VPN Router Canada

Best VPN Routers for Canadians

With a VPN router, you can secure every device on the network, giving you complete coverage through the router. Most VPN companies charge you per device, or they give you a limited number of devices that can connect through your account. A VPN router will protect all of your devices under the same account.

Free VPN Canada

Best Free VPN Canada (2021)

Using a free VPN from an unverified company is like giving your data away for free to a third-party. Free VPN providers can collect your data and do anything they like with it, in the end very possibly costing you more than subscribing to a reputable company to start with.

what can a vpn be used for?

10 Best Uses For Your VPN (2021)

A VPN is a great tool for increasing security while you browse the web. However, most people don’t know about these 10 amazing benefits of using a VPN on top of added security.

Do I Need a VPN in Canada?

Do I Need a VPN in Canada?

Yes, you do need a VPN Canada, as they are essential for running several applications and more importantly, protecting your privacy while you surf the web.

VPN Security on Laptop

What Is A VPN?

It might surprise you to learn that web services paired with your phone can track everything you do and everywhere you go. Every search request, every web page you visit, and text you type is on the digital record, creating a footprint of your behaviour both online and offline.