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Here’s How To Watch CODA In Canada?

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If you want to watch the Oscar-nominated movie CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) while in Canada, then you can! This movie is a coming-of-age drama that provides an interesting look at the lives of deaf people. Deaf people actually play the deaf family in the film, and they communicate with American Sign Language.

If you are in Canada, then here is what you need to know about watching CODA!

Where Can You Watch CODA In Canada?

The only place to watch CODA is Apple TV Plus if you can’t catch it in a theater.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is available for users in Canada. This is because CODA is an Apple TV Original movie and requires a subscription.

If you purchase any Apple device, then you automatically have access to Apple TV Plus for 90 days after you redeem your purchase. Then you can get an $8.99-a-month subscription as well.

You can also watch Apple TV Plus on various Apple devices, including your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, your Mac, and on Apple AirPlay with compatible TVs. Otherwise, there aren’t any other ways to watch CODA outside of illegal means.

Still, if you can afford the monthly subscription, then Apple TV Plus can be a quality source of entertainment for you, and if you are in the market for buying a new Apple device, then you can get that three-month free trial and also watch CODA too.

Can You Get Apple TV Plus Without An Apple Device?

If you can’t or simply don’t want to buy an Apple Device, then you can get an Apple TV Plus subscription without one. You do need to create an Apple ID on the Apple website, which is both easy and free. Then once you have signed up for the free trial of Apple TV Plus, you can access all the shows on the Apple TV app!

You can also use the app on:

So no matter where you want to watch or how you want to watch your Apple TV Plus content, you can do so!

Then once the free trial ends, you will just need to pay the $8.99 subscription and can pay for as long as you want to keep the subscription. With new content and exclusive shows being added constantly, why would you cancel?

What Is CODA About?

Free a Girl Watching on amazon Prime and Eating Popcorns

CODA is about a deaf family operating a fishing business in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and their daughter is the only person who can hear. The family relies on young Ruby Rossi (played by Emilia Jones) to interpret for them using American Sign Language and also to be able to react to noise-based problems that occur while fishing.

As Ruby joins the school choir, she develops a passion for singing under the eye of her choir teacher Mr. V, who encourages her to follow her dreams. As problems start to arise in the fishing business and more of Ruby’s time is demanded, she finds herself torn between her dreams of singing and her family.

How Has CODA Been Received?

It was bought by Apple TV Plus for $25 million, and it has become an awards season darling. “Child Of Deaf Parents” has been nominated for three Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor for Troy Kotsur, who plays Ruby’s father, Frank.

Troy Kostur did win an academy award for his performance in the movie, and he is the second deaf actor to win an Oscar for his performance. Ironically, the first deaf actor to win an Oscar was his co-star Marlee Matlin who plays his wife Jackie in the film! She won in 1986 for the movie “Children of a Lesser God.”

She also got him into the movie because while she was cast as the deaf mother, the roles of the father and son were originally supposed to go to hearing actors. But she insisted deaf actors play both roles or she would walk… and we see how that turned out!

Since its release in 2021, the movie has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and many people call it a gem in the indie scene, the cast, and the representation of both deaf people and sign language. It is a feel-good movie with heart, and if you want to have that in your life, it is a wonderful movie to watch.

Finally, the movie premiered at the Sundance 2021 film festival and received the top four prizes in the U.S. Dramatic Competition Category. These prizes include the grand jury prize, the audience award, the prize for directing, and a special grand jury prize for the best ensemble cast. It swept all three top prizes in the U.S. dramatic category, and it is the first movie in the history of the award to do that.

Is CODA a Good Movie For Deaf Viewers?

If you have a deaf family member or are deaf yourself, you might be surprised to see that there is a movie where you don’t need to depend on subtitles to know what is going on. While real deaf actors played the titular deaf family in the film, and they did use American Sign Language to communicate during the film, how accurate is it?

The deaf community certainly had a conversation about the movie, and like all movies, it does get some things right and some things wrong. For starters, some of the nonverbal communication feels very natural, and the actors brought their own experiences to the roles in several scripted and ad-libbed scenes.

For example, one scene has the family listening to very loud bass music, showing the realistic way that many deaf people enjoy music, which is through the vibrations.

However, the one thing that many in the deaf community criticized was sign language. This is similar to how translating languages from English to Spanish isn’t 100% accurate because many phrases, idioms, and syntax of the languages get lost in translation. Some of the ASL scenes in the film lose their meaning because it was clearly translated from dialogue written by someone who could hear.

Still, it is another step for deaf representation in movies, and that is very important. Plus, everyone really loved the movie, so it is nice to see a good movie that features deaf actors getting so popular.

What Other Apple TV Plus Movies Should You Watch?

Apple tv

With CODA’s runtime of just under 2 hours, it can often be watched in one night. If you have a 90-day free trial for Apple TV Plus, then you may as well watch some of the other exclusive shows and movies on the platform. There is a lot of content available, and more are being added in 2023!

Here are some of the Apple TV Plus exclusive shows that you should watch while you have your subscription ready to go.


See stars Jason Momoa… which is often enough of a reason for people to tune in! This show is set after a virus has wiped out most of humanity, and most of the survivors and their descendants have lost their sense of sight and have regressed to a primitive and medieval age way of living while also developing new ways to compensate for their lack of sight.

It has gotten to the point where even mentioning sight has become heretical in the various clans and kingdoms of the world, and the lives of various groups in the area are shattered whenever rumors of twin babies who can see reach the ears of the world. Now the characters need to defend the children from those who wish them harm and determine how they can see.

See has three seasons and 24 episodes, and it is certainly worth a watch (no pun intended). If you watch CODA for the deaf representation and want to see how a television show handles the loss of another sense, then you will really enjoy it!

Defending Jacob

This mini crime drama series was based on the novel “Defending Jacob” by William Landay and stars Chris Evans too! The 2020 series has eight episodes and deals with a family confronting the accusation that their 14-year-old son Jacob might be a murderer.

If you like stories with emotional weight, impossible choices, and an ambiguous ending, then this series is a perfect show to binge-watch over a day. Additionally, since the show is based on a book, you can give the novel a read. Then watch the series to see the differences.


If you love animated films, then you will love Luck! A film about a perpetually unlucky woman named Sam who finds a lucky penny that starts to turn her luck around. However, she ends up losing the penny and winds up walking through a portal to the “Land of Luck,” where all the luck in the world is created and sent to Earth. When her bad luck and the loss of the penny start to cause trouble in the land, she teams up with a talking cat to get the penny back and find a way home.

Luck is a fun and feel-good movie, and if you just like watching an animated movie where you will smile at the end, then you should give Luck a chance!


If you watch a movie because of the cast, then Spirited is a great movie for you! This adaptation of the Christmas Carol stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell and tells the modern story through the eyes of the ghosts. The three ghosts, along with Jacob Marley, have spent every Christmas working to redeem one new human during the holiday.

They encounter a selfish media consultant named Chris Briggs, and decide to redeem him that year, only to discover secrets of their own pasts when Chris turns the tables on them.

It is filled with good chemistry between the actors, epic and original songs, and is a feel-good movie for any holiday with a holiday lesson or two attached to it! So don’t be afraid to give it a watch even if it isn’t Christmas because it is an exclusive that is well worth it.

Watching CODA In Canada Is Easy!

Even if you don’t purchase an Apple device, you can still watch your favorite Apple TV Plus shows even without them. The exclusive content is well worth the subscription, even if you can’t get the service for free. However, if you do get a subscription to Apple TV Plus for free, you should give CODA a watch, along with all the other exclusive shows and movies!

If you want to watch the Oscar nominated movie CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) while in Canada, then you can! This movie is a coming-of-age drama that provides an interesting look at the lives of deaf people. Deaf people actually play the deaf family in the film and they communicate with American Sign Language.

If you are in Canada, then here is what you need to know about watching CODA!