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How And Where To Watch Adventure Time In Canada?

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If you love the fun and surreal cartoon show Adventure Time with 10 seasons that started back in 2010, you might be itching to find a way to watch it. Its crazy antics have won the hearts of children, teenagers, and adults around the world. Adventure Time premiered on the American Cartoon Network but since then has been streamed on several streaming services.

While it is the easiest to watch Adventure Time in the United States, it can be trickier in Canada. But by using different streaming services or even a VPN, you will be able to watch Adventure time in Canada as well.

Here are all the places you can watch Adventure Time if you are in Canada.

Here’s Where You Can Watch Adventure Time In Canada

If you are in Canada, know that you have several options on where you can watch Adventure Time. Watch at the following sites/platforms:

  1. Apple TV/iTunes
  2. Hoopla
  3. Google Play
  4. Microsoft
  5. Hulu
  6. HBO Max
  7. Prime Video

Purchase Adventure Time In Canada

1. Apple TV

Apple Tv

The first place you can watch Adventure Time in Canada is with the Canadian Apple TV. This is one of the easiest options as you won’t have to work around a VPN or get limited seasons.

Apple TV (CA) allows you to purchase all the seasons of Adventure Time so that you can own them and watch them whenever you want. Simply head over to the Apple TV website or the iTunes website and search for Adventure Time. From there, you will be taken through the process of purchasing it so you can watch it whenever you want.

2. Hoopla

Hoopla is a service in Canada that allows you to connect to a library’s database using your library card. It allows you to borrow books, movies, and even TV shows, including Adventure time. By using your library card, you are able to watch Adventure Time completely free.

However, Hoopla comes with a major drawback. It only has four out of the 10 seasons of the show. It is a great start but won’t take you through the whole series. You may also run into the problem of the show not being available due to other people borrowing it at the same time.

If you are hesitant about watching the show and don’t want to buy it from Apple TV, Hoopla can give you a free start to see how much you like the show. From there, you can choose if you are satisfied with four seasons or if you want to move on to the other options to continue watching.

3. Google Play

Like how you can purchase the show through Apple TV/iTunes, you can also purchase seasons of the show through Google Play. You can purchase season by season and you will forever own those episodes of Adventure Time on your Google Play-connected devices.

This is a great option for those who want to watch episodes again and again without having to pay for continuous streaming. However, it can be a large initial price when first watching the show.

4. Microsoft


The last place where you can buy episodes of Adventure Time to watch in Canada is through the Microsoft store.

With Microsoft-connected products, you have the ability to purchase games, movies, and TV shows through the Microsoft store.

In Canada, many of the Adventure Time seasons are available to purchase through Microsoft. This will let you own the episodes so you can watch them as many times as you want. Even if you don’t have Apple TV or Google Play, it is likely you have a device that connects you to the Microsoft store.

Stream Adventure Time In Canada

The previous options are all ways that you can watch Adventure Time in Canada without using a VPN. The options are very limited and typically require you to purchase seasons of the show to own instead of streaming.

If you want to stream or want a more cost-effective option to watch Adventure Time, you will need to download a VPN. That way, you will have access to the streaming services that are exclusive to United States use.

You’ll Need a VPN

If the idea of downloading a VPN makes you feel weary, know that it is a super easy process and that VPNs are commonly used to watch shows from different countries. You can download a VPN on your phone, computer, tablet, or even your TV. The processes look a little different depending on the device so we will go through each.

Download a VPN

On your phone or other mobile devices, downloading a VPN is done by downloading an app.

  • Search through your app store for a highly-rated VPN. We always recommend looking for free ones as there are many good free options out there.
  • When you download the app, you will be asked to set up an account. This is completely safe to do.
  • When you are asked for your location, simply select the United States for Adventure Time access.

On a computer or laptop, do the following.

  • Search for highly-rated VPNs on your search browser of choice, we like ExpressVPN.
  • There will be a download button so you can download the VPN to your computer.
  • Follow the instructions that it has you go through and make sure to select the United States for your location.



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Downloading a VPN on your TV (specifically a Smart TV) is the trickiest.

  • Check to see if your Smart TV or Smart TV box has the option to download a VPN as an app. This would be the easiest option and you would go through the process similar to the phone or tablet. However, if there isn’t a VPN app, you will need to share the VPN connection from your computer to your TV through an ethernet cable.
  • Some Smart TVs will allow you to install 3rd party apps that can include VPNs, which is a process that depends on the Smart TV that you own. However, even then, it’s not too difficult to install a VPN onto your TV.

5. Hulu

Shows on hulu

Now that you have VPN access and have set it up so your location states that you are in the United States, you have so many more options for watching Adventure Time! A great option to watch this show is Hulu.

Hulu has all 10 seasons of Adventure Time ready for you to stream. There are several different Hulu plans that you can purchase and you can watch shows through Hulu for as little as $7.99 per month.

Unlike buying the seasons of Adventure Time, the money that you put towards streaming services allows you to watch all the other shows the service provides as well. This can be great if you have several shows on one of these services that you have been wanting to watch.

6. HBO Max

HBO Max is another great option for watching Adventure Time and also has all of the seasons available. This streaming service can be watched on any device that you have as long as you have a VPN for it. HBO Max has many great TV shows including other favorite cartoons like Steven Universe.

If you are a big cartoon fan and won’t be satisfied with just watching Adventure Time, signing up for HBO Max will be the option for you. Start watching with the lowest plan price at $9.99 per month.

7. Prime Video

You might be able to find a few seasons of Adventure Time without a VPN through Prime Video, but you can be sure to find all 10 seasons by using a VPN. Select your location to be the United States and get access to every episode of Adventure Time that there is.

Prime Video allows you to both rent and buy episodes of Adventure Time to watch whenever you want to. It also may be available to stream if you have Amazon Prime, but that will depend on your location.

Is Using a VPN Safe?

VPN on a phone

woman holding phone with app vpn creation Internet protocols for protection private network

As stated before, using a VPN is completely safe to do. VPNs are used worldwide to get access to shows that aren’t available in a person’s country or will be released at a later time. VPNs work by hiding your “digital footprint” and allowing you to pretend you are in a different location.

Many people use VPNs to maintain more privacy in the digital world where your data is always being collected. It’s even used by students trying to access the websites their school districts have blocked.

As long as you use a VPN for safe and legal reasons, using a VPN is completely okay to do.

Before choosing which VPN you want to use, we always recommend checking the reviews and seeing how other people like it. There is a plethora of free VPNs available, but with that comes the possibility of sketchy VPNs. Make sure that your VPN is coming from a reputable source or is highly rated on the app store before installing it and setting up an account.

What Is Adventure Time About?

Rotten Tomatoes explains what Adventure Time is about. “Twelve-year-old Finn battles evil in the Land of Ooo. Assisted by his magical dog, Jake, Finn roams the Land of Ooo righting wrongs and battling evil.”

Rotten Tomatoes goes on and describes that the evil comes from the Ice King who tries to marry an unwilling Princess Bubblegum. Throughout the episodes, Finn and Jake work to prevent the Ice King from marrying a girl who doesn’t want to marry.

Adventure Time has been known to discuss hard topics in a way that engages kids and makes it easier for them to process. The older audience enjoys this show for its bright and fun designs and interesting characters dealing with stuff that people can relate to.

Now, if that sounds like a show that you want to watch, keep on reading to find out the different places you can watch this show.

Start Watching Adventure Time Today

While your options to watch Adventure Time in Canada are somewhat limited, by using a VPN, you gain access to all the streaming services that have Adventure Time on them. You can purchase episodes or seasons to watch over and over again or sign up for a streaming service that gives you other shows to watch as well!

For those who just want to watch the first few seasons, as long as you have a library card, you can watch them for free with Hoopla! Having a free way to watch TV shows is always great, so get your library card ready.

Whether you are purchasing or streaming, you will be able to watch all the Adventure Time that you want with just a few steps. Adventure Time is a great show for those who enjoy cartoons with in-depth world-building and a variety of characters, all with their own developed stories.

Kids and adults alike enjoy this show so don’t be afraid to start watching yourself. Head to one of the sites or platforms listed above to start your next show binge.