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Here’s How To Watch The Latest Season of Animal Kingdom in Canada

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Animal Kingdom is one of the most popular American drama shows available right now. Even though this show is set in the United States, it also has a large audience of Canadian viewers. There are a few different places you can watch Animal Kingdom season five in Canada to catch up on your favorite drama or see what the hype is about.

Continue reading to watch Animal Kingdom season five in Canada. We will discuss three options, streaming services and whether or not you can find this show with basic cable.

Here’s where you can watch Animal Kingdom Season 5 in Canada

Streaming Services That Offer Animal Kingdom

Some streaming services offer Animal Kingdom in Canada even though it’s not available in the United States using the same service. You can use the following streaming services to watch Animal Kingdom in Canada.

  • Netflix: Animal Kingdom is not available on United States Netflix, but it is available on Canadian Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime: you can watch episodes of Animal Kingdom up to season 5 using Amazon Prime Video, but season six is not available on Amazon Prime Canada.
  • Google Play Movies: you can purchase any season of Animal Kingdom you want to watch using Google Play movies. This is a great option if you’re not interested in purchasing a streaming service.
  • TNT: if you want to watch Animal Kingdom in Canada, then TNT is a fantastic option that also allows you to watch live shows.
  • CTV Go app: this is one of the least popular ways to stream Animal Kingdom in Canada because this application only allows you access to CTV dramas. However, if you’re a drama fanatic, this could be a great option.

Streaming services are currently the most popular way people like to consume media. People who use streaming services don’t have to wait for a certain time to roll around to watch their favorite shows.

Every show you want can be found on demand using various streaming services, but it would be best to purchase a streaming service with more than one show you’ll enjoy.

Watch on Cable

You can watch Animal Kingdom season 5 using one of the streaming services we discussed above or by using a basic cable. Animal Kingdom is available on CTV, and they show all six seasons of the program. Animal Kingdom season five is not the show’s most recent season because it goes up to six seasons.

However, many Canadian residents have trouble figuring out where they can watch this show to completion.

What Is Animal Kingdom About?

Animal Kingdom Drama

Animal Kingdom is a drama show based on a movie about a family that commits crimes to fund their lifestyle. Because this show is a crime drama, there are serious themes surrounding it, so you should be cautious about whether or not you’re sensitive to these topics.

The premise of this show surrounds a family committing several heists together And running a criminal enterprise.

This show ran from 2015 to 2021 and remained popular throughout the duration of the programming. One of the only negative critiques this show has received is that it can occasionally be predictable, which is difficult to avoid as a crime drama. However, many people feel engrossed in the show because of its end of characters and heavy themes.

People also enjoy the show because they mix in plenty of comedic relief throughout the troublesome topics this show discusses.

When a director can balance comedy with serious themes, the shows usually take off, which you can see with the MCU enterprise. Career criminals are also an interesting topic to discuss throughout media, which helps boost the reviews for Animal Kingdom.

How To Watch Animal Kingdom On Cable in Canada?

You can watch Animal Kingdom on a few different channels when you live in Canada and have basic cable. So, if you’re not interested in purchasing a subscription to its streaming service to enjoy the show, you don’t have to worry.

Many people are reluctant to leave cable because they find cable more enjoyable than purchasing various streaming services to watch different shows.

If you want to watch Animal Kingdom in Canada using cable, you can do so on the CTV drama channel. If you live in the United States, you can watch this show using TNT.

Both options are popular because TNT offers plenty of live shows, and CTV shows other drama programs you may enjoy. If you find yourself enjoying Animal Kingdom, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the other shows CTV has to offer.

How Many Seasons Are There Of Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom has had six full seasons since the show began in 2015 and received positive feedback from viewers. They released a new episode every week while the seasons were active until the show concluded. Animal Kingdom retained its popularity throughout the duration of the show airing throughout all six seasons.

Some streaming services only offer the first Four Seasons of Animal Kingdom, so you should look into it before signing on to a streaming service. However, many streaming services offer all six seasons of Animal Kingdom, and you can also watch seasons by downloading them from the Google Play store.

This is a great option if you want to binge-watch this show without purchasing a monthly subscription to a streaming service. Many people who don’t watch TV often don’t want to purchase a streaming service they will not use.

Is Animal Kingdom Based On A True Story?

The Animal Kingdom TV show is based on an Australian movie based on a true story. However, the events that happened in the show didn’t happen to the Pettengill family in real life. The show took inspiration from this family because they were renowned as one of the most prolific criminal families in the world.

The real-life family frequently committed drug trafficking and armed robberies and illegally dealt with arms. Because of their involvement in the criminal industry, there are murderers, sexual deviancy, and many other crimes that this family dealt with in real life. Many family members are convicted of crimes and have spent years in prison.

The real-life family the Animal Kingdom show and movie are based on had ten children and two adults involved in the crime. The crime scene committed inspired several movies, books, and TV shows in pop culture.

One of the most infamous crimes associated with this family was the Melbourne gangland killings and the Walsh Street police shootings. After the death of one of the primary members, Victor Pierce, criminal activity in this family slowed down because he was one of their best members.

What Is The Difference Between Animal Kingdom TV Show And Movie?

The Animal Kingdom movie is the predecessor to the TV show and is based on the Pettengill family of career criminals. The difference between these media forms is that the TV show is based on the movie and not the family that the movie is based on. So, many of the crimes you’ll witness in the TV show are entirely fictional.

However, many of the crimes you’ll see in the movie are based on the crimes committed by this career criminal family. This family influenced many media outlets because of their shocking crimes, and they dominated Melbourne in the 70s and 80s.

The idea of an entire family coming together and forming a criminal ring for money is mind-blowing to many people, which is why the movie came to fruition.

Another key difference to note between the TV show and the movie is the fact that the movie is based in the same city that the Pettengill family dominated in real life.

However, the TV show is based in the United States and appeals to many United States and Canadian viewers. The fact that the TV show is based in the US instead of Melbourne is another fictionalized aspect that differentiates the movie from the TV show.

So, if you’re interested in a realistic show about this criminal family, watching the Animal Kingdom movie would be best. However, if you’re interested in a completely fictional crime drama, the TV show would be the better option.

The only similar thing the TV show has with real-life experience is that it’s based around a family of career criminals. However, the TV show isn’t necessarily based on the crimes committed by the real Melbourne family.

What Audience should Watch Animal Kingdom?

It’s important to recognize that your children should not watch Animal Kingdom. This TV show handles sexual and criminal themes that children cannot understand, especially without parental guidance.

Initially, when you hear the name of the TV show, you might assume it’s similar to Animal Planet, and we’ll educate your children. However, this is not the case; this show is a drama program.

Parents must keep track of the shows their children watch to ensure they’re consuming the correct media. However, if your children are old enough to understand the serious themes presented by Animal Kingdom, then it can be an enjoyable experience to watch together. For instance, many teenagers are old enough to understand and enjoy crime dramas.

If you’re sensitive to sexual themes or drug-related crimes, then it would be best to avoid this show because many of those issues will be presented. Alternatively, if you’re interested in watching a drama about a family committing crimes together for money, then this is the perfect crime drama for you.

It is also important to recognize that the situations in the show are entirely fictionalized and should never be performed in real life. If you’re worried about the influence this show might have on your or your family’s behavior, it would be best to avoid the program entirely.

Will They Make More Episodes Of Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom rounded out in season six, and there are no plans to make any more episodes of the show. Season six was the show’s final season, and they concluded on a strong note with a strong season finale. Despite the popularity of this crime drama, when a show wraps up like this, it’s hard to argue that it needs to continue.

It’s also fairly rare to have a TV show wrap up as smoothly as Animal Kingdom did because most TV shows end when people are no longer interested.

However, people were initially invested in this crime drama and never lost interest. The fact that they were willing to end this show with a strong conclusion instead of airing it until people lost interest speaks volumes about the show’s great direction.

Final Thoughts

Animal Kingdom was a popular crime drama people enjoyed, and you can watch it in Canada using Amazon prime, CTV drama channel, or Canadian Netflix. All these options will allow you to watch season five of Animal Kingdom to stay caught up on this crime drama and see what the hype is about.

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