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Here’s How To Watch Love Island UK In Canada: A Helpful Guide

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If you want to experience the joys of summer, or perhaps soothe a bit of heartbreak, then you need to watch the latest season of Love Island UK! Once again, taking islanders and audiences to the sheltered oasis of Mallorca, everyone will have matches made, hearts broken, and lots of drama as they try to win some money and maybe fall in love along the way.

However, in Canada, watching this ITV2 show isn’t as easy as simply tuning into the channel. Fear not, though. There are plenty of ways to watch Love Island UK in Canada, you just need to follow a few extra steps, and then you will be back to following your favorite romances in no time!

How To Watch Love Island UK in Canada

There is currently nowhere that Love Island UK is streamed in Canada. But there is still a way to watch it.


ITV2, the channel where Love Island UK airs, is the only place the show is broadcast live. People can stream the show after the event on the free-to-air streaming service ITV Hub. Both these places, however, are only available in the UK and are geo-locked everywhere else.


The episodes get streamed to Hulu for viewers in the United States to watch. Hulu is also geo-locked and unavailable in Canada.

Despite these geo-restrictions, however, you can still access Love Island in Canada. With a decent VPN service, you can attach to another country’s server and watch Love Island UK in Canada.

What Is A VPN?


A Virtual Private Network is a service that increases your web safety, security, and allows you to access geo-locked content by moving your server from one location to another. So, for example, you could attach a VPN to your computer and select your server in the UK. Then for all intents and purposes, you are inside the UK and would be able to watch Love Island.

VPNs are very popular and also very easy to use. Once you pick the best one for your needs, you will be able to watch whatever shows you want.

However, there are a lot of VPN options out there in the world, and not all of them are created equally to one another. Some also have different features that you might want to boost your security or allow you to have the VPN on more than one device.

In order to help you make the correct decision on which VPN you should look at, here are some of the best VPN options broken down. Hopefully, this will help you make your choice!

Best VPNs to Watch Love Island UK in Canada


Windscribe VPN

This VPN has over 400 servers with 110 locations in 62 countries, and it also comes with a lot of flexible pricing plans as well as a free VPN service that is actually pretty useful in small doses. It also allows you to have unlimited data as well as unlimited connected devices, which is different from most VPN services as they only allow you to have 5 to 10 connected at a time.

WindScribe also boasts a lot of compatibilities with other devices, including your router, as well as the set-top boxes on Amazon Fire and Kodi TV devices.

But perhaps the best (and most unique) feature of WindScribe is the Chrome VPN extension which offers tons of features, and you don’t need a desktop client for it. Perfect if you have a device that you can’t install software on.

Finally, the best part about this service is that you can pay for a Windscribe subscription in Bitcoin, you won’t need to provide an email address, and the entire service is Canadian-based. You can enjoy this VPN with the free service, and once you know it works, you can start it back up with the paid version, so make sure to give it a try.

It offers two plans. One that is 9 USD a month, and a yearly plan that is 5.75 USD per month, billed as 69 dollars every year, so it won’t be too impactful on your wallet!

Express VPN


Offer: Get 12 + 3 months free!


Express VPN is one of the best and most reliable VPN options out there in the world today. It comes with a fast download, upload, and connection speed, and it has over 3000 servers in over 94 different countries. Additionally, 4 of these server locations are in the UK, so you can watch all the (previously) geo-locked content that you want from ITV2.

It also comes with the ability to have up to 5 connected devices at once, which might seem a little disappointing if you are the type of person to have a lot of devices all plugged in at once, but you can easily solve this problem by simply logging in and out of different devices as you go along.

An Express VPN subscription also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it also comes with 256-bit encryption software to keep your online activities safe. It also only costs CA$ 8.93/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) for a one-year subscription, and there are plenty of deals that might knock that price down even lower.


cyberghost vpn

CyberGhost has over 8,000 servers in 91 countries, and you can use most of them to watch Love Island UK. Plus, it also has the ability to unblock lots of geo-restricted content, including Hulu, US Netflix, And BBC iPlayer. CyberGhost also allows you to use up to seven devices at the same time, and you get a 45-day money-back guarantee as well.

CyberGhost costs anywhere from $2.29 to $12.99 per month. $12.99 is for the month-to-month subscription, while the two-year plan gets you $2.29 per month.

Now, what you need to be aware of, is that you need to pay for the two years of service upfront, and after the money-back guarantee period, you won’t be able to get your money back. So make sure to keep your eye on the calendar if you choose this route.

Still, CyberGhost comes with a lot of industry-standard stuff at a very fair price, so if you are looking for a good VPN, this one will work wonders for you.


Try CyberGhost Now!


Using Your VPN To Watch Love Island UK in Canada

Finally, whenever you pick your VPN services, all you need to do is subscribe and then move your server from Canada to the UK. After that, you just head to ITV2 or the ITV free streaming service, and you will be able to get all caught up on season 9. You just need to sign in, and once you have your account, you can watch.

Additionally, you can use a United States server and watch all nine seasons on Hulu as well. You just need to create a Hulu account and pay the signup fees for your account. Then all past episodes are available to you, and current ones are updated within a day after they air in the UK.

But no matter how you watch, you will quickly get pulled into the world of Love Island, and it might even inspire you to be a little more forward with love in your life too.

What Is Love Island UK About?

Love Island has a group of Islanders who live in complete isolation from the world in a villa in Cape Town, South Africa. They are constantly under video surveillance and need to couple up (for love, friendship, or money), and then the couples compete against one another for a 50,000 euro cash prize.

While the first couplings are done based on first impressions, they are given a chance to recouple over the course of the series and swap partners if they so choose. If any islanders remain single, they will be eliminated and removed from the island.

Islanders can also be voted off by the public or by other islanders in ‘twists.’ But the winning couple is always voted on by the public during the last week.

Additionally, there are various games and challenges that islanders have to take on to test their mental and physical ability, and winning couples can often go on dates as prizes. It is a show that people can easily get hooked on, especially as you root for your favorite couple.

What Is The Best Love Island UK Season?


The current 2023 Love Island UK is the ninth season, and with 350 episodes across all nine seasons to pick from, you might finally get access to Love Island UK and then wonder where to start. With each episode being around one hour long and each day building off of the one before it, you don’t want to commit to a season that isn’t going to grab your attention.

Here are some of the best seasons to get started with if you decide that Love Island is the next show for you.

Season 3

Season 3 is the show’s sweet spot. While earlier seasons are more chaotic due to the show still finding its footing, and later seasons can be a bit dulled down because contestants are more worried about their ‘post-show’ image rather than finding love and playing the game, season 3 of Love Island UK hits all the right notes.

It is filled with music, memorable islanders and couples, the introduction of the ‘Casa Amor’ twist, and also… just fun. All the islanders appear to be having the time of their lives on the show and enjoying some wonderful vacation time with beautiful people, and that makes it fun to watch!

Season 2

With lots of these reality dating shows, you just know that if you follow the ‘power couples’ for long enough once the cameras are off, breakups will ensue.

However, season 2 of Love Island UK showed us that couples could stay together. Several couples from season 2 are happily married and with children today, and there are plenty of happy endings to go around.

Of course, for those who love drama, there are also plenty of memorable moments and controversies as well, and it is just a great season that is worth the watch for the successes you know will follow.

Season 4

Finally, if you want to watch the season where Love Island UK went from ‘just another dating show’ to the mainstream show that had millions of UK watchers glued to their screens, it is season 4. Filled with memorable romances, a quirky cast of characters, and twists and dumpings that were talked about for days afterward, season 4 is the one to watch!

Is There A Love Island Canada?

While Love Island was originally a UK-based show, there are also plenty of local spin-offs. This might make you wonder, is there a Love Island based in Canada that you can watch? There is one based in Quebec called ‘L’île de l’amour’, which has aired since 2021, and now has its third season on the way.

If you speak French or enjoy French-Canadian television, it might be worth a watch, but there isn’t an English-only version of Love Island for Canada.