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  • While Apple is currently dominating the smartwatch market (at 35.8%), companies such as Samsung (currently at 11.1%) and Huawei (sitting at 2.8%) have been quickly catching up. And not to be forgotten, companies like Fitbit are also entering the market – their Versa model is a smartwatch, not a fitness tracker.

  • When it comes to smart speakers, there are plenty of options on the market such as Amazon’s Echo speakers or Sonos’ lineup of speakers. However, there are also a new breed of boutique brands bringing Alexa-powered speakers to the market for audio enthusiasts at very competitive prices.

  • As smartphones have been shifting towards removing the headphone jack altogether, there’s been a rise in truly wireless earbuds such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Apple AirPods. For those who want something in-between truly wireless earbuds and a pair of headphones, products like Samsung’s AKG N200 wireless earbuds fit the bill.

  • Amazon’s Echo devices come in a number of shapes and sizes with the smallest being the Echo Dot and one of the largest being the latest Echo Show. Amazon has recently brought their Echo Input to Canada and it slots in just under their Echo Dot.

  • Unlike the Sonos One, the Sonos Beam has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with your TV. The Sonos Beam takes the form of a soundbar that easily fits on your TV stand or can be mounted on the wall at just 25.6-inches long.

  • Just as smartphones are getting thinner, so are laptops, especially gaming laptops like Alienware m15. While making it thinner will help with gaming on the go, you do get some issues like excessive fan noise and getting fairly warm.