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How to Watch Peacemaker in Canada?

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Did you ever hope to see John Cena as a DC superhero? Now you can with the new 2022 DC series, Peacemaker. Cena reprises the role he played in 2021 during the DC film Suicide Squad. The one-season show aired earlier this year on HBO MAX in the United States and earned generous reviews and ravings.

The superhero determined to find peace for the world stops at nothing until he accomplishes his goal. This superhero series offers an insight into his home life, an exploration of the protagonist’s character and backstory, and the show has some hilarious moments in its run.

It sounds like a great show, right? Well, if you want to watch the show but do not know how to access it because you live in Canada, we have the perfect guide. Read below to see all the ways to watch the program in Canada.


Crave Subscription

Bell Media owns the Canadian streaming service, Crave. This particular platform works with different options of streaming—video on demand, live sports, and television—to create a hybrid service. Founded in 2014, Crave remains popular today.

The service takes its original content along with shows and movies from HBO MAX, Starz, and Showtime to optimize the viewer’s experience. Since Peacemaker is an HBO MAX original, Crave subscribers can view the eight-episode superhero comedy on the platform.

Here is how

1. Download the Crave app or visit the Crave website on a mobile device or computer.

2. Sign up for a new subscription. Plans range from C$ 9.99 monthly for Crave Mobile. Crave Mobile is the best option if you are the only user of the account. The mobile option allows one viewer and one device (phone or computer) to stream content and only streams in SD.

The content quality is lower, but the plan is more reasonable for those who prefer streaming solo. A reminder that you cannot download shows with this plan. You can watch Peacemaker whenever you wish but only with an internet connection.

Crave Total costs ten dollars more at C$ 19.99 for a plan that includes mobile and computer/tablet access. With Crave Total, users can access up to four different streams at the same time. Four people can watch Peacemaker on different devices if they so choose.

Crave Total offers high-definition content perfect for those who want to watch John Cena in crisp resolution. This plan works better for families or those who share their streaming accounts. You can download content with Crave Total, and you can relay the picture to your big screen for a Peacemaker night.

3. Or Log in to an existing account. Both options allow viewers to enjoy all eight episodes of Peacemaker.

4. Search Peacemaker in the Crave search bar and all eight episodes should pop up.

5. Start watching the superhero show, sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

Options with a VPN


One popular method of consuming media not available in other countries is through a virtual private network or a VPN. These secured networks protect your IP address and safeguard your browsing history.

They also prevent hackers from accessing your content and don’t allow the government the ability to detect your searches.

VPNs lead you into a private network which adds an extra level of protection when connected to public WiFi networks or other networks. You can safely browse on any public WiFi network without the fear of getting hacked or putting yourself in virtual danger.

Since VPNs block your IP address, websites and apps cannot tell which country your IP is in, so you can access content only available in specific countries.

Once you download a VPN server, you choose the country for your server, and your computer matches that data. You could be in England, but with a VPN, you can watch French Netflix.

Here are some options for investing in a VPN service:

Proton VPN




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This Swiss VPN service founded in 2014 has malware and ad-blockers and high-speed connections up to 10 gigabits per second.

Proton VPN also offers a free VPN option with slower speeds for those who want to try out the service before committing to a paid plan.

Paid plans total C$ 13.03 for a month-to-month plan, C$ 7.89 a month for an annual plan, and C $6.51 a month for a two-year stint.


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Express VPN



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Plans range between C$ 15.79 a month with a one-month purchase, C$ 4.89 a month with a one-year deal, or $C 3.09 a month when you sign up for a two-year subscription.


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You can use NordVPN on phones, routers, computers, and tablets. It comes with a 30-day free trial, and if you like Nord’s services, you can enroll in one of the plans.

Rates vary with packages, but for the standard options, get Nord per month for C$ 15.62 a month with a monthly plan, C$ 6.50 a month with a one-year plan, or $4.29 a month with a two-year plan.


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HBO Max Canada

Charles Dolan invented HBO in 1972 as a cable channel that cost an extra monthly fee for subscribers. The service hosted unflinching, honest shows that depicted difficult subjects with brutal honesty. The Sopranos and Game of Thrones are some examples of HBO programs.

The popularity of the network grew over the years, and in 2010, HBO GO came about. This app lets users watch content from HBO on the go. After that gained popularity but had its drawbacks, WarnerMedia’s Entertainment Division created HBO MAX in 2020 as a sister program to HBO.

HBO MAX had several other iterations before it came to be what it is today, including HBO Now, Cinemax Go, and DC Universe, but the two-year-old program is the most popular and successful to date.

HBO MAX is the only American platform that you can watch Peacemaker on. We will dive into the details about that in a bit but first, let’s chat about how to watch Peacemaker on HBO MAX in Canada.

  1. Download a VPN from the list above
  2. When asked to input your location, set it to the US.
  3. Download the HBO MAX app or visit the website on a mobile device or Smart TV. Plans start at C$ 13.01 a month for a subscription with advertisements that streams in HD. You cannot download content with this option. For an upgraded option, the ad-free premium subscription costs C$ 19.50 a month for Ultra HD resolution and the ability to download content. Both options include the full first season of Peacemaker.
  4. Log in to the server.
  5. Search Peacemaker
  6. Join Cena in his character’s quest to restore world peace!

Why is HBO MAX the Only Option to Stream Peacemaker?

As mentioned previously, Peacemaker is an expansion of Cena’s character from the 2021 DC film The Suicide Squad. Warner Bros. Media owns HBO MAX and DC films, making HBO MAX the only logical (and legal) place to stream Peacemaker.

Another reason you won’t find Peacemaker anywhere else is because it is a relatively new show. Since the show dropped on HBO MAX, that is the only service with the rights and licenses to the program as of right now. For Netflix in particular, it takes about a year for a film or show to go from its release date to Netflix’s homepage.

Since Disney owns Marvel and Marvel is the direct competitor to DC, you won’t ever catch Peacemaker on Disney Plus.

Amazon Prime Video is a more probable option for Peacemaker in a few years because Prime streams both sides of the superhero and supervillain universe.

Begin Streaming Peacemaker in Canada Today

Peacemaker came out in early 2022 as a spin-off show of the fan-favorite character, John Cena’s Peacemaker, from The Suicide Squad. The dark dramedy navigates Peacemaker’s life and the decisions that led him to his fate as a superhero/supervillain. That depends on how you read the story.

Options to stream Peacemaker are slim because HBO MAX currently has all the rights to the show. If you are watching without a VPN, you can use Crave, and if you are watching the show with a VPN, you can use HBO MAX and set the geo-location to the US.

Now that you know how to consume this quality content, throw up a peace sign and get streaming!