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How To Watch Euro 2021 In Canada?

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World-class football tournaments like Euro 2021 are always highly anticipated. Regional events often only stream in the region. Canadian viewers have to find another way to watch the most intense football competition ever. Take a look at how to watch Euro 2021 in Canada.

How To Watch Euro 2021 In Canada?

When it first aired, Euro 2021 was on TSN and CTV in Canada. The two TV channels have the official rights to broadcast the matches. TSN was broadcasting every match, while CTV only had rights to a few matches including the final.

Viewers with the traditional cable TV setup could watch Euro 2021 on TV according to the European time zone. For viewers without the typical setup, they could still stream the tournament online through TSN App,, TSN Direct, and Users have to create an account to enjoy the service.

Without an account on these platforms, viewers would not be able to watch Euro 2021 in Canada.

Can You Watch Euro 2021 In Canada With a VPN?

Understandably, Euro 2021 would be readily available in Canada since it was a European tournament. Adrenaline-pumped fans would be jealous of all the options available in the UK and Europe. A lot of TV stations could broadcast the event with additional interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Fans would prefer to watch Euro 2021 from a foreign TV channel. The common problem with accessing foreign TV channels is licensing rights. Sports tournaments are a multi-billion dollar industry with strict rules on broadcasting. Once your IP address is identified to be outside of the region, you will be denied access.

The only way to access region-locked content is to use a VPN. Content can transcend geographical boundaries when your IP address becomes fluid. A VPN changes your location to another server to make it seem like you are in another location. It masks your digital footprint and allows you to virtually surf from anywhere in the world.

In some countries, TV channels may charge viewers a fee for watching sports tournaments, while others provide them for free. It is smart to unlock Euro 2021 for free rather than pay a substantial amount of money.

After the tournament is over, you shouldn’t cancel your VPN subscription because it comes in handy in so many ways. Whenever you want to watch something from another country, you will always have the option to. You will never miss out on a show or a live event because you can’t right the proper channel in Canada.

Besides, a VPN comes out much cheaper than subscribing to every TV channel or streaming platform whenever a new tournament is out. It would be insensible to pay for every show when it is free somewhere else.

What Is Euro 2021?

Euro 2021 refers to the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2020). Organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), it is an annual major football competition in Europe.

Originally scheduled to be held between 2 June and 12 July 2020, the tournament was unfortunately postponed due to the ongoing pandemic rampaging through Europe at the time. Eventually, the tournament was rescheduled to be held between 11 June – 11 July 2021, which is why Euro 2021 also refers to Euro 2020.

A total of 24 teams were to join. The tournament was held in 11 host cities in 11 different countries. Although the results have long been out, it doesn’t make the tournament any less interesting. Enthusiastic football fans are always looking to relive the moments their favorite team scored.

What Other Shows Can You Watch With a VPN?

Watch ESPN Plus Canada


As long as the show is available online somewhere, you will be able to watch it. There is almost nothing a VPN can’t do to break geographical boundaries. You will be pleased to know that with the same subscription plan, your Netflix now has thousands more shows and movies available.

Trending streaming platforms like Netflix operates in plenty of countries around the world. They source local shows that are only distributed within the border. They do not have the right to list them in other countries. Now, you can watch all these shows in Canada. Simply change the server to stream shows on another continent.

Hit series and movies also come out on different dates in different countries. Canada may not be the first country to have those shows. You can still stay updated by changing the channel anytime you want.

There is no limitation to a VPN. TV series, movies, and live shows are all within reach now. You can save your subscription money for the other platform and invest it in a good VPN service provider.

Other than pre-recorded shows and live shows, a VPN is your best friend when snatching up international concert tickets or festival tickets. These tickets often go on sale in a particular country exclusively. You are not eligible unless your IP address is from that location.

How To Choose a VPN?

When choosing a VPN provider, the first thing to avoid is any supposed free and unbelievably cheap companies. Every major brand does provide a 30-day trial, some more and some less, but you will have to pay for the subscription after the trial ends.

If a VPN service is free of charge, there must be a catch. Commercializing your personal data is the most common way these companies make a profit. Instead of protecting your privacy, they sell your personal information for money. These companies may not encrypt your data at all. They can be very useless and do not reroute your address to another server.

Choosing a premium VPN provider is a must. There are several major brands in Canada including NordVPN and ExpressVPN. You can also ask for referral codes if you know any existing customers.

A premium VPN must be reliable. Servers in any location can’t be down for maintenance regularly. The connection speed has to be fast and steady. Also, regardless of the company you choose, it is important to go through public reviews. If you can’t find diverse reviews or they are all on the company’s site only, it is a red flag that the reviews could be fake.

Always go through the privacy policy to see how the system protects you. Reading through pages of policy details may not be intriguing but it is necessary to know your data is not being sold for profit.

Go through the list of regions where the operator has servers set up. You will most likely have a few regions or countries in your requirements. So, it is essential to see how it operates. A few VPN providers could let you connect to some servers for free while charging a fee for others.

The free servers are mainly unpopular ones that the least users find useful. If you happen to only need those servers, you could potentially use a VPN for free.

An important note is to check the VPN company’s registration country. All data collection policies and processing must be in compliance with the home country’s law. Therefore, the regulations can be different than in Canada. You need to check to see how it may impact you.



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Should You Use a VPN All The Time?

Yes, a VPN should remain activated through each session. It is more practical than just feeding you entertainment content. It encrypts your data from identity theft. Internet users often don’t understand how their device is compromised. The truth is, when you browse online, your data is not naturally coded. People with knowledge can see your information in plain sight.

Browsing from a secure network and encrypting your data hides your presence. You don’t want to be present on the internet in this sense. It is best to stay as untraceable as possible. That’s why a VPN is essential at all times. It does something an anti-virus app doesn’t, which is to reroute your signal and mask your online identity.

Once you go off a VPN, your entire device is naked to the criminals. Network security is especially weak with public wifi or work wifi. They are shared by hundreds of people at a time, causing an easy breach in security.

Even on your mobile phone or tablet, as long as you have a device that connects to the internet, you should protect it with a VPN. Smartphones are the most at risk of data theft because it has weaker security than computers in general. Don’t forget to install a VPN on your smartphone as well.

How Much Does a VPN Cost?

Woman Sitting and Holding Money with Laptop on Desk

Premium VPNs are not as ridiculously priced as you may think. Some plans are as affordable as $3 per month. You can also join the family-sharing package to further lower the cost. Each company strategizes its pricing plans differently but you will find the mainstream subscription plans below.

It is possible for the company to group locations by ranking. You have to unlock the premium regions with a subscription fee. If you are not interested in those regions, then you can pay the lower-tier subscription fee.

Other companies charge a standard monthly subscription fee that allows you to access all their features. You can share the account with a few family members. It puts a limitation on the number of devices connected simultaneously. For the more expensive packages, you can connect them to unlimited devices. It is perfect for a big household with numerous internet devices.

There are also companies that price their packages based on the device. For example, if you only use the VPN on your iPhone, the cost will be cheaper than the plan that covers PCs or other devices as well. It works wonderfully for busy office workers that are mostly on their phones anyway. You can save a fortune if you don’t use any computers outside of the office.

In general, a VPN package costs between $3 to $30 per month. It depends on the number of servers, the number of devices you have, and other additional features the company offers. Users can compare each plan to see which one works out to be of the best value.

Again, there are free VPNs on the market. Free VPNs are seldom quality VPNs. Producers cut costs in developing them and will add a ton of ads to profit from them. In the end, your personal information is sold to the company in exchange for its services. Users should be wary of free VPNs advertised on the internet.


Exclusive sports tournaments are now made available to everyone. With the right VPN, you can stream thousands of live shows around the world in the comfort of your own home in Canada. Sign up for one now and expand your entertainment library with Euro 2021 to start with!