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TP-Link vs Netgear: Which Router is Better?

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Buying a router, WiFi system, or booster can be a difficult decision to make. There are endless brands and types out there to choose from. The likelihood that you’ve come across Netgear and TP link brands is quite high, and for good reason.

They are some of the best router brands out there available to purchase. They are similar in quality of products and are both popular brands, with similar price ranges and quality of products. Although, there are some differences that set them apart from one another.

Within this article, we will be taking a look at the similarities and differences between the two brands.

We will review their key features, reliability, as well as customer service.

Netgear Overview

Netgear is most definitely the more well-known of the two brands. The company is known for higher-end products that are quite pricey, although Netgear provides more affordable options for the everyday person. It is a well-trusted brand and has been specifically gamers’ go-to choose for products as they have high performance.

Netgear has a wide selection of products for both home use and the office. They also work alongside service providers to ensure the best quality products and services. Their products have been tried and tested time and time again without fail.

Some of the products they have are:

  • WiFi routers: This is by far their most popular type of product and what they are best known for. They sell a great range of routers and wireless routers, ranging from just £20 to more than £100.
  • WiFi systems: They don’t just sell boosters and routers, but also sell full WiFi systems too. Practically, they can cover any area of expertise required for a full-functioning home/work internet connection.
  • WiFi Boosters: They manufacture and sell boosters, which are also known as WiFi extenders. If a concern of yours is a poor internet connection, then this is the product for you. It should solve your connection issues without fault.

TPlink overview


TP link routers are probably the lesser-known of the two brands but have WiFi products in retail stores globally.

This budget-conscious brand is fantastic for those with a tighter budget looking for a cheap router. This Chinese company keeps its prices quite low and affordable. TP link products typically retail at a lower starting price than other similar brands, such as Netgear.

Some of the products they have are:

  • WiFi: TP link is best known for its WiFi routers and other related products, such as boosters.
  • Network switches: Network switches are simply small boxes that can be added to your WiFi router, which creates more ethernet ports that you can use at your convenience.
  • Smart Products: TP Link’s smart products range from lightbulbs all the way to plugs.

Design and performance of NetGear


Netgear vs. TPLink: Differences and Similarities

Design and Performance

Regardless of the price differences between the two companies, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, Netgear has many key features that TP Link lacks. TP Link has a simple design, whereas Netgear’s designs are far more complex, for example.

Neither company’s routers have USB ports, but both are inexpensive so it feels fair in retrospect.

TP Link routers offer better wireless performance than Netgear’s routers, but you’ll still need to pay a little extra for the top-end models.

In general, Netgear tends to have more expensive and heavy-duty WiFi devices than TP Link. The best example of this is to just take a look at the Nighthawk range, which is designed to support high-end gaming and streaming on multiple devices.

Both brands have high-quality products with great performance available.

Customer Support

Both TP Link and Netgear provide good customer service.

Netgear offers more support options than TP Link, and its customer service is available 24/7.

Both brands also offer online community forums and live chat so you can discuss products with other people and gather information on their experiences with them. If you are undecided on which brand to pick, try to learn more about their products and the finer details. Often, a product has a long online track record of quality and information.

Netgear is one of the top brands in the networking industry. They produce excellent networking equipment that works reliably. Netgear routers are popular for being simple to use, and the company’s toll-free number is available for international customers.

Whether you need to call for help or to ask for advice, Netgear’s customer service is outstanding. Their toll-free number works across most countries.


TP Link is a more affordable brand, while Netgear is a leading brand in the UK.

Netgear has more of a reputation as being a very reliable brand. They have been around for a while, and Netgear products have been tested to their limits multiple times. They can, with confidence, guarantee quality.

While they make similar products, the two brands have some differences, and this is imperative if you’re shopping for high-end routers with a good range.

The Nighthawk line is designed to increase the quality of your internet, includes a powerful router, and can reliably stream videos at high resolution. Although it can be a bit expensive for those on a budget.

While both brands offer excellent high-end models and have similar routers with a decent range, they are not as reliable in the budget market.

TP Link, a Chinese brand, offers above-average routers for a fraction of the price due to their access to cheaper manufacturing materials. TP Link’s two-band AC2300 speeds are perfect for gaming and HD streaming. TP Link’s reliability is less than Netgear’s. This means that it’s best suited for home use rather than for business.

Best Products

Netgear routers

Netgear Routers

Netgear is usually the best choice for gamers – they have a gamer-specific line of products geared towards online games, HD streaming, epic speed, and excellent performance. This range is called the Netgear Nighthawk line. The Netgear router, switches, and systems can help to increase internet quality substantially.

Best Netgear router for gamers – NightHawk R7000

One of Netgear’s best, the Nighthawk R7000, is particularly a speedy router specifically for gaming purposes. It has a speed of over 1900mbps over both bands of 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. This gaming router can also have up to 30 device connections, which is by far better than the majority of routers even available for purchase on the market.

Game consoles require a high-end router to play games.

It has an increased four ethernet ports, which is double the amount an average gaming router usually supports. Security is also great, with parental controls that allow you to set up time-outs of the internet for when the kids need to do schoolwork or need some outdoor enrichment. The Netgear Nighthawk is easily one of the best gaming lines out there.

Best Netgear Booster – AC2200

The AC2200 is an example of what a great booster should look like and is the best extender Netgear has to offer.

It is a tri-band extender, meaning you can have multiple people on the band at the same time with no worries over having enough storage. It supports up to 40 people, which is an impressive feat, making this booster perfect for heavy gamers who spend significant time behind their screens.

TPlink – Best Products

If your greatest concern is having more of a variety of products to choose from, then TP Link is the best choice for you. This variety can definitely help you to find something more specific to your needs, whether that be a router or another WiFi product.

As well as having a greater selection of products to decide from, they are cost-effective with their materials in the manufacturing process. This makes their products far more affordable than many other brands with similar products.

Although most of their products are budget-friendly, they do offer higher-end products as well. If you’re looking for value-for-money products, then we advise looking up this brand far more in-depth.

Best TPLink Router – TL-MR6400

The TL-MR6400 is the best router that TP Link has to offer. These comfortable speeds are perfect for browsing the web and work well with many other nearby wired devices, operating systems as well as different devices that are wireless.

It supports up to 32 devices, which is greater than many other routers in the same price range and with relatively the same quality.

This router is very basic to set up, and it requires almost no installation either. So if you’re looking for a high-quality, simple router, this model might be the solution for you.

Best TPLink Powerline Adapter – AV600

The TP Link AV600 is a great powerline adapter and one of the best in the market. It requires next to no configuration and is super simple to set up.

A powerline adapter can be the easiest way for you to get a wireless WiFi connection with the same quality as a wired connection. This adapter is very compact and takes up minimal space, can improve the efficiency of data traveling around your environment, and provide seamless WiFi with no dead spots.


Best TPLink Powerline Adapter

Both Netgear and TP Link offer great products that are decently priced. Choosing which brand better serves you is an important decision, but one that I’m sure will leave you happy. As both brands are great, you will most definitely have a great product on your hands at the end of the day.

Netgear is the better choice for gamers who require a lot of power, fast speeds, and great quality. TP Link is great for those who like variety and are on a slightly smaller budget. The main differences between the two include quality differences in terms of internals and specs, but both have other features that are sure to satisfy your specific needs.

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