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Paramount Plus Review : Features, Pros And Cons, Content

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If you’re looking for a quality streaming service that won’t break your bank. Paramount Plus could be the streaming service that you have been searching for.

Paramount Plus offers access to over 30,000 shows with its on-demand library, live sports streaming, news, and access to cable channels.  

Subscribing to one of Paramount Plus’ monthly subscriptions could be just what you’re looking for! They even offer a free 30-day trial period for first-time subscribers. Let’s take a dive into what Paramount Plus really has to offer and see if it’s worth the cost. 


Paramount Plus at a Glance

Key features:

  • On-Demand Library
  • Video content management 
  • The Paramount Plus app
  • Compatibility 
  • Offline viewing
  • Customization features
  • Streaming quality 
  • Simultaneous streaming
  • Parental control 
  • Customer support
  • Add Showtime


Product specs:

  • Two streaming options
  • Essential plan that costs $4.99 per month
  • Premium plan costs $9.99per month



  • Low monthly subscription fees
  • Streaming with limited commercials
  • Access to live streaming of sports
  • A large on-demand library
  • 30-day free trial
  • Simultaneous streaming



  • Not all CBS stations are available on the app.
  • Not enough original content to compete with other streaming services 
  • Library doesn’t include every episode of a show
  • The Paramount Plus app has some bugs. 


Rating: 7/10


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Why Get the Paramount Plus Streaming Service?

Is the Paramount Plus streaming service really worth what they are asking you to pay? To answer that question, we’ll take a look at its key features to help you decide.

On-Demand Library

Paramount Plus has an on-demand library feature that gives its users access to over 30,000 episodes and live sports content. Subscribers are able to find a majority of their all-time favorite “CBS” hits. There’s even access to a wide variety of new content.

The Paramount Plus on-demand library has a bit of everything for its subscribers. Children can enjoy countless episodes of Nickelodeon and Nick Jnr, while older teens have access to their popular reality tv shows from MTV.

As an added bonus is that subscribers are able to download episodes, series, and movies to their mobile device and later watch them offline. 

A problem that users may have with the on-demand library is that some seasons are missing episodes, and they are unable to finish watching the season.

The amount of content in the on-demand library provides a great feature. Subscribers can always later retrieve episodes and movies that they would like to rewatch. 


Rating 8/10    


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Video Content Management 

Paramount Plus Premium subscribers can stream content that is free from advertising. There are still commercials that will appear because of streaming rights. 

The Paramount Plus app has categorized its content into its unique genres. Series and movies can be found under their genres. Subscribers are able to search for their shows with the search bar and keypad feature.

The video content management feature makes life easier for consumers to find their desired content.


Rating: 7/10


Paramount Plus app

Subscribers are always looking for a user-friendly app to live stream their local channels. Paramount Plus has created an app for its subscribers.

The app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Downloading the Paramount Plus app for subscribers can be done in just four simple steps:

  1. Logging on to their device.
  2. Finding their app store.
  3. Searching for the “Paramount Plus” app.
  4. Select “download” and then “install” the app.  

Should subscribers ever experience any problems with the app, there is a “Contact us” option, which will provide the subscriber with assistance.  

We think the app is easy to use and compatible with most devices but lacks some important features.


Rating: 7/10



Paramount Plus app and website app are compatible with and support a wide variety of devices such as:

  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Apple TV 
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV’s
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Android and IOS operating devices.

Paramount Plus is compatible with most devices. It’s definitely an added bonus for its subscribers.


Rating: 9/10


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Offline viewing

Paramount Plus has an offline viewing feature for its app that allows its subscribers to download selected content. 

Premium subscribers can easily download shows on their mobile by:

  • Locating the “Download” icon that will appear next to a movie or show.
  • “Tap” on the icon and the video will start downloading.

Subscribers can continue to watch content on their mobile as their show downloads. The feature allows users to download multiple videos simultaneously. The video download will pause if the user exits the Paramount Plus app. 

There are restrictions on the types of content that can be downloaded. Only content that has a download icon in its description can be downloaded. 

25 downloads is the limit for the number of videos that can be stored in the downloads library.    

Users will only have 30 days to watch the episodes that have been downloaded to their library. If a user begins to start streaming a show, they will only have 48 hours to finish watching the episode before it is removed. Users can always download the episodes again.

The offline viewing feature is appealing to consumers that are always on the go and that would like to save some of their data.  


Rating: 7/10   


Simultaneous streaming 

Subscribers of streaming sites are accustomed to the key feature of simultaneous streaming from one account. There are, however, multiple streaming sites that don’t offer this feature for their subscribers. 

The Paramount Plus does offer a simultaneous streaming feature, which allows its subscribers to stream up to three devices from one account. Should an additional fourth device try to stream simultaneously, one of the three devices will be kicked out.  

Unfortunately, Paramount Plus subscribers don’t have an option to upgrade or increase the number of devices that are able to stream at the same time. Some streaming sites offer an extended amount of users for an additional fee.

The simultaneous streaming feature offers subscribers’ family and friends an opportunity to all simultaneously stream Paramount Plus.


Rating: 8/10


Parental Control 

Parental control is a key feature that allows parents to monitor and restrict their children’s viewings. The parental control feature was created for parents to restrict content that they feel is inappropriate for their children’s age.

Paramount plus has a parental control feature that you can set. To implement this parental control feature, you will have to go to the Paramount Plus website and access your account.

On the website, you will have to activate the feature, it will require you to set a 4-digit pin, and you will have to confirm that pin. You can choose the type of content that must be restricted and set age restriction blockers.

The parental control feature that Paramount Plus offers is effective, and it will appeal to consumers with children.


Rating: 10/10


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Customization Features 

Paramount Plus streams in 1080p (HD) for content on demand. Some episodes on Paramount Plus are streamed in 720p.

You have the option to customize the resolution of your streaming quality. Should your internet connection be lagging, you can lower your resolutions.

To change your settings on Paramount Plus:

  • Go to the “Paramount Plus” app on your mobile device 
  • Tap on the show or series you want to watch.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon that will appear on the top right hand of your screen.
  • Search for the “video quality” option.
  • Select the video quality option from “Auto, Low, Medium, or High” to determine the quality of your stream.

 The customization settings feature is key in altering the quality of your stream.


Rating: 7/10


Streaming quality 

Paramount Plus streams its shows in full HD. The service doesn’t offer 4K Ultra HD streaming, but it does support 4K Ultra HD.

Paramount Plus users can adjust the resolutions on their streaming app should they encounter bad connectivity problems.

When a video is playing on the app, there will be an option under the “settings” for users to lower the “video quality.”

The ability for users to change their streaming resolution is a handy feature.


Rating 9/10


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Customer support

When you are live streaming a sports match, and your app suddenly freezes, you will need to call someone urgently to help fix the problem.

Streaming services will often refer their subscribers to the customer support email service — this can take days on end to get a reply. Sometimes the technician has no idea what the problem is and they will be stuck with nothing to watch.

The great thing about Paramount Plus is that they offer a live messaging chat with a technician that will be able to assist you within a few seconds. Paramount Plus users can find the customer support chat on their website under “contact us.”

If you aren’t able to access a technician on the support chat, you can always use Instagram or Twitter to get hold of Paramount Plus. Customer support also has answers to frequently asked questions posted on the Paramount Plus website that can assist users.  

We think that having a fast and efficient customer support feature is essential when unexpected problems occur with a streaming app. 


Rating: 9/10


Add Showtime

Paramount Plus subscription, as an added feature where their users have an option to add Showtime to their subscription plan. Other streaming services also offer this feature at an extra additional cost.

Subscribers that add the showtime bundle to their Paramount Plus subscription will end up paying $14.99 per month. This will double the number of channels that are available through their current subscription plan.

Showtime provides more content for the user at an affordable add-on fee.


Rating: 6/10



Consumers are tired of paying ridiculous monthly fees for streaming sites. Paramount Plus has an affordable monthly fee structure that will save consumers a few dollars each month. They even offer a free 30-day trial period for new subscribers or returning subscribers.  

A common trend amongst streaming services is the option to either pay a monthly subscription fee or get a discounted rate when paying the annual fee upfront. Paramount Plus offers a monthly or annual payment option, with subscribers paying annual fees receiving a 16% discount.

The “Essential” plan is the cheapest option for subscribers. It costs $4.99 per month, or if they decide to pay the annual price, it only costs $49.99. This plan unfortunately limits users’ streaming options.

The “Essential” plan offers:

  • 30,000 episodes and movies on demand
  • Live sports streaming of NFL and Uefa Champions League
  • CBS News Streaming Network
  • Paramount Plus Originals 


The “Premium” plan is the higher priced of the two plans. It costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per annum.  

The “Premium” plan offers:

  • Streaming with limited adds
  • Access to NFL, PGA, and NCAA basketball on CBS
  • All local live CBS channel
  • Option to watch your shows offline
  • 30 000 episodes and movies on demand
  • Paramount Plus Originals
  • CBS News

It’s easy to see why Paramount Plus is so popular. Some may argue that it’s affordable because its content is limited, and they don’t stream local favorites such as HBO, ABC, CW, NBC, ESPN, and CNN.    


Rating: 8/10 


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Paramount Plus offers one of the most affordable streaming services. It streams all CBS stations and offers a selection of live sports streaming, content on demand, and access to over 30 000 episodes.  

The simultaneous streaming option caters to the whole family, and with the offline viewing feature, you can download and save episodes to your library, so while you’re on the go, you can easily access it on your mobile app. Check it out!