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How to Watch Dune in Canada?

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Canadian fans of the best-selling Frank Herbert novel “Dune” will be pleased to hear that the first film of the Dune franchise is available to stream.

The film is an HBO Max exclusive, and HBO Max is restricted to the U.S.A. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to watch the film in a different country.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can watch Dune in Canada.

1. Amazon Prime Video


It seems like there isn’t much that can evade Amazon Prime Video. Canadian subscribers to Amazon Prime Video have access to the first film of the Dune franchise straight to their home screens.

Amazon Prime has been available to Canadians since 2013 and has grown in stature when compared to its U.S counterpart. Amazon Prime’s yearly subscription is $79CAD, or its monthly fee costs $7.99CAD. Amazon Prime Video comes free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

If you don’t want to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can still access Amazon Prime Video for $9.99CAD per month.

However, there is a slight hiccup with some content that is available for Canadian Prime Video subscribers; some of the U.S titles are strict by geo-blocking and are not available on the Canadian subscription.

Geo-blocking isn’t a problem, though, as there is an alternative for Canadians to still access all the great content on Amazon Prime Video.

Here’s how you can access geo-blocked content on Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Download a well-recommended VPN app on your device.
  2. Open the VPN on your device and fill in your credentials (VPNs aren’t always free).
  3. Connect to a U.S server with your VPN (New York is recommended).
  4. Download the Amazon Prime Video app and sign up on your device.

It’s important to remember to clear your cache, cookies, and history before trying to download the Amazon Prime Video app. Amazon Prime Video may still block your device if your device’s location is set in Canada.

Amazon Prime Video is compatible with Amazon Fire TV/ Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, SmartTVs, Playstation, Chromecast, Xbox, Android, and IOS operating devices.

2. HBO Max


HBO Max is a U.S based streaming channel that offers exclusive HBO originals and more to their subscribers. Films such as Dune are a part of HBO Max content and can be accessed on both of the two subscription packages that they offer.

HBO Max offers an ad-free package to their clients at the cost of $14.99 per month. Or there is a cheaper alternative that costs $9.99 per month (although this package includes adverts).

HBO Max does not offer a free trial to their new subscribers unless you add HBO Max onto your Hulu account; this will allow you a free 7-day trial.

Sadly, HBO Max is not available to Canadians due to restrictions. However, Canadians can still access HBO Max using these steps:

  1. Firstly, you will need to install a recommended VPN onto your device and configure it on your network. It’s important to use a VPN that has more than one server in the U.S.A (in case one server is blocked by HBO Max).
  2. Open the VPN and connect it to a server in the U.S with your device.
  3. Find the HBO Max app on the Google Play Store or your devices app store and sign up for an HBO Max account.
  4. You may need to adjust the region on your device’s app store should you encounter any problems with downloading the HBO Max app.

HBO Max is compatible with a wide variety of devices such as Amazon Fire TV/ Fire Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Smart TVs, and Android and IOS operating devices.

3. Crave

How Much Is Crave In Canada

Crave streaming service offers the latest series, movies, and channels and can offer even more with an HBO Max add-on.

Crave offers two monthly subscription plans from which their subscribers can choose; both of these plans give you access to all the content that Crave has to offer. However, the one package does have some added features that make it worth paying an additional fee.

If you’re always on the go and want to watch content on your mobile or pc, the Crave Mobile package is worth considering. The package costs $9.99 per month and provides you with selected content from HBO Max content and more.

The Mobile package does come with its disadvantages: only one device can access the content on your app, streaming will also be tainted with advertisements, and there is no offline mode.

The Crave Total package costs $19.99 per month and will allow you to stream content in 1080p (Full HD), with the added bonus of allowing five devices to stream simultaneously.

In addition, with the Total package, you can download up to 20 episodes of a series or multiple movies and watch them in offline mode. When you sign up for any of Crave’s packages, you will receive a free 7-day trial period, so if you aren’t satisfied with Crave, you can unsubscribe.

Crave is compatible with a variety of devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, Bell Streamer, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, and Android and IOS operating devices.

4. Hulu


If you’re a fan of David Lynch’s latest remake of Dune, then the Hulu streaming service is one of the sites you should consider subscribing to. Hulu offers a 30-day free trial, and with its no-ads package, streaming the latest movies and series can’t get any better!

Hulu offers a wide variety of packages starting from $69.99 per month. In addition, you can add HBO Max to your subscription at an additional $14.99 per month. This ensures that you have access to all the latest HBO Max movies and series.

Hulu only offers its streaming services in the U.S and Japan. Canadians are unfortunately denied access to this streaming platform by geo-blocking.

There’s always an exception to the rules, though, and with the help of a powerful VPN, Canadians are able to stream Hulu on their devices.

Here’s how to access Hulu in Canada with a VPN:

  1. Download a recognized VPN app to your device. You can download a VPN from the Google Playstore or your device’s app store (remember that the strongest VPNs aren’t free).
  2. Connect and configure the VPN to your device’s network.
  3. Open the VPN and connect the VPN to a server in the U.S.A. Make sure that there are multiple servers available in case one server is blocked.
  4. Go to your Play Store or app store on your device, and select the “Settings” option.
  5. Find the location or region option on your app store, and change the location to the U.S.A.
  6. Download and sign up on the Hulu app, and begin streaming.

Remember to clear your device history, cache, and cookies before downloading the Hulu app. It’s possible that a server on your VPN may be blocked; if the app is still blocked, try using a different server or VPN.

Hulu is compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast, Android and IOS operating devices.



If you’re looking for a streaming site that offers one of the biggest online movie collections, VUDU allows its subscribers to rent and stream the latest releases available, including Dune (2021).

VUDU doesn’t charge its subscribers a monthly subscription rate. Instead, they charge per movie that is rented. The average movie costs between $1- $5 per rental.

There is a catch, VUDU restricts the streaming of its content to the U.S.A. Canadian viewers are still able to stream content from VUDU with the help of a VPN.

Follow the steps below to access VUDU in Canada:

  1. Download a VPN on your device, preferably a VPN that has more than one server located in the U.S.A.
  2. Configure and connect the VPN to your device.
  3. Connect the VPN to a server in the U.S.A. Try to use a server that is in New York.
  4. Sign up and download the VUDU app on your device. Once you have signed up, you can start to watch the latest Dune film.

VUDU is compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Playstation, Xbox, Roku, Android and IOS operating devices.

6. Apple TV (4th Generation)

Apple Tv

Do you want to stream the latest Dune film from Apple TV? But you’re restricted by geo-blocking because you’re in another country? There is a way to unblock your AppleTV and access all the latest shows and movies from the U.S.A.

Apple TV is not compatible with VPNs, so unlike most devices that simply require a VPN to change your IP address, an Apple TV requires you to take a few additional steps.

In order to access geo-restricted content on Apple TV, you are required to have an iTunes account in the particular country which you would like to stream content from. In this instance, you need to have an iTunes account in the U.S.A. to access HBO Max or Hulu streaming services.

Firstly, you must change your region on your Apple TV:

  1. Switch on your Apple TV and sign out of your current iTunes account:
  2. You are able to log out by going to the “Settings” option on your Apple TV and selecting the iTunes Store.
  3. When you are in the iTunes store, find an option that says “Apple ID,” and there will be an option to “Sign Out.”
  4. Once you have signed out, you will then have to create a new iTunes account in the U.S.A.
  5. In order to create a new Apple ID, scroll to the bottom of the iTunes Store page and select the U.S.A as the preferred country.
  6. You will need to search for any app that is free on the iTunes Store and select the app. This will result in you being given the option to create a new Apple ID.
  7. When you create a new Apple ID, make sure to use a different email address than the one that has been previously used.
  8. There is a payment page, you must select the “None” option.
  9. You will be required to use a U.S.A billing address for your account. Search for a valid U.S. billing address on Google and fill it in as your billing address.
  10. Log in to your Apple TV using your U.S. account.

Once you have signed into a U.S account on your Apple TV, you will be able to stream “Dune” on your Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dune Coming to Netflix?

The latest Dune film is the property of Legendary Entertainment and is unfortunately not available on Netflix at the moment.

Does Apple TV Have Dune?

Yes, you can watch Dune on Apple TV. Dune is available to stream off HBO Max, iTunes, and Hulu, which are all compatible with Apple TV.


If you’re looking for the best way to watch the film Dune in Canada, consider subscribing to Crave, which is also compatible with most devices. To access Crave in Canada, all you will need is a subscription.

In our opinion, Crave offers the best streaming site through which to watch Dune in Canada.