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Here’s How To Watch The House of Gucci Canada – A Useful Streaming Guide

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House of Gucci is a beloved movie starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. This movie has captured the attention of people all over the globe, but it’s not always the easiest process to watch a show or movie aired outside of your country.

If you live in Canada and want to watch House of Gucci, there are several methods available to you so that you can watch this great movie with ease.

Where To Watch House Of Gucci

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While House of Gucci didn’t originally air in Canada, this movie is available on many streaming platforms that Canada gets. You can find this movie on several different platforms for streaming, buying, and renting.

1. Buy Or Rent On Amazon

One of the several places where House of Gucci was released is on Amazon. If you don’t have Amazon prime, you can buy or rent the season or movie of House of Gucci. However, if you do have Amazon prime, you just have to log into your prime account and watch it however you want.

Using Amazon prime is the easiest way to watch House of Gucci as it is available to many locations across both the United States and Canada.

Prime memberships are readily available with just a few clicks of the button. If you want an easy way to watch House of Gucci without having to download a new streaming service or a VPN, Amazon prime is the option for you.

If you rent House of Gucci, you will pay $5.99 to rent the movie for a 30-day window. Before hitting play, you will have House of Gucci in your library for 30 days from your payment. Once you hit play, you will have a maximum of 48 hours to watch.

For the movie House of Gucci, you will have 48 hours to watch it from hitting play. If you rent a season of a show, you would have a longer amount of time to watch.

With Amazon prime or renting through your Amazon account, you will be able to watch the movie in any way you want. You can watch it on your TV, computer, or even your phone. Watch it anywhere, anytime, as long as it’s within your 30 days or you still have Amazon prime.

2. Stream On Vudu

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Vudu is another location where you can easily find House of Gucci available to watch. Here, you can watch the movie of House of Gucci easily on any device. However, watching it through Vudu isn’t free, you will have to either buy or rent the show or movie.

You can download the House of Gucci through Vudu for around $19.99. If you don’t want to pay that much to keep House of Gucci, you can rent it on Vudu for $5.99.

Like Amazon prime, House of Gucci will be in your library for 30 days until you start watching. Then, for the movie, you will have 48 hours to finish watching the movie after you have pressed play.

Vudu and Amazon prime make it super easy to rent, buy, or stream the movies and shows that you want to catch up on. For both services, House of Gucci is readily available on the Canadian version of these platforms.

3. Watching On Paramount+

How to Cancel Paramount Plus

After House of Gucci premiered in London, had its theatrical release in the United States, and then was released in the United Kingdom, House of Gucci was released on streaming platforms. One of the streaming services that House of Gucci has been released on is Paramount+.

When you want to watch a show on Paramount+ in Canada, you will need to have a VPN to access a United States account. There are many good VPNs out there for you to use and many of them are free. Use the one you are most familiar with or anyone that you like.

Once you have your VPN, you will need to make sure that you have a Paramount+ account. Head over to the Paramount+ website and follow the provided steps to create an account. If you already have an account, simply log in.

To watch Paramount+ on your TV or phone, you need to make sure that those devices are also connected to a VPN. Many of the VPNs out there can also be downloaded on a Smart TV or a mobile device. They can typically be found in the device’s app store.

Now that you have a Paramount+ account and are connected to a VPN, you will be able to search and watch House of Gucci on your favorite device. The VPN allows you to watch what you want to watch, where you want to watch it.

They make it easy to break the boundaries of media and watch something that may not be easily available in a country.

4. Watch The Movie On Roku


Roku is another location where you can find the House of Gucci movie available to watch. To watch in Canada, you will need a VPN to use Roku to watch, so follow similar instructions for watching with Paramount+ to watch on Roku.

With Roku and various other streaming platforms, you can watch using the app or using the Roku device. This allows you to watch House of Gucci on almost any device.

5. Watch On Apple TV Or Google Play

Apple Tv vs Google tv

Anywhere that you can buy or rent movies, like Apple TV and Google Play, are places that you can access House of Gucci to watch. With these options, you will be paying a similar price to what you would with Amazon prime.

When it comes down to which buying or renting service you want to use, it is simply a matter of personal preference and what is available in your area.

Renting and buying House of Gucci through Apple TV or Google Play may not be available all over Canada. For areas that don’t have this movie available, using a VPN is the best way to get around this problem. You can find a VPN for any movie-watching situation that you encounter.

Can I Watch House Of Gucci Anywhere For Free?

Currently, there is nowhere that you can legally watch the House of Gucci movie for free. There are only limited options for where you can watch this movie and those do not include free services like Tubi. This movie was released less than two years ago, so it is still too early for it to be on many free platforms.

If you are hoping for House of Gucci to move to a free platform, you will be waiting a while for that to happen. We can’t say if the show or movie will ever become free.

The only way to watch House of Gucci for free is by using a free trial of one of the streaming platforms that House of Gucci is available on (listed above.) However, this won’t work if you’ve already used the free trials for the streaming services or have had an account on one of them in the past.

Is House Of Gucci Available On Netflix?

House of Gucci is not available to watch on Netflix. It has not been released on Netflix in either Canada or the United States. The answer to if the movie will ever be available on Netflix is unknown.

How Do I Get a VPN?

VPN on a phone

woman holding phone with app vpn creation Internet protocols for protection private network

Getting a VPN is necessary for a few of these methods to watch House of Gucci. Luckily, getting a VPN is an easy process and many good VPNs out there are completely free.

The first step to getting a VPN is deciding which device you want to download a VPN on. You can put a VPN on almost any device, and some VPNs can be downloaded on a variety of devices. If you want to download a VPN on multiple of your devices, look up VPNs that are cross-platform.

  • On your phone: If you are downloading a VPN on your phone, it is as simple as downloading an app. Research the VPN you want and look it up in your app store. Once it’s downloaded, follow the directions given by the app to set it up.
  • On your computer: You will download the VPN through its specific website. Make sure that you download the file that corresponds to the kind of computer you have (Mac vs. Windows.) Each VPN will have its own setup process.

If you have a Smart TV, you can download a VPN from the app store that it has. However, this doesn’t always work.
If your Smart TV or TV-connected device won’t allow you to download VPNs, the easiest method to follow is sharing your VPN from your phone or computer to the TV.

This can be done through an ethernet connection or through creating a mobile hotspot. Either way, the process is pretty simple and will allow you to watch anything you want through your TV.

What is House of Gucci About?

House of Gucci is a fun and intense movie in the crime and drama genres. We follow Patrizia Reggiani throughout her story as she starts at the bottom but moves to the top of the social class by marrying into the Gucci family.

From there, we watch as her ambition latch onto the Gucci family and begin to unravel the family secrets. All these now exposed secrets create an out-of-control spiral that leads to betrayal, pain, betrayal, and eventually murder.

While watching, you find out these dark and intense secrets along with Patrizia as she shows the truth behind family lies and golden reputations.

This 2.5-hour movie will grab your attention and refuse to let go. It may not be showing in the theaters anymore, but that doesn’t mean that your ability to watch the film is gone. Through the following methods and platforms, you will be able to watch House of Gucci and everything this film has to offer.

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Watch House Of Gucci In Canada Now!

Now that we have covered the ways that you can watch House of Gucci in Canada, you can now see what all the hype has been about. You can watch House of Gucci through Amazon prime, Vudu, Roku, Apple TV, Google Play, and Paramount+. You have plenty of options to buy, rent, or stream the movie and get to experience the intense drama that will unfold.

When in Canada, some streaming platforms will require you to use a VPN. Getting and using a VPN is pretty simple and doesn’t take too much time to set up.

We think House of Gucci is a super interesting and engaging movie and we know that this movie has some amazing celebrities starring in it.

If you want to see Lady Gaga and Adam Driver on the big (or small) screen, check out House of Gucci.