobile – They have no customer service number nor any physical locations – Everything is done online, from plan changes to problem resolution. Be sure you’re comfortable with never being able to talk to a person ‘live’ to ask questions or express concerns.
  2. They don’t sell any phones so you’ll have to go get one on your own – make sure it’s unlocked and it works on the bands that Public Mobile operates on


Public Mobile FAQs

Does Public Mobile have subsidized phones?

No, Public Mobile does not sell phones at all.

Is Public Mobile’s reception good?

Yes, Public Mobile leverages Telus’ strong network with nationwide coverage – You will get great reception almost everywhere.

What is Public Mobile’s phone number?

Public Mobile does not offer phone support. Account changes and support requests are all done online.

Visit their Community to see if your support question has already been answered.



Are you a current Public Mobile Customer? How would you rate them on a scale of 1 to 10? How low have you gotten your monthly plan to be by using their Ways To Save? Have you got it to under $10 per month? Let us know below!


*Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with Public Mobile, this is an independent review of their services and offerings.


Shawn Gant

My 2 passions in life: snowboarding and all things digital! Always interested in exploring new tech developments.

162 thoughts on “Public Mobile Review”

  1. Interested to know if anyone has cellular reception in cottage country: Georgia bay/ muskoka region of Ontario. We have been disappointed by Bell, Roger’s and Koodo at our cottage. Can get reception when out in the middle of the lake where we can see the Global tower.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      So from the looks of it you’ve covered all of the networks.

      Rogers / Fido / Chatr are all the Rogers network
      Bell / Virgin Mobile / Lucky Mobile are all the Bell network
      Telus / Koodo / Public Mobile are all the Telus network
      Freedom Mobile has their own network but wouldn’t suggest them for your area

      Typically Bell would have the best coverage in your area but if you’ve tried Bell without luck, I don’t really see any other options, so you may have to pick the one you are least disappointed with.

  2. Hello,
    I’m just wondering about 3G speeds in late 2020. I use data to check email, stream spotify when running, google maps GPS when driving and quick google searches for “restaurants near by”.
    If I do any social media, I’m usually at home and using my Wi-Fi.

    So I guess I’m hoping someone will confirm that 3G will be good enough for my needs?

    Thanks for any input.


    1. Hi Shannon,

      For the things you’ve mentioned, 3G should be completely fine.

      Here are some thoughts from other PM users –

      While some of the comments are dated, the Public Mobile network, which is the Telus network, is capable of speeds much faster than 3G, however the speed is capped for PM users.

      So from some of the 2019 comments in that thread to now, not much would have changed.

  3. Thanks for the great info! I’m looking to buy a new phone and start with Public. I am interested in the Samsung A51 but I don’t see it on Public’s compatibility list. What do you think?

    1. Hi Evan,

      There are a number of variations of the A51, do you know the sub model number of the phone?

      Both the Canadian and International Samsung A51 will work.

      There is a Canadian specific model, pick that up if possible.

      1. Samsung Galaxy A51 (A515F/DS) – Dual SIM – Prism Crush Black – Unlocked – International Version w/Seller Provided Warranty. This one is $200 off at Best Buy right now, and for some reason they don’t seem to have a Canadian one. What are the benefits of a Canadian specific model?

          1. Sorry! One more question, what about the A 51 model number
            Model Number: SM-A515WZKAXAC . I found a Canadian one.

          2. Yup that’s the Canadian specific one, would suggest going with that one if possible, will work on Public for sure, all supported features will work.

  4. Hello Shawn. Do you know if the LG V60 will work with Public Mobile service?Tried to find the answer from their site but wasn’t sure how to interpret the data they provided. Thks.

    1. Hi Alison,

      Yes the LG V60 will work with Public Mobile. It is being sold by Telus and Koodo, which use the same network as Public Mobile, so it will definitely work.


  5. Any idea why all the plans except the $30 data only plan are 3G speed instead of 4G LTE? If I’m switching from Bell, will I notice a change in the data speed?

    1. They used to have a couple of plans and a build your own option with 4G data however they have discountinued those around last September.

      As a discount carrier, and like the other discount carriers Lucky Mobile from Bell and Chatr from Rogers, the focus is on providing low price points and essentially service to keep you connected, not on the fastest data speeds, so they’ve moved to 3G only.

      You will probably notice a difference in speed if you are switching from Bell 4G, however depending on what you use your phone for, 3G may be sufficient.

      If you still want a 4G plan, checkout Koodo, Fido, Virgin Mobile.

      1. Hey Shawn,
        Love your site!
        Just looking at purchasing an older IPhone 3 or IPhone 4 for my daughter. Can you tell me if they both would work with Public Mobile, and also if they both could work as a hotspot?
        Thank you!!

        1. Hi Dave,


          So the iPhone 4S can update to iOS 8.1.3 which will allow you to add the correct APN settings to connecto to Public Mobile data.

          iPhone 3 and 4 have some challenges as you can’t edit the APN settings on the old firmware and you can’t update the firmware on the phone – Some folks are using a workaround as suggested in this forum post if that’s something you’re interested in trying –

          The iPhone 3 cannot Personal Hotspot from my understanding (it can tether via Bluetooth or USB).

          The iPhone 4 can Personal Hotspot.


    1. Hi,

      Yes the Pixel 4 will work.

      To end service, if you have pre-authorized payments from your credit card, remove your credit card using the self-serve portal and the account will deactivate on the next billing cycle date. If you are using the pre-paid service, you just don’t add any funds and the account will deactivate on its own.

    1. Hi there… You indicated there was a 4G plan, but I don’t see other than 3G on the summary above?? Need minor talk/text, and data. I’m a senior and still use my landline… lol So, is there a 4G??? Thanks

  6. Darlington Christopher


    I trust you are keeping safe and well. I am frustrated with Fido and have seen this advertised a few times whilst on the train. How do I open up an account with all that is currently happening?

    1. Hi,

      Yes this phone will work.

      Not completely sure on the customer to customer, please let us know if you figure out the answer.

  7. so I created an account with an email address and got kicked out before updating anything. I tried to go back into the account and it says my password is invalid (I got an activation email so I know that is correct). Because I wasn’t able to complete a security question, I can’t reset my password. Any thoughts??

    1. Hi Shawn,
      I’ve been a public mobile customer since August 2019. I have two accounts my first became a free phone in October 2019. My second account will be $6 next month and hopefully free by my one year anniversary. So very possible if you put a little work in by getting some referrals and helping out on the community. (Total current discounts $29)

          1. Hi Shawn, I’ve been with public mobile now for a month, and my only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner. I’m getting the exact same package I had with bell, now with public mobile at pretty much 1/3 of the price. $65 was my bell bill, my now public mobile bill is $23. I don’t notice any service difference at all and I live 1.5 hrs north of Toronto.
            Loving the saving and there service.
            Thank you

          2. Hi John,

            That’s amazing, glad to hear you are happy with their service, they are a good carrier with a solid network!

  8. I’m intrigued by Public Mobile (whom I hadn’t heard of until I stumbled upon your website). The reviews I’ve read are not positive, but they also date back to 2018 and 2019. Your reviews – I presume are more updated. Do they provide better service today? Is it worth buying into for a no-data, just talk and text service?

    1. Hi Vee,

      I think with all carriers you tend to see those with negative experiences post about them online.

      While Telus bought Public Mobile in 2013, over the years they’ve continuously improved the service.

      Public Mobile works on the same network as Telus.

      If you’re ok with not having any customer service channels beside online support, it’s definitely worth the price for just talk and text.

      Other carriers you can look into for a ‘small’ talk and text plan are Lucky Mobile which is owned by Bell and Chatr which is owned by Rogers.

  9. 1. Will it work for iPhone 10
    2. Does it work in all coverage areas across Canada (unlike Chatr, which only works in “Zones”)?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Yes it will work with iPhone 10

      And yes, it will work in all coverage areas across Canada. Chatr has actually gotten rid of the Zones.


  10. Public Mobile is great if you are looking for a low cost plan. I am on the $15 plan, which is good value. I bought and activated my SIM card at London Drugs.

  11. Hello, i have a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro), will it work on this network? BTW i am a Telus customer and it works on Telus

      1. What about S5 Neo, I have bought the plan before checking to see if my phone was compatible but I can’t send or receive and pics

  12. Hi Shawn. Very impressed by all the help you are giving people! On the $25 plan, what would it cost to text within the USA? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Doug,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      These are the add-ons to use your phone within the USA. If you just wanted to text, you could by with the $8 add on for 10 days.

      U.S. Talk, Text and Data Bundle – $20
      Unlimited Talk, International Text and 250MB Data for just $20 for 10 days.

      U.S. Talk and Text Bundle – $15
      Unlimited Talk and International Text for just $15 for 10 days.

      U.S. Talk Only – $8
      Unlimited Talk for just $8 for 10 days.

      U.S. Text Only – $8
      Unlimited International Text for just $8 for 10 days.

      U.S. Data Only – From $10
      250MB Data for $10, 500MB Data for $15 and 1GB Data for $20 for 10 days.

    2. Thanks Doug.

      There are a number of add-ons, looks like $8 will give you text for 10 days.

      • US Talk, Text and Data: $20 for 10 days
        Unlimited Talk, International Text and 250MB Data
      • US Talk and Text Bundle: $15 for 10 days
        Unlimited Talk and International Text
      • US Unlimited Talk: $8 for 10 days
      • US Unlimited International Text Only: $8 for 10 days
      • US Data Only for 10 days
        250MB Data for $10
        500MB Data for $15
        1GB Data for $20
      1. Hi
        Step to switch to Mobile? Do I cancel before or after activating with mobile to keep my actual #.
        Thanks for your support.

  13. Very happy with the service and price. Easy to set up and quick to port number as well. Switched from Koodo to Public Mobile and the savings quickly add up. Save extra 2$ every month when you setup autopay.

    1. Where can we find an option to Port the number while activating new SIM? I’m currently using another carrier which is from another province, but I want to keep the current number while switching to Public. Please help!

  14. I have a ZTE phone, model Z850 but I cannot find it on the charts to check compatibility. Is that a bad sign and is it not a phone that works with the system?

  15. Hi there Shawn! This is a great article an you are a very helpful person! I see Iphone 7 Plus in the list so please confirm that Public Mobile supports it.

  16. I thought Public Mobile was just fine until I changed my plan and also paid for an add-on. I was overcharged and never received the add-on min. I have tried everything to get this corrected but it is absolutely impossible to get any kind of response to my problem (endless hrs and many tries on computer, useless ‘answers’, tickets that don’t submit, etc.. texted on phone, also useless. I’ve given up and feel ripped off. I would never recommend them to anyone. In fact, I will actively warn people about their total lack of customer service on-line.

  17. I am a current customer. I would rate them 10/10 so far. I am on my way to getting my monthly plan below $10 per month — right now I’m sitting at $12 per month! 🙂
    I think they offer a great service at a fantastic value.

    Mr Fundamental

    1. Yup I agree! been with them since January 2019 until now and never had one single issue never had overcharges like rogers or any big company lolll!! thanks Public Mobile!!!!! plus they gave me an extra 1GB for being loyal to them as a promo for their new redesign. Cheers to you guys

  18. No voicemail and call display mean that, if a coming call is not picked up for some reason, I can not call back due to the coming call number was not displayed, right?

  19. Would it work on the Samsung Galaxy A5 -2017 at Whitehorse and Dawson YT?
    My band is: GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE
    LTE FDD LTE: 2100, 1900, 1800, AWS, 850, 2600, 900, 700, 800, 700 MGz; TDD LTE: 2600, 2300, 2500 MGz.?

  20. I have been with public mobile for 3 years and am still in awe of how awesome it is! I have had to access their help maybe twice in this whole time (and I’ve switched phones 3 times during this period!) and was able to get help fairly quickly through the community. I currently have a 6.5 GB with unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited international texting for $45 (minus $6 monthly in rewards) so I end up paying $39/month. No surprise charges. Great network.

  21. Does original Samsung Galaxy Note works on PM? I need it for an older person and they don’t need data or text, just call.
    Thinking of switching from rogers for my plan and I have a question about data. For example the 90 days plan, what happens with the unused data after the 90 days? Or in reverse if you used all your data before the 90 days period.


    1. Hi Justin,

      The original Samsung Galaxy Note will work on PM.

      In regards to data, unused data from your plan will not rollover. If you purchase a data add-on, that will rollover.

      If you use all of your data before the end of the period, you can purchase a data add-on.

      Hope that helps.


  22. We live very close to the US border, and don’t want to be charged for roaming that we don’t need. Will we be protected from that?

    1. Yes you will be protected of that by turning data roaming OFF on your device. Very simple to do, in the Settings of your phone. That way there is no chance that the network can flip over to roaming on a US network.


  23. Will Public Mobile honour rate you signed up with for the lifetime of your subscription? Or will they increase price (what seems) arbitrarily with no reason or increase/improved services? … like Virgin Mobile.

    1. That’s hard to say, there is nothing stopping them from increasing rates so it’s possible pretty much with all carriers that they’ll increase rates if necessary.

      1. I have been with them for 3 years and it seems like the grandfathered-in-deals are definitely honoured, as long as your plan is kept active.

  24. I bought a Huawei Max from China and want to know if it will work on the Public Mobile frequency. I cannot get an answer using IMEI?

      1. I think the Huawei Max is the Chinese version of Huawei Y Max, which is the international version. The model numbers is ARS-AL00.

        1. It looks like the bands available on that phone are:
          900MHz,1800MHz,800MHz,2GHz,Band 38,Band 39,Band 40,Band 41(2555-2575 MHZ,2575-2635 MHZ,2635-2655 MHZ),Band 1,Band 3,1.9GHz,I,Band VIII
          Based on this site –

          900MHz,1800MHz,800MHz,2GHz,Band 38,Band 39,Band 40,Band 41(2555-2575 MHZ,2575-2635 MHZ,2635-2655 MHZ),Band 1,Band 3,1.9GHz,I,Band VIII

          Public Mobile does not use any of these bands, you can see the bands they use here which are the same as Telus:

          So I’m pretty sure that phone won’t work on Public Mobile.

          1. Hi Shawn,
            Thank you so much, Shawn, for looking up those bands. I think community support is a great idea for Public Mobile. Just to let you know my good news, I went to London Drugs, which sells sim cards for Public Mobile and got myself set up with a Public Mobile plan. My Huawei Max is compatible with the Public Mobile bands. It took a couple of days for my cell number from my previous cell phone company to be transported. Everything works great and I look forward to a long association with Public Mobile.

          2. Oh wow, that’s really interesting to hear. Glad it worked out, a little surprised, but now we know!

            Thanks for updating.

  25. With the “unlimited Canada / USA ($50/mth) can I use my phone within the USA? Can I call from the USA back to Canada? OR is it just calling from Canada to the USA?

    1. Hi Greg,

      You cannot use your phone in the USA without roaming charges. Unlimited Canada / USA calling is for calls originating from Canada.


  26. Wow, I have never heard of this company, stumbled on it by chance. I am going to get a phone for my son and sign up!

  27. Looking into going with Public, but we are snowbirds who leave the country for 6-7 months of the year. Do they have anything like vacation disconnect, or would we just let the account go dormant for the time we are gone and then just reacitivate (pay) the account when we return? Thanks

  28. I’ve been with Public Mobile for 3 years. I’ve never had a bit of trouble. My bill is getting pretty close to 0. With tax it’s $17. I have the loyalty, auto pay and referral rewards. Prior to being with Public Mobile, I was on the phone to customer retention every month gripping about unknown data charges, price matching and other annoyances. I don’t care that I can’t speak to a person neither do my referrals. My loyal friends know they can speak to me and I’ll fix their phone problem. It’s too bad all the name brands don’t operate this way. BTW, I’m 83 and if I can figure this out so can anyone. 🙂

    1. Hi Mike,

      Did you buy the phone in Canada? There are variants of the phone, can you check on the back if the specific variant says LG-M151? If so it will work fine. If that is not the variant, please post what it is and someone can help answer.


    1. Hi,

      The TELUS SIM card will not work on Public Mobile, you will need a Public Mobile sim card.


  29. Great info
    Will be switching from freedom to public
    One question
    If plan $15, ie no data then internet whstsapp etc will work when connected to wifi. And if 250g bonus data, how do I use wifi in priority to data allowance ie keeping my data when no wifi available.

    1. Hi Nehru,

      Your phone will automatically prioritize – i.e. use WiFi first and then data. Some phones can use both at the same time so you would want to ensure that setting is turned off on your phone if applicable.


  30. I’m thinking of purchasing a Motorola Moto G6 Play and signing up for $35/month 3G plan. Does anyone know if this phone is compatible as I have not been able to get a definitive answer from my research?

  31. As long as you never have any type of problem, you’ll be fine, but the minute you do, you’ll wish that you had went with a different service. Their so called on-line support is nothing less than pathetic.

    1. Hi Clifford,

      Sorry to hear your online support was less than stellar. Was there a specific issue you were trying to resolve?

  32. Found this article extremely helpful. I am a very light user of the cellphone…. I rarely use the talk function and even my text usage is way way below the norm. Sometimes I use the data access to get on to Google Maps if I wish to find an address while I drive. Public Mobile’s offerings seem to cater to people like me! I was a little hesitant to try out Public Mobile since I had never heard of them… but after you explained that it is a discount wing of Telus I feel more confident about their coverage and signal strength! I think I shall go ahead and try them out… I like the concept of No Contracts…. thank you for pointing me in their direction!

  33. I have succeeded in getting my plan to $0 on several months. Mind you I have the $10/mo plan, so it is not so hard.

    Online support is unpredictable…when I joined 9 months, they claimed response with hours. Then it quickly changed to within 48 hours. But I have experienced delays as long as 10 days, especially during heavy promotion periods. That said, there has been some improvement but it still can take a day or two to get replies. So, caution is advised if you are highly dependent on this phone and something goes wrong.

    Online self-serve is buggy so things do not always work well or as expected. Moderators do handle things but again, it may take time, so lots of patience is advised.

    The potential savings is what makes this attractive, especially in the long run.

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