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Here’s How To Watch American Horry Story in Canada

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American Horror Story has made history in North America. Its unique elements have not deteriorated since its pilot in 2011. Although streaming services are readily available in Canada, the hit series is only exclusively on one platform.

But, with a bit of help, you can watch your favorite horror show anywhere and anytime you want.

Where Can You Watch American Horror Story Live?

If you want to catch the live episodes, you can do so following the air time on FX Canada. It is the only licensed station for the show. Viewers should follow its schedule for re-runs. The eleventh season of AHS airs on October 19, 2022.

For the first time since the show started, two episodes will be released each time as opposed to one. If you are trying to do some catch-up before the upcoming season finishes, it is time to start now.

Where To Watch The Full American Horror Story In Canada?

FX Canada only delivers brand-new episodes of AHS. Although it may run previous episodes occasionally, it is not guaranteed. If you are new to the series, you have to look elsewhere for the full show.

Stream It On Disney+

Disney Plus Review

If you are only looking to stream the show online, American Horror Story is exclusively on Disney+ in Canada. This is the only legitimate platform to watch the series. With the highest quality, viewers can stream and download episodes anytime. Viewers do not have to pay separately for the show. It is included in your monthly subscription plan.

The cost of Disney+ is $11.99 per month in Canada. Or you can get it at $119.99 for the whole year. The fee gets access to all the content available on Disney+, including all the blockbusters and latest hits.

Is It On Netflix?


FX’s hit series was previously available on Netflix. It is not known when it will return to other platforms. Canadians may be disappointed as American viewers are currently given more options in viewing the decade-old series.

It should be noted that there are other unofficial streaming platforms and websites where you can watch the show but it is not recommended at all.

These sites are illegal and will require downloading files or signing up to another platform to stream the show. They may overcharge you as well. Since it is unregulated, it is always safer to watch shows via the official channel.


Physical DVDs are available in some stores. Depending on your location, check with several entertainment hubs and rentals in your area. A popular show like AHS should be widely available. You can either rent or buy the full set.

How Else Can You Watch American Horror Story In Canada?

Due to licensing rights, streaming services are quite geographically restricted. Once you are out of the country, you will lose access to the show if the current country does not support it. For frequent travelers, it can be a hassle to pause your favorite show every time.

Alternatively, the frustration extends when you are trying to stream a show exclusively available in another country. It is not always feasible to travel simply for the sake of watching a show.

Use a VPN

Fortunately, there is a trick for you to bypass the system. The creation of VPNs is the solution to all your nightmares. With a VPN network, you will not miss any episodes. A VPN allows you to break the geographical boundary of streaming services.

You can alter your online location to scout for shows unavailable in your region. This is the smartest way to make every penny of your subscription money worth it.

Switching back and forth is easy with this feature. Users can switch between regions anytime to check out foreign films and TV shows not locally available. Unlocking digital content has never been easier. You will be able to watch AHS from anywhere you want from now on.

How Can You Use a VPN To Watch American Horror Story?

Perhaps you are not subscribed to Disney+ but to other streaming platforms like:

  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • DirecTV

It does not make any financial sense to switch over to one show when you have all your favorite shows on other platforms.

In this case, you can use a VPN to change your Hulu account location, accessing shows available in the USA, including AHS. Or if you have Disney+ but are currently away from Canada, you can use VPN for that same purpose to change your location to Canada.

All you need to do is to select a location on your VPN network. Then, you can go into your streaming account and discover loads more shows and films.

Each VPN service provider offers proxies in a number of countries and regions. The number and areas covered depend on the specific network. You can explore the shows available in each country with the VPN.

What Is a VPN Network?

Blue VPN cartooned

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, it reroutes your IP address to disguise your actual location. It jumps your connection to another server to mask your digital footprint so you can easily pretend to be browsing from another country.

Initially, a VPN network is created to add extra cybersecurity for users. With a proxy, cybercriminals cannot decode your physical location easily. All internet users are strongly advised to use a VPN to browse the internet. Hackers can sneak through most unprotected networks. A VPN is an added security to safeguard your personal data.

For example, when you are connected to public wifi, you have no control over its security protocol. The privacy settings cannot be modified on your end. This is especially dangerous as you are exposed to all others users connected to the same hub.

A VPN not only diverts your online path, but it also shields you from vicious cyberattacks. Turning your VPN is highly recommended when you are connected to any hotspot outside of your house.

Currently, VPN networks are doing more than just establishing safe connections, they are breaking geographical boundaries.

Thanks to VPN networks, digital content can infiltrate every corner of the world, removing traditional constraints. It is not an exaggeration to say they are the backbones for the entertainment industry to thrive globally.

Every internet user should install a VPN to encrypt their data. Most premium VPN service providers follow the no-logging policy, meaning your browsing history is discarded after each session.

It is beneficial for both sides as no one can track your activities and the company does not have anything to offer even when it is legally obliged to provide a user’s data. Therefore, you should check carefully the policy when you register for one.

As a side note, you should know that although a VPN gives you extra protection, it does not completely replace the need for anti-virus software. One example is the installation of programs and downloading files. A VPN cannot scan the content to determine if the file is compromised.

Is It Normal To Have a Drop In Speed When Using a VPN?

Since you are using a VPN to stream HD shows, it is important to know how the speed will be affected. A VPN is not an internet booster. It does not offer additional speed to your existing network. It merely reroutes it. In other words, your VPN can only offer the maximum speed as before at most.

In most cases, you will see a discount of 10% on speed. It is perfectly normal. A reduction in speed happens due to a number of factors. For starters, it takes a much longer time to get feedback when your connection is rerouted to a remote server.

Added layers or rerouting will also reduce the speed. Hence, if you want to guarantee your security, you should expect to have slower performance. The longer the distance to the server, the slower it will be traveling back to you.

Another factor is the quality of the VPN service provider itself. Some sub-standard VPN networks use poor-quality encryptions. It adds time to the server to feed the signals back to you.

Furthermore, when there are too many users going on the server at once, it could also crash the processing center. It happens when the VPN provider does not have enough resources to handle all its customers at full speed.

There is no need to panic immediately when the speed drops. It could be a temporary error or due to online traffic congestion. You can wait for a few hours to see if the situation persists.

Seeing a drop in speed is not unusual. But typically, you should not settle if your VPN is crashing your network. The reduction should only be within reasons.

Simply put, if your original network suffices to stream HD videos, it should still be able to do so with a VPN. Otherwise, you may consider changing to a new provider.

How To Choose a Suitable VPN Provider For Your Need?

Woman Connecting VPN

The criteria for a good VPN differ from household to household but there are several things you should note. The locations of its servers are undeniably the most important. Signing up for a VPN provider to find out it does not cover your desired region is a pain. Check the full list of its server locations.

Speed is another factor. You might want to choose one with a faster and closer server to your location. Also, you would want to know how your data is being handled, how many accounts you can create with the same subscription, if the account is shareable, if there are any surcharges, etc.

Depending on where you reside in Canada, the most efficient VPN provider may not always be the same. Consider your needs and research well about the company before getting your plan.


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What Is American Horror Story About?

First aired in 2011, AHS has become the titular figure for all horror TV shows that follow. Its eleventh session, titled American Horror Story: NYC, is coming on air this fall. Directed by Ryan Murphy, AHS covers a brand new storyline each season with some recurring actors like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

Its eerie cinematographer has gained widespread success. It is one of the most iconic horror TV shows of its era. In each season, an arc develops on a certain topic such as haunted houses or circus freaks. AHS is well-known for its gory intro sequences and spooky scenes.


There are not many ways to watch American Horror Story in Canada originally. But with the help of a VPN, the possibilities are endless. You either need to subscribe to Disney+ or get a VPN. Then, you can watch AHS all day and all night until you are too scared to go to the bathroom alone at night.