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Here’s How To Watch Nomadland Online in Canada

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Nomadland tells the raw tale of a widow who leaves her crumbling life behind to become a modern-day nomad. Based on Jessica Bruder’s non-fiction account Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century, the film portrays the beauty and struggles of a nomadic lifestyle.

The movie’s strength lies in the human stories it tells, but you can’t be immune to the gorgeous backdrop and raw cinematography. That’s why choosing the right place to watch Nomadland is so important.

“Please watch our movie on the largest screen possible,” Nomadland’s lead actress Frances McDormand urged viewers when the movie first came out.

That was in 2020, and the film only made it into theatres in 2021 — so we hope you come equipped with a royally-sized flat-screen TV if you’re planning to watch Nomadland now.

Whatever screen you plan to watch Nomadland on, you have a more pressing question to answer. Where and how can you watch this stunning movie in Canada?

As it turns out, you have more than a few options. This guide walks you through them all.

How to Watch Nomadland in Canada Now: A Quick Glance

Canadians see the same great trailers and read the same raving reviews as Americans. However, unfortunately, they often discover that the movie or show they want to stream isn’t available in Canada.

You won’t have that problem with Nomadland — if anything, you’re spoilt for choice! You can watch Nomadland in Canada legitimately, without jumping through any extra hoops, in a few different ways:

  • Watch Nomadland in Canada on Crave. The popular Canadian on-demand streaming service Crave streams Nomadland, and Canadians who already have a subscription can just log in and start watching! Don’t you have a Crave subscription yet? You can get an annual Crave Total plan for $150 now or pay just under $20 for a monthly subscription.
  • Watch Nomadland in Canada on Disney+. Disney+ also streams Nomadland, and Canadians who choose the Disney+ and Hulu bundle get access to limited Hulu shows. Canadians pay $120 for an annual subscription.
  • Watch Nomadland in Canada on Apple TV. This affordable on-demand streaming service offers exclusive shows and also streams Nomadland. Subscriptions cost $9 a month.
  • Watch Nomadland in Canada on Amazon Prime. Canadians have to get a full Amazon Prime subscription to watch Nomadland, as you can’t rent or buy videos without it in Canada. An annual subscription will set you back $80, and monthly subscriptions are $8.

People desperate to watch Nomadland and other movies and shows on Hulu can do that in Canada, too, but only with a VPN.

Discover the pros and cons of each way to watch Nomadland in Canada in this guide.

1. Watch Nomadland on Crave in Canada

Crave ( is the subscription streaming service for Canadians. Owned by Bell Media, Crave heavily focuses on TV shows — including content from HBO, Starz, and Showtime. Movie lovers and Canadians hoping to dive into documentaries will also find plenty to love on Crave.

Do you already have a Crave subscription? Watching Nomadland on Crave is a no-brainer! If not, you might want to consider whether Crave is right for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Crave is the go-to Netflix alternative for anyone living in Canada. It offers slightly fewer shows but is pleasantly affordable.
  • An annual Crave Total subscription will set you back $150 (because you get a $50 discount your first year), while monthly subscriptions are $20.
  • You can also get Crave Mobile for $10 a month — but this version only has a “good” (as opposed to HD) resolution of 720p max. Skip this option if you want to follow McDomarman’s advice.
  • Do you only want to watch Nomadland? Crave offers a seven-day free trial.
  • You’ll probably want to keep Crave later even if you intend to cancel after the trial period — all the latest and greatest American hit shows are on the platform, along with countless great movies and documentaries.

2. Watch Nomandland on Disney+ in Canada


Canadian viewers who can’t wait to see Nomadland can also head over to Disney+.

Getting a Disney+ subscription might be a better choice for you if you enjoy Marvel movies and other Disney content and are looking to get the most out of your streaming service.

Don’t have a subscription yet? Before you sign up and watch Nomadland in Canada on Disney+, keep in mind that:

  • An annual Disney+ subscription costs $119.99 in Canada.
  • You can get a monthly subscription for only $11.99.
  • Canadian viewers can get a Hulu and Disney+ bundle for a slightly higher price of $25 (ad-free). This package allows you to enjoy much more content, although you still won’t get the full version of Hulu.

3. Watch Nomadland on Apple TV in Canada

Apple Tv

Apple TV also streams Nomandland in Canada. Do you already have a subscription? Then, you’re good to go! If not, Apple TV is very reasonably priced and offers an extensive choice of TV shows and movies — including some great ones exclusive to the platform.

Let’s take a look at the pricing of Apple TV subscriptions in Canada at the moment:

  • Apple TV offers a free seven-day trial. Canadian viewers who want to watch Nomadland now but aren’t interested in having a long-term subscription could take advantage if they wanted to.
  • After your free trial, Apple TV costs $8.99 monthly.
  • Special offers are available to Apple One subscribers — that is, people who would like to bundle Apple TV with other Apple services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple News+, and Apple Fitness+. Multiple packages are available, and individual plans start from $18.95 a month.
  • Have you recently bought a new Apple device? You might be able to get Apple TV for free for three months.

If you decide to get Apple TV, you can also look forward to watching amazing shows like For All Mankind, See, Foundation, and Home Before Dark — the platform offers a unique selection of beautifully-produced exclusive shows.

4. Watch Nomadland on Amazon Prime in Canada


We told you you’re not short on options if you want to watch Nomadland in Canada! Amazon Prime allows you to rent or buy the movie without a subscription, but Canadian viewers who want to watch Nomadland on Amazon Prime will need a full subscription.

Multiple different plans are available:

  • An annual Amazon Prime subscription costs $79 in Canada (which breaks down to just over $6 a month).
  • Monthly Amazon Prime subscribers pay $7.99 in Canada.
  • You get a 30-day free trial unless you are in Quebec, in which case you can get your first two months of Amazon Prime for $7.99 instead.

Remember that Amazon Prime isn’t just an on-demand streaming service. Besides Amazon Prime Video, subscribers also get access to faster Amazon shipping, exclusive sales to subscribers, and an extensive music catalogue.

Amazon Prime is the best choice for Canadians who frequently rely on Amazon and would love to get two-day shipping. However, if you’re after a streaming service, Crave, Disney+, or Apple TV are better options for you.

5. Watch Nomadland on Hulu in Canada — with a VPN

Hulu Canada

Unfortunately for Canadians, the full version of Hulu isn’t available to people in the Great White North. Canadians have to make do with the limited offerings they get from the Disney+ bundle. Or do they?

You can use a VPN — a virtual private network — to get around Hulu’s georestrictions and watch Nomadland in Canada.

Watching Nomadland on Hulu is the way to go if you already have a Hulu subscription. You might, for instance, be a US citizen visiting Canada or a Canadian living in the US who’s temporarily back home. If you travel a lot and frequently rely on public wifi networks, we hope you already have a reputable VPN to protect for privacy and security anyway.

Canadians who are desperate for a Hulu subscription do have a way to watch Hulu in Canada, but it’s trickier than you might think. Don’t get Hulu just to watch Nomadland in Canada — you have plenty of other options.

However, if you want Hulu for different reasons, here’s how you can watch Hulu in Canada:

  • You’ll need to pay for your Hulu subscription, and doing that with your Canadian credit card isn’t going to fly. You can use a prepaid credit card to get your Hulu subscription or buy Hulu gift cards.
  • Next, you’ll need to trick Hulu into thinking you’re in the United States. You do this with a virtual private network (VPN).

Less tech-savvy people should know that streaming services — including Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu — are just as aware of the existence of VPNs are eager viewers. They’ve developed protocols to block the use of VPNs, and Hulu is particularly great at detecting VPNs.

Streaming services use various methods to uncover who’s using a VPN.

They may keep lists of IP addresses known to be associated with VPN servers, in which case choosing the wrong server can lock you out of Hulu.

Many are able to detect VPN protocols, too. For example, if you’re using a default OpenVPN TCP connection, Hulu may make it impossible to watch your show or movie. Try switching to WireGuard to get over this hurdle.

If you’re determined to watch Nomadland and other shows and movies on Hulu in Canada, you’ll also need to pick the right VPN. We’d warmly recommend that you do your own research and look for so-called no-log VPN providers that have passed third-party audits.

ExpressVPN , based in Switzerland, and Private Internet Access (PIA), based in the United States, are two examples of reputable VPN providers that respect your privacy and do not keep logs. PIA additionally offers streaming-optimized servers perfect for netizens who use a VPN to bypass pesky georestrictions.

Where To Watch Nomadland in Canada: What’s Your Best Option?

Honestly, most Canadians who love binge-watching the latest hit shows and often watch movies are generally best off getting a Crave subscription. A Crave subscription lets you watch Nomadland right away, and with so much great HBO content, you won’t get bored of it any time soon.

Disney+ is a better option for Marvel and Disney fans, while Apple TV has a selection of exciting exclusive shows. Go for one of these options if you can’t wait to see the other offerings.

Amazon Prime is the best choice for people who want to watch Nomadland in Canada but also rely on Amazon shopping a lot.

Do you want to watch Hulu in Canada? You can, but it will take a little extra work. You’ll have to pay with a prepaid credit card or Hulu gift card and use a reputable VPN that can bypass Hulu’s detection.