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Is Tradestation Offered In Canada? (2021)

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TradeStation in many ways is its own app store, offering cutting edge market analysis for its many securities including: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrencies.


Is TradeStation Offered In Canada?

No, TradeStation is unfortunately not available in Canada.


Is TradeStation coming to Canada?

At this time there is no official announcement that TradeStation will return to Canada.

Tradestation was actually available and liked by many Canadians, however they exited the Canadian market around 2010.


What’s so good about TradeStation?

TradeStation initially made its name with advanced traders by offering a programming language within the platform allowing you to create programs to back-test data and automate trades.

These days, those capabilities all still exist and they offer commission free trading like most other platforms.


Alternatives to TradeStation for Canadians

Since TradeStation was focused on advanced traders, it’s important to look for platforms with similar features.

1. Interactive Brokers has a solid offering with very competitive commissions, having been in business for over 40 years, they understand all types of traders.

2. The thinkorswim platform which is powered by TD Ameritrade has been a top choice for professional traders. Canadians can still get it, with a minimum deposit of $25,000 USD.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of brokerages available to Canadians along with their fees in our how to buy stocks article.


TradeStation Canadian History

Around 2010, changes were made in legislation in Canada as to what constitutes a brokerage and TradeStation was not willing to change its operation structure to meet the legislation and pulled out of Canada.

Unless TradeStation makes changes to the way that its brokerage is run, to be more in line with Canadian law, the company’s brokerage accounts will be beyond reach for Canadian residences.

The depth of analysis that TradeStation offered to the Canadian market ten years ago has been sorely missed.

And there has been a lot of grumbling on Twitter over the past few weeks about the GameStop buyout of short sold stocks and the difficulties faced by some brokerages such as Robinhood Canada.

U.S. traders are enjoying the great analysis though.



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