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Where to Find High-Quality Stock Nature Photos on the Internet | A Full Guide With Valuable Tips

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Creators often look for new, exciting ways to attract customer attention and create likable, recognizable products. Adding visuals to other types of content is a simple, yet effective solution to boost content perception and performance. According to statistics, only 20% of people remember what they hear, and 30% remember what they see. However, combining visuals with textual or audio information increases the recollection rate up to 70%. 

Nature photos can bring a fresh approach to your brand and boost project engagement. However, images like this aren’t easy to obtain, especially if you’re looking for something specific, like Australian animals or Spanish flowers. In this case, it’s better and quicker to turn to stock content websites for help. 

Read further to learn about nature photography and discover the benefits of using stock files in your projects.

What is nature photography?

Nature photography is an umbrella term covering many different types of photography: nature, wildlife, landscape, plant, and others. Any photo outdoor image depicting nature and its elements can be categorized as nature photography.

These images can be a great addition to different kinds of content in your projects, not necessarily nature-related. For instance, you can use a picture of mountains in a brochure or a presentation to emphasize ambitions and growth. A jewelry or cosmetics Instagram can use aesthetic flower images to make their feed more appealing.

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How to take high-resolution nature photos

Nature photos are not the easiest or cheapest to create. This specific photography type requires complex equipment and a unique approach. For instance, if you want to take photos in the dark, you’ll need powerful optics. The same goes for macro images. Besides, when shooting at a distant location, you’ll have to spend time and money on getting there. Here are some helpful tips to ease your creative process.

1. Develop your style

What kinds of stock nature images sell best? There’s no certain answer. Thinking about potential buyers and their interests won’t help you generate truly creative ideas for photos. It’s better to use the opposite approach: just photograph nature the way you like, and don’t be afraid to showcase your unique style. This will help you find customers that are interested in your work specifically.

2. Use every opportunity to take photos

Staged and well-thought-out photos turn out well. However, with nature, it can be challenging to pre-organize the process. On the other hand, nature presents many excellent opportunities to take great shots—for instance, when you see animals in their natural habitat. Be prepared to seize such moments; they can result in striking visuals.

3. Have a passion for your niche

Sometimes, you have to spend a lot of time watching nature before a perfect opportunity for a shot appears. You also have to be mindful and careful about your surroundings to not scare animals or damage rare plants. It requires a lot of patience, attention, and of course, passion for succeeding in this niche. But it won’t feel unpleasant if you like what you are doing.

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Why should you look for nature images on stock sites?

Content variety

What should you do if you need very diverse nature visuals for your project, e.g., a picture of snowy mountains and a picture of a tropical bird? You can resort to finding such visuals on image stocks. These platforms offer millions of nature photos, and finding the right one for you won’t be an issue. 

High-quality visuals

Stock websites have a set of photo criteria and can be very selective about the images they approve and present online. When you download nature pictures from stock websites, you don’t have to worry about the quality. There’s a high chance it will be HD.

Licensed files

Figuring out the details of image licensing can be complicated and confusing, especially if you haven’t dealt with it before. Each photo stock provides a detailed yet simple explanation of the offered license types, helping you pick the correct option for your specific needs without worrying about potential copyright infringement. 

Saving resources

Hiring a professional to take nature photos can be costly. It also might take some time before you see results. But spending and waiting a lot isn’t always necessary, especially if you don’t need something particular or exclusive. Instead, you can find an image on a photo stock and download it immediately.

Available previews

Even if you like a photographer’s portfolio, you still might not be entirely satisfied with the result they deliver for your project. With image stocks, you’ll always know what you’re getting for your money. And if you don’t like a visual, just keep searching until you find what you want.

What to pay attention to when choosing a stock platform

There are so many websites with free nature pictures, but which option is the best for your needs? To find out, pay attention to the following aspects.

  1. Licensing. What licenses does the platform offer, and what are their terms? Does a website provide custom-made solutions for your specific needs?
  2. Pricing. Does a photo stock offer free images? Do they require attribution when used commercially? What pricing plans are available? 
  3. Navigation. Are there any image collections to help you pick the right photos quickly? Is it possible to find visuals using a reference photo or applying advanced search filters?

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Top photo stock with royalty-free nature images is an international stock content website offering 230+ million royalty-free image, video, and audio files, including HD photos of nature. Advanced search filters and trendy image collections help you quickly find eye-catching pictures. You can also explore thematic categories like nature backgrounds, wilderness, seasons of the year, and more. Moreover, you can browse similar licensed files by uploading a reference pic to the Search by Image tool.

To find free visuals, select the Free tab in the search box and type in your request. Remember to attribute the platform when using free photos for commercial purposes. To avoid crediting, choose from premium images. They are available for watermark-free download after purchasing a subscription or on-demand plan. The pricing depends on the number of images you plan on downloading and the license type of your choice. 

Depositphotos offers two Royalty-Free License types: Standard and Extended. The Standard one allows you to use files for personal and commercial purposes, but the number of prints you can produce is limited to 500,000 copies. The Extended License can only be applied to on-demand plans, and allows you to use downloaded visuals to create items for free distribution or resale. It also doesn’t have any print limit. If you don’t like the presented options, you can customize the plan to suit your needs. 

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To sum up

Capturing remarkable, high-quality nature photos can take time, money, and effort. However, you can simplify this process by turning to image stocks for help. Such websites feature various images in high resolution and for moderate prices. Browse one of the most extensive photo stocks—Depositphotos—and find royalty-free images that will boost your projects and commercial designs.