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Here’s How To Watch Big Brother Reality Show in Canada

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Big Brother is an American reality TV show that people enjoy worldwide. Although this show is aired in America, many Canadians also enjoyed watching this program which influenced the Canadian spin-off.

Fortunately, there are several ways for people residing in Canada to watch Big Brother Canada using streaming services or cable. Big Brother originally aired in the year, but the Canadian version of this show didn’t air until 2013.

Please continue reading to learn more about where you can watch Big Brother Canada. We will discuss the differences between Big Brother Canada and American Big Brother and where he can watch both programs.

Where To Watch Big Brother In Canada

Here’s how you can catch the Big Brother drama in Canada.

Paramount Plus


The primary streaming service to watch Big Brother United States and Canada is Paramount Plus. This streaming service offers several hit shows because they own Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, CBS, and BET. Big Brother is on the CBS network, which is why you’ll find this on Paramount Plus no matter where you live.

Unfortunately, if you live in Canada and want to watch Big Brother US, this won’t be available on Paramount Plus because Big Brother is locked for the region.

So, if you’re a Canadian resident, you’ll only have immediate access to Big Brother Canada, and if you’re a United States resident, you’ll only have access to Big Brother US. The main way people get around the stipulation is by using a VPN to access Paramount Plus in different regions.

If you want to watch Big Brother Canada on cable, then you can do so using CBS. However, the downside of using cable is that you can’t watch Big Brother Canada whenever you want. You’ll have to wait for the show to air before you can enjoy it.

Popular Shows On Paramount Plus

Big Brother isn’t the only popular program available on Paramount Plus. In fact, since Paramount Plus came to fruition that they’ve been gaining back some of the popular shows featured on the TV networks in the past. They’ve also created new series for these popular classics that people enjoy and drive more people to the platform.

The following are several popular shows you can find on Paramount Plus.

  • Big Brother Canada
  • Beavis and Butthead
  • Ren and Stimpy
  • Mean Girls
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  • Little Bear
  • The Backyardigans

Many of these shows can give you a nostalgic feeling when you revisit them, which can be fun to experience. Paramount Plus is working on adding more classic shows to the roster and creating reboots of people’s favorite programs.

There are a few shows on TV networks owned by paramount that are not yet available on Paramount Plus but will be in the future, like South Park.

Paramount Plus is a relatively recent streaming service compared to Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max. That is why not all of the programs that will be on the streaming service in the future have made it there yet.

If a TV show already has a contract with a different streaming service, it must wait until the contract ends to move over to Paramount Plus.

There are some seasons of Big Brother Canada available on the Roku channel as well; however, this subscription service doesn’t have as many seasons as Paramount Plus.



Big Brother Canada is available on the Roku channel, a streaming service that has its merits. For instance, watching the Roku channel is free if you have a Roku device.

If you want to watch every season of Big Brother, the best way to do so is by getting a Paramount Plus subscription. Eventually, Paramount Plus will have every season of Big Brother Canada because their network owns the show. However, Paramount Plus is still new to the streaming game, and they’re working on getting all their popular programs up.

If you’ve never watched Big Brother Canada before and are only interested in that show, then you should watch it on the Roku channel for free.

This way, you don’t have to purchase a subscription to watch a show that you’re unsure if you’ll enjoy. However, if you’re a big fan of Big Brother Canada, it’s worth the monthly payment to watch on Paramount Plus.

Amazon Prime


You can purchase Big Brother Canada on Amazon Prime, allowing you to watch the show whenever possible. This is a great option if you’re not interested in subscribing to a streaming service because you don’t wash enough TV to warrant a monthly price.

If you want to watch Big Brother Canada and Amazon Prime, you’ll need to purchase it by the season instead of making monthly payments. Unfortunately, this show is not included in Prime Video.

You can also watch Big Brother Canada through Prime Video by purchasing the premium subscription that allows you to watch anything on Paramount Plus. This is a great option if you frequently watch content on Amazon Prime Video and feel the cost is justified.

So, you can use Amazon Prime to purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to watch Big Brother Canada, or you can purchase full seasons of Big Brother Canada without paying monthly.

CBS Network on Cable

Another popular way people watch Big Brother Canada is through basic cable. Many people aren’t ready to change to streaming services because they don’t feel they would get any use out of them.

Alternatively, streaming services aren’t helpful for people who have poor Wi-Fi signals where they live. There are plenty of shows you can’t watch using basic cable, but Big Brother Canada is not one of the unavailable programs.

If you want to watch Big Brother Canada with basic cable, you can watch it on the CBS network. Fortunately, this program airs pretty often because of its popularity. You can expect this program to air later at night because it caters to mature audiences.

When the season is active, the show will air more often than it will when the seasons are inactive. Fortunately, there’s an active season of Big Brother Canada every year.

Can You Watch Big Brother For Free In Canada?

If you want to watch Big Brother Canada for free, you can use a free trial of Paramount Plus to accomplish this task. The free trial period for Paramount Plus lasts one week then you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy Big Brother Canada.

However, this free trial is beneficial if you haven’t watched the show before and are unsure how often you’ll watch it.

Paramount Plus is becoming a major streaming service that could compete with HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix in the near future. You may discover that there are more programs than Big Brother Canada that you can enjoy when you watch Paramount Plus.

Another way you can enjoy Big Brother for free in Canada is by watching it on the Roku channel using your smart TV. If you have a Roku device and you can enjoy the first couple of seasons of Big Brother Canada for free. However, this option is unavailable if you don’t have a Roku device.

What Is Big Brother Canada About?

Big Brother Canada is a reality show that hosts contestants living together in a house without access to the world outside.

The person who wins this competition show will be granted $100,000 if they don’t get voted out of the house. The contestants of this show are under video and Microsoft surveillance 24 hours a day which can create much viewing fun.

The main goal is to avoid being voted out of the house until the show’s end; then, a jury will decide who wins among the final two contestants.

Every contestant of Big Brother Canada will receive a stipend every week they participate in the house, even if they don’t win the grand prize. All contestants of Big Brother Canada must be 19 years old before the show’s filming.

Some rules contestants must follow are no violence, phones, or revealing what they say in the diary room. The diary room is an area for contestants to speak to viewers about their feelings regarding other housemates and the happenings.

The rule about communication devices is completely strict because the goal is to have no access to the outside world and only focus on other housemates.

How Many Seasons Are There Of Big Brother?

The United States version of Big Brother is on its 24th season, and the Canadian version has ten seasons. The United States Big Brother began in the year 2000, and the Canadian version began in 2013. However, both versions are enjoyed by people worldwide because they give an inside look into the drama contestants encounter.

Even though several other reality shows compete with Big Brother for popularity, Big Brother remains one of the most popular reality shows and the US and Canada. There is also a celebrity version of Big Brother because the show became a major hit. If you enjoy reality tv, then this classic is something you will enjoy.

Are They Still Making New Episodes Of Big Brother?

Both Big Brother and Big Brother Canada are still creating new episodes and generating new seasons. Many people were worried about whether or not Big Brother Canada would continue because of the hiatus they had to take during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, those fears rested in 2022 during the 10th season.

Big Brother United States plans to continue going into its 25th season next year, and Big Brother Canada will enter their 11th season.

The continuation of this franchise was in high demand after people were worried about the status of the show during the pandemic. During the pandemic, we watched Big Brother Canada contestants learn about the COVID-19 pandemic on air and the season ended early.

How Old Should You Be To Watch Big Brother Canada?

If you want to watch a new program with the entire family, you should avoid Big Brother Canada if you’re watching with young ones.

This show has mature themes because it focuses on following adults around a house 24 hours a day. You could watch this show with teenagers if you feel like they’re mature enough to handle the content and you’re there to supervise.

Big Brother Canada is a show for adults to enjoy and is unsuitable for children. Not only will children dislike the show, but they may also be disturbed by the mature material presented in the program. If you’re looking for a reality show to watch with the entire family, it would be best to find a different option.

Final Thoughts

You can watch Big Brother Canada on Paramount Plus, Amazon prime, the Roku channel, and basic cable. However, if you want to watch as much of the show as possible, Paramount Plus would be your best option because Paramount owns CBS.

People who watch the show through cable will enjoy episodes as soon as they air, and people enjoying Paramount Plus will see them the next day.