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Here’s How To Watch Dr.Death in Canada: A Quick Guide

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Dr. Death is a crime drama series based on a neurosurgeon who was regarded as a star in the Dallas Medical community. There were many eyes on the neurosurgeon and he began to show a darker side to him.

Dr. Death is an original show on Peacock TV and, as such, has all the rights to the show. If you live in Canada, your options are limited in where you can stream Dr. Death. The show is available on Apple TV and Peacock TV.

Where Can You Watch Dr. Death in Canada?

You can stream Dr. Death in Canada on:

Apple TV Canada

Apple TV Canada is one of the simplest ways to catch your favourite crime drama. You can sign up to Apple TV Canada for $8.99 a month, and even get a 7-day free trial.

Peacock TV

Dr. Death is a Peacock TV original, meaning you can catch the show on Peacock TV. It is a US platform and costs $4.99 per month. Content on Peacock TV is geo-restricted, so you will need to download a VPN to stream content. We love Express VPN.

What Is Dr. Death About?

Christopher Duntsch Doctor Death

The show Dr. Death is inspired by the 2018 podcast of the same name that went viral not very long ago. The show is based on a terrifying true story about a doctor named Christopher Duntsch.

The Doctor based in Texas was a surgeon who was sentenced to life in prison in 2017 following the maiming and killing of close to 40 patients who Christopher Duntsch operated on.

The series stars Joshua Jackson as the cunning and overconfident Christopher Duntsch. The talented Aled Baldwin and Christian Slater join as supporting characters who portray two fellow physicians that try to stop Duntsch from further maiming or killing. The two fellow physicians try to stop Duntsch as he moves between hospitals.

The true horror of the show is in the showing reality of how a doctor could get away with this for so long. Christopher Duntsch operated on 37 patients who were left either permanently maimed or dead. One of the patients Duntsch operated on was his childhood friend, who went in for one of his many routine spinal surgeries and awoke quadriplegic.

The rising star Joshua Jackson performs a fantastic and terrifying villain who defies the medical system and uses it as a way to get away with many crimes. The show showcases the real and tragic injuries that should never have happened.

The story of how Christopher Duntsch was able to operate with impunity for so long, despite being surrounded by people who tried and failed to raise the alarm, drives the horror of Dr. Death. The show jumps into each episode to show what this young man was like.

The show explores how despite him being a villain to many, he was also a young man, friend, and medical student, who later turned into a surgeon, a partner, and a father, all whilst being a disguised murderer.

The Texas Medical Board started to receive official reports as Duntsch victims piled up. Meanwhile, the vascular surgeon Randall Kirby and neurosurgeon Robert Henderson and a spine surgeon called in to fix Duntsch’s mistakes and were the first to report Dr. Death.

They thought they had succeeded as the reports from victims stopped coming in. However, when at the end of 2012 Kirby was called to help yet another patient who lost her vocal cords, Duntsch was found at yet another clinic, and the plot thickened.

Joshua Jackson and Alec Baldwin bring this terrifying true story to life. They elevate the horrors of the operating room and deliver them straight to the small screen. Dr. Death is a fascinating must-watch for any true crime fan.


You can stream Dr. Death in Canada on Apple TV, Peacock TV, and Peacock premium. The brilliantly horrific show is based on real events. The true story of Dr. Death is shocking and may even inspire another Dr. Death season based on its already booming views.