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Here’s How and Where To Watch Mayor of Kingstown In Canada?

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Jeremy Renner is a true American icon. His captivating eyes tell a thousand stories. This time, the Marvel star is in another hit TV series, the Mayor of Kingstown. The crime thriller follows the rise and demise of political powers and gangs in Kingstown, Michigan.

Canadian viewers may have been searching online resources for the Mayor of Kingstown to no avail. That’s because the show is not officially available in the country. You will need a special tool to watch the show.

Where To Watch The Mayor Of Kingstown In Canada?

Currently, the Mayor of Kingstown is not available in Canada at all.

Watch On Paramount+ With a VPN

It is exclusively available on Paramount+, which is an American-based streaming service. Paramount+ is only serving the US right now. Canadian viewers can’t subscribe to the platform with a Canadian IP address.

To watch the Mayor of Kingstown, you have to use a VPN and sign up for Paramount+.

How To Watch The Mayor Of Kingstown In Canada With a VPN?

There are a few high-quality VPN service providers in Canada, including:

A VPN changes your online address to anywhere in the world. You can sign up for Paramount+ and watch the Mayor of Kingstown.

Signing up for a VPN is simple. You can create an account and choose a suitable plan. A plug-in is installed on your browser for you to change the location easily. You can change the location conveniently as you browse.

After getting a VPN, you will have no issue connecting to Paramount+. You can get a subscription and begin watching the Mayor of Kingstown. Remember to connect to the US server when you want to watch the show.

Pirated content is prevalent on the internet and you may be able to find the Mayor of Kingstown without subscribing to a streaming platform. However, this is highly discouraged because of its potential consequences.

Illegal streaming platforms could be shut down at any minute. You will have to keep looking for new sources to watch the Mayor of Kingstown constantly. Many of these sites contain viruses. Users may find unrecognizable files downloaded onto their devices from these sites. It poses a huge risk to condone these illegal sites.

Besides, these sites will rarely deliver the same quality as the official streaming platform. The visuals and audio quality is heavily discounted. Viewers will not enjoy as much together with spam popping up every 3 minutes.

Getting a VPN and subscribing to Paramount+ in the US is the fastest way to watch the Mayor of Kingstown. You can keep up with the show as soon as the latest episode is released.


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About The Mayor Of Kingstown

Starring Jeremy Renner, the Mayor of Kingstown is a crime TV series that premiered in 2022. Mike, portrayed by Renner, takes over as the Mayor following the death of his brother. Mike’s attempt to restore justice in town is met with defiance. With his own checkered past, Mike is finding his way to be a respectable Mayor in this godforsaken world.

Season 2 premiered on January 15, 2023. In the new season, Mike has to battle with the new power to consolidate his position. He has a new plan to help the community that is engulfed in violence and crimes.

What Is The Mayor Of Kingstown’s Rating?

The Mayor of Kingstown is generally well-received by the public with critics endorsing its deep, meaningful subplots and viewers appreciating its down-to-earth script. On IMDb, the show holds an 8.2/10 rating. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show holds a slightly lower rating of 5.8/10. Critics praise the show for its fast-paced storytelling and no-bullshit attitude.

Viewers love the intense episodes that keep them in their seats. If you miss one episode, you may have a hard time understanding the next. The high connectivity from one chapter to another keeps viewers on the hook.

Critics are fascinated by the creators’ ambition to challenge the structural fault in the system. The show aggressively wants to show inequality in the community, fighting against racism, sexual crimes, corruption, and poverty.

For a show that discusses heavy topics, the Mayor of Kingstown has done a brilliant job of keeping things interesting and relatable. The show is in tune with some communities in the country, leading viewers to resonate with the protagonist.

Its season 2 is starting off strong with every episode achieving more than 8/10 on IMDb. The Mayor of Kingstown is expected to capture the hearts of new audiences with more episodes in the making.

What Else Can You Watch On Paramount+?


Paramount+ is home to a lot of exclusive TV shows and movies. This American streaming platform gives hundreds of reasons for viewers to sign up. It is one of the biggest trending streaming services in the country.

Some of the popular exclusive TV shows on Paramount+ include the Wolf Pack, Yellowstone, 1883, the Offer, the Star Trek series, and more. The network funded most of these exclusive shows while buying out the rights to show for others. It dominates the market with its exclusive offers for subscribers.

Your money doesn’t only go towards watching the Mayor of Kingstown. You can watch other hit series and movies unavailable on other major streaming platforms. Paramount+ could be the only subscription you need for your entertainment.

Paramount+ regularly updates its library to add more content. There are brand new series and movies weekly. Viewers will never run out of shows with the huge production behind them. If you have subscribed to other streaming platforms, you can use the VPN to unlock content in other countries and continents as well.

The VPN works well with all streaming channels. You can change the location on your Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime account to watch shows exclusively available somewhere else. With a VPN, entertainment is for the whole world to enjoy. Borders can’t stop you from watching the content.

The best part is, using a VPN is completely legal in Canada, the US, and most parts of the world. You are not breaching any legal rights by changing your location to watch movies. Millions of people go online with a VPN to access content elsewhere. It is a no-brainer choice.

Why Should You Get a VPN?

Aside from the obvious reason to stream the Mayor of Kingstown, a VPN has a lot of benefits. A VPN encrypts your digital traits, masking your location and your browsing records. It creates a diversion to distract automated attacks, thus enhancing online security.

A VPN is not an expensive investment at all. An ordinary plan will cost you around $5 per person per month as you can share it with family and friends. It is an affordable way up your security level. A few major VPN service providers offer up to 90 days of free trial with promotional codes so users can fully experience the perks before purchasing a package.

Unless you are well-versed in internet safety and coding, it is usually difficult for ordinary users to be fully aware of the risks associated with different online activities. For example, installing any third-party app through a newly established site or watching a live show on an unofficial channel could lead to personal data leakage. Criminals can extract information from your activities.

Using a VPN minimizes the risks associated with these activities. By diverting traffic to a third server, it will be hard for hackers to decipher your real IP address. It is advised to use a VPN when you are doing online banking or even general browsing.

Despite the comprehensive protection with a VPN, users should still activate the firewall to protect their local devices. The firewall serves a different purpose than a VPN. They are not interchangeable. Users should not neglect the importance of getting both together.

How To Choose a VPN Provider?

Couple Installing Vpn For secure Browsing

Almost every major VPN provider covers its Canadian users. Based on your region, there may be further discounts or side benefits to signing with a specific provider. Before you decide on a package, you have to write down your requirements.

How many people will be sharing the package? Do you have a preferred guaranteed internet speed? How much more are you willing to pay for a faster speed? What countries or regions do you want to connect to and does the provider have servers in those places? Does the company offer a free trial and other benefits?

These questions narrow down your list of options. Through the process of elimination, you should be looking at a handful of providers. Among them, you can evaluate the packages, monthly fee, cancellation process, terms and conditions, and other policies to decide which one fits you better.

Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. Some service providers may not perform as well in certain parts of the country. Thus, location-specific reviews help tremendously in determining your next move.

Occasionally, companies push forward seasonal deals with greater discounts or shop coupons to attract new customers. If you run any online platforms with a substantial following, you can even earn money from referrals. You could be making money on the VPN service you are using if you recommend it to others.

Using a VPN is an economical way to keep things safe and secure. The ample options allow you to choose a premium provider without a fuss. It’s time to start looking into strengthening your device against malicious attacks.

Why Does The Internet Speed Drop With a VPN?

A quality VPN should not decrease your internet speed. People often see a drop in speed due to several main reasons. If you are in Canada trying to connect to a proxy server in Australia, it will take up more time to send over the signal. That’s why the speed would drop.

However, the reduction in speed should not be visible. A clear reduction in speed indicates two things, either your internet provider is not good enough or your VPN provider is subpar. When connected to a good VPN, you won’t even notice that you are connected at all. Everything should feel the exact same.

Also, if the proxy server is catering to more accounts than it can handle, it will also be slower in bouncing off the feedback. This also needs to be sorted with your VPN provider. Finally, it depends on how well your cable supports it. Although most of Canada is covered by optic fiber with superb speed, some parts are still catching up. The internet connection is not as stable or fast.


With a VPN, you will never miss a new episode from the Mayor of Kingstown again. Choose a premium VPN provider to stream any show in Canada. Stay tuned to find out how Mike infiltrates the gang to give justice back to the community.